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Chapter 16

Adi's POV

Adi - So what am I going to do? My parents leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

Summer - Its still early, lets go talk to them now

Adi - I don't know if I can do this

Summer - look at me, yes, you are not giving them the life they had planned out for you or us!! But you are their son and they will support you. If not then you've got me ALWAYS

Adi - you're right, its time to fess up and tell them

Summer and Adi make their way to Adi's parents house

Adi- mom, dad are ye home?

Mom - in the kitchen

Adi grabs Summers hand and walks into the kitchen

Mom - there are my babies

Adi/Summer - hey

Dad - what's going on guys? Why are ye here so late?

Adi taking a deep breath - I've something I need to tell you both

Mom - oh my god Summer are you pregnant, am I gonna be a grandmother

Adi - MOM! can you both just sit down and listen to what I have to say and when Im finished I'll answer your questions?

Both of Adi's parents nod in agreement

Adi - ok here goes. Mom Im going to say this for the last time ever, Summer is not my girlfriend, she has never been and she will never be my girlfriend. Summer has a boyfriend who is perfect for her and they are going to have a long life together so I need you to stop pushing us together. It was ok when we were kids but we are adults now.

Secondly.... shit! Im seeing someone and their name is Sam. Sam will be arriving tomorrow, staying for Thanksgiving and a few weeks after that. I love you both very much and I really want you to accept Sam

Dad - ok son, so what seems to be the problem?

Adi - well, um (Summer squeezes Adi's hand under the table). Sam is my boyfriend

Adi's mothers mother is opening and closing like a fish with nothing coming out, Adi is afraid to look at his dad. He doesnt want to see the disappointment in his face

Dad - ok, again what's the problem?

Adi - I said Sam is my boyfriend, Im gay

Dad - yeah I heard you but Im not finding anything in this conversation that would have you so worried

Adi - so you're not ashamed or disappointed?

Dad/mom - WHAT?

Mom - why would we be ashamed and disappointed with you?

Adi - because Im not giving you the life you had planned out for me and Summer

Mom - oh you silly boy. As much as I love Summer (looking at Summer with loads of love), you are our baby boy and your happiness is all that matters. Whethers it's a girl or boy or what do you call those things... a tripod?

Adi - thats for a camera mom?

Mom - you know where 3 people are in love

Adi - thats a trouple and Im defo not in one of them

Mom - my point being, as long as you are happy, we are happy

Dad - yeah what your mom said, ignoring the camera ha ha ha

Mom - Summer how long have you known about Greg?

Summer - we kissed when we were about 16, it was beyond awkward and that's when Adi knew for sure.

Mom - so you've been keeping his secret this whole time?

Summer - I wouldnt say Ive been keeping his secret, Ive been supporting his decisions and being his pillar when needed

Dad - well thank you so much. You really are the best friend and daughter we could have wished for

Everyone stands up and has a group hug. Adi and Summer head home to watch a movie and relax for the rest of the evening before it all kicks off tomorrow and they have to introduce Sam to the group.

The next day

The parents flew out early this morning, Summer is getting the house set up for everyone's arrival. Sams flight isnt due until later so Adi went to get some groceries for the next few days.

Its lunch time and the gang is all here. Adi has left to collect Sam at the airport

Adi sees Sam, rushes over to him and embraces him in a tight hug

Adi - hey

Sam - hey yourself

Adi - so you ready to meet my crazy friends? My parents flew out earlier but are looking forward to meeting you

Sam - what? You told them?

Adi - yeah I had a talk with them last night, they know all about you and how happy you make me. That's all they have ever wanted and they cant wait to meet you

Sam - I was not expecting this today

Adi - is it ok that I told them?

Sam - of course it is, I want everyone to know about us

Adi - thank god. Summer was so annoyed that she didnt know about you

Sam - is it weird that Im afraid to meet her?

Adi - not at all, she is the most important girl in my life var my mother. She will love you. The rest of the gang dont know yet so be prepared for open mouths, screaming, cursing and tears and that will just be the girls. Im not sure how the boys will react

Sam - well you've got me and Summer for support

Adi - thanks babe. God Ive missed you

Back at home

Blake - babe where's Adi?

Summer - he had to pick up something important, he'll be here shortly

Kat - wheres Adi we need to get this weekend started?

Summer - he is on his way, 5 more minutes

The gang are all sitting together in their couples when Summer hears the front door opening

Kat screaming at the door but not looking - its about time you got here, we're starving

Summer quietly gets up off Blakes lap, kisses his cheek and whispers I'll be back in a minute. Summer makes her way over to Adi and Sam

Summer - you must be Sam?

Sam - and you must be the amazing Summer

Summer - ok lets get rid of the awkwardness, get over here and give me a hug

Sam picks Summer and gives her a tight squeeze. There are a few coughs behind them, Blake is standing there with a cocked eyebrow. Summer makes her way back to Blake

Summer- Adi the floor is yours

Adi coughs a few times - everyone this si Sam, my boyfriend

Silence, complete and utter silence and then laughing

John- I told you, you owe me 50 bucks

James - nope, not a chance you cheated, you knew already

John - no I didnt, this bet is years ild and you eed to pay up

James - no way. You knew. You had to know

John - pay up or PAY!!!

James - not happening, you cheated.

John starts running after James, James makes his way Sam and stops for a few seconds

James - nice to meet you, ypu hurt my boy and I will go all karate kid on you starts running again

John makes his way over

John - welcome to the family and the mad house and yeah I second James, don't hurt my boy.. John runs again and tackles James to the ground

Adi - come on in and I'll introduce you

Adi introduces Sam to the gang who are firing questions all over the place. Summer is sitting back watching her best friend finally embracing who he truly is and she couldn't be happier

Blake whispering to Summer- I'm guessing you always knew he was gay?

Summer - yeah but it was never my story to tell

Blake - so the lads you dated that dodnt stay because of your friendship with Adi, wasn't any of them worth telling?

Summer - honestly no. I truly believe if someone wants to be with me then thenly have to accept Adi as a major part of my life and I shouldnt have to give his secret away in order to do that

Blake - you are truly amazing

Summer - you ain't so bad yourself

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