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Chapter 15

3rd Party POV

Monday in college, Blake walks in and see’s Summer at her locker. Some dude has one hand beside her head and is sizing her up and down. Summer is standing there with her arms across her chest defensively.

Bloke – come on babe, you know you want me

Summer – Sorry but you’ve got it wrong, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you

Bloke – we both know you’re lying, come with me now and I’ll give you the time of your life

Summer – seriously, you need to learn to back off and take a rejection

Bloke – you won’t be rejecting me when you’re screaming my name later

Summer – what part of I don’t want you and I have a boyfriend are you not getting?

Bloke – so where is this famous boyfriend of yours so?

Summer looks around and sees Blake walking towards her.

Summer – here he comes now

Bloke – yeah right, you’re telling me you’re Blakes girl, I’m sure you’re just another side piece

Summer had expected this comment to hurt her but she knows what her and Blake have and she knows she loves her. Before she can reply Blake walks over

Blake – hey Baby, everything alright?

Summer – yeah this ass here can’t seem to take no for an answer and seems to think I’m only your side piece

Bloke looks at Summer and cannot believe she told Blake straight up what happened.

Blake looking at him – have we a problem here?

Bloke being cocky – no problem man, just trying to get in on your action

Blake getting loud so that people can hear him – let me see if this is right, the love of my life and future wife tells you she isn’t interested and tells you that she is mine yet you don’t take no for an answer and then insult her calling her a side piece. Is that correct?

Bloke – uh, future wife?

Blake – did I stutter? You heard me, I said love of my life and future wife. Where did you hear side piece in any of that sentence?

Bloke – sorry man, I thought you were just screwing around

Blake – If I was you I’d walk away before I do some damage to you, understand?

Bloke – yeah man I’m going

Blake – before you go, apologise to my girl

Bloke – WHAT?

Blake – you heard me. You don’t harass the mother of my children and not apologise

Bloke – Jeez I’m sorry

Blake – babe do you accept his apology?

Summer sniggering – yeah babe, it’s all good

Blake – LEAVE!

The fella walks away, Blake turns around and wraps his arms around Summer

Blake – so before that ass decided to ruin my morning, this was my plan. Blake kisses Summer slowly and all you can hear is gasps and awws behind them

Summer – ok ok, that’s plenty of PDA for now, lets get to class. Also, mother of your children huh?

Blake – trust me baby, the amount of action you’ll be getting, we are bound to pop out a few kids and we already know their names.

Summer – do we now?

Blake – yeah I told you, Autumn and Spring

Summer – Oh my god I can’t believe you remember that

Blake – I remember everything when it comes to you baby

Summer and Blake head to class, spending the rest if the day between classes and breaks with their friends. Its the end if the day and the gang are going home

Summer- Babe is it ok if I hang out with just Adi tonight, he seems a bit off?

Blake - you don't need my permission to spend time with your bestie

Summer - I know, I just wanted to run it passed you

Blake - No problem baby, text me later to let me know how he is. If ye need anything let me know

Summer - will do

Blake - love you

Summer - love you too

Summers POV

Summer arriving home - ADI!!!!

Adi - damn Pip why you screamin?

Summer - I miss my bestie, wnlanna have a bestie date night?

Adi - just the 2 of us?

Summer - yeah! We can go for dinner and come back and watch a movie?

Adi - Im up for that

Summer and Adi both head off to get ready for their date night. Summer comes out of her room in black ripped jeans, a black faded Beatles tshirt and converse. Adi comes out of his room in black ripped jeans, a white Beatles tshirt and converse

Summer laughing - did we just totally match our clothes?

Adi - ha ha ha we totally did #twinning

Summer and Adi head to a local bar for some pub grib and a few drinks

Summer - so are you going to tell me whats going on?

Adi - what do you mean?

Summer - please dont lie to me. You haven't be3n yourself since you got back. This is me, be honest!

Adi - why can you always read me? I thought ai have more time

Summer getting scared - more time for what?

Adi - to deal with whats going on in my head

Summer - how about you start talking and we can discuss each issue as we go along?

Adi - Dr. Summer is back in session I see

Summer - only when it comes to my best friend who I love and am worried about

Adi sighing - where do I begin?

Summer - the start is good

Adi - ok... I met someone

Summer - someone worth bringing home or someone to fool around with?

