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Chapter 2

Summers POV

College continues as normal for the next 2 weeks, nothing out of the ordinary happens, same thing every day, go to classes, go to lunch, study after college, hang with my friends.

We have a small group of 6 of us, 3 girls, 3 guys. My best friend Greg is away with the army, he is hoping to be back in a few weeks for a visit and I can’t wait. We don’t get to talk as much as we’d like because of where he gets stationed so it’s the odd text message here and there.

Let me describe Greg for you or Adi (short for Adonis) as I’ve been calling him since the age of 10 when I was learning about Greece in school.

He is beyond beautiful, he has been carved out of stone. He is 6ft 5inches of muscle, tattoos, blonde hair and blue eyes and he is beyond doubt my favourite person in the world. We became friends when I was 10 and he was 12. I was being picked on by some local kids and he came to my rescue. We have been inseparable since.

Let me make something clear – there are NO sexual feelings between us. He knows everything and I mean everything about me from when Aunt “flo” is in town, to my first kiss, my first time. He has been with me through every heart break and adventure in my life. While he is a marvel to look at (total drool fest), there just aren’t any feelings like that between us.

We did kiss once when I was around 16 to see what it was like and we both burst out laughing. Nope, besties for life, that’s it.

People that don’t know us think we are a couple with how touchy feely we are but that’s just our relationship. We also made a pact that no one will ever come between us. If