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****6 years later****

Blake – Autumn, what did I say to you about running around with no clothes on?

Autumn (4yr old daughter) – Sorry daddy, I don’t like my clothes

Blake – baby girl you can’t run around naked

Autumn – But nana May says it’s good to be one with the earth

Blake – remind me to have a chat with nana May later, lets go get dressed ok. Summer?

Summer – yeah babe

Blake – you’re daughter is naked again

Summer – am she is your daughter too you know

Blake – the nakedness comes from your family

Summer – you don’t seem to mind when I’m naked

Blake – you got that right, wanna get naked now?

Summer – let me get the girls off to my mothers and we can get up to all sorts of naked

Summer turns around and starts dressing their 8 month old little girl Spring. She can’t believe she let Blake talk her into naming their girls but he was adamant these were going to be their names.

Summer – what time are we meeting up with the gang later?

Blake – Cian and Ruth get back into town around 4pm, Matt finishes work around 6pm so I told them we will meet up around 8pm, I’ve dinner booked for 8.30pm. Adi and Sam will be here around 7, they are dropping Jake to Adi's moms house (they adopted Jake a few years ago)

Summer – perfect, that gives us plenty of alone time

Blake – plenty of naked time you mean

Summer – you got that right baby

Later that night at dinner, Blake stands uo and coughs

Blake - I want to thank you all for making it tonight, it really means a lot to both of us. Summer who would have thought that first day wheb you insulted me

Summer gasps - me? Never! Ha ha

Blake - that we would be here nearly 7 years later. I can honestly say that you are the love of my life, I am so greatful to you for giving me our beautiful baby girls, however I do think it is about time that your surname matches mine and the girls so (getting down on one knee)... Summer Winters will you do me the pleasure of becoming my wife?

Summer - yes yes a million times yes

Adi - took you long enough

Everyone is passing their congratulations to the happy couple

Blake – I love you shorty

Summer – I love you too jerk

The End
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