Adi - no defo someone to bring home

Summer - shittttt

Adi - yeah

Summer - ok. We can deal with this rationally. I need more info. How did ye meet, Are ye together or just casually dating? Do they know about your family?

Adi - we met about 8 months ago

Summer - 8 months and Im only hearing now?

Adi - take it back a notch, this is sorrowful me time

Summer - sorry proceed

Adi - Thanks doc! Anyway we met 8 months ago, started hanging out within a group of people. We gradually started going off on our own doing our own thing. I didnt know if they actually liked me coz they never made any advances and I thought for awhile it was just one sided but then one night we were at a bar and this girl start chatting me up.

You know me, I didn't want to be mean and brush her off so I made conversation with her but Sam didnt like this. Sam came stormimg over, pushed between myself and the girl and just laid one on me. Next thing I know we are making out at the bar in front of everyone.

Sam then stopped and stormed out of the bar leaving me there dumbfounded. I didnt know what to do so the lovely girl chatting me up was like you better follow quickly so I ran out the door.

I caught up with Sam and asked what all that was about. Sam started saying how I cant be spending all my time with them and then just go chatting up some girl in a bar.

Summer - double shittttt

Adi - I know right!!! So I brought Sam to an all night diner and got us food. I laid everything out on the table, confessed my feelings, explained everything about you and explained my family.

Sam confessed having feelings for me too so we started dating and we have been a couple about 5 months now.

Summer - so you're in a relationship and never told me. Honestly Im feeling a little betrayed. I thought you would have at least let me know

Adi - I knew this was a conversation we needed to have face to face especially with whats about to happen

Summer - oh god, what?

Adi - Sam is coming for Thanksgiving and staying for a few weeks

Summer - triple shittttt. You know we have to tell your parents right?

Adi - thank you

Summer - for what?.

Adi - you said WE and not I

Summer - obviously. We are in this together. I got your back and you got me

Adi - I love you, you know that?

Summer - I love you too

Adi stands up and pulls Summer into a hug kissing her forehead. Jist as they are embracing Blake enters the bar with Matt

Matt looking at Blake to gage hslis reaction but is surprised to see a small smile on his face - whats going on there?

Blake - 2 besties having a well deserved and needed catch up

Matt - ok then. We going to say hi?

Blake - no they need this, I'll just drop her a text in case she sees us

Blake - *hey babe, came to the bar with Matt for food, saw you with Adi, didnt want to interrupt but letting you know Im here in case you see me*

Summer sees the message and starts looking around

Adi - why are you smiling?

Summer - Blake came here to hang with Matt and saw ua so he text to let me knoe he was here but he wont come over to interrupt our bestie time

Adi - you got a good one there, don't let him go

Summer - I dont plan on it. Mind if I give him a quick kiss before we go?

Adi - not at all, come on

Summer and Adi make their way over to Blake and Matt when they see 2 girls trying to chat them up. You can tell by the looks on the bous faces that they aren't interested but the girls arent getting the hint

Adi - you take Blake and I'll take Matt

Summer - ha ha ha lets do this

Summer and Adi arrive at the table, summer slides herself onto Blakes lap, snuggling into his chest while Adi puts his hand around Matts shoulder

Adi - hey babe, sorry we were late

Matt looking at a smirking Adi - no problem sweetness glad you got here in the end

Summer is laughing into Blakes chest at the 2 boys. Blake puts his fingers under Summers chin and tilts her head up giving her a long passionate kiss

Blake - hey baby

Summer - hey yourself

Blake - I missed you

Summer - its only been a few hours

Blake - thats too many hours away from you

A cough drawa their attention away from each other to the 2 girls

Girl 1 - are we supposed to believe ye are together?

Blake - I know right, who would believe that I was lucky enough to have this girl fall in love with me

Summer - I think Im the lucky one

Blake - I think we are both lucky. I cant wait to finally be married to you and raise our babies

Adi - hold up!! This I miss a mile stone in this relationship, when did we start discussing marriage and babies

Blake - I kind of sprung it on her today when some asshat was hitting on her

Adi - and Summer you are ok to marry him and give him babies

Summer lookiny lovingly at Blake - yup!

Another cough

Girl 2 - we are still here ye know

Matt - seriously no one knows why so why not just go away

Girl 2 - urghhhh, lets go

Blake - finally!!!. Dude lets leave when these 2 go, I cant be dealing with more of those girls

Matt - I hear ya

The gang leave the bar, Blake gives Summer a long kiss goodbye for aadi drags her away

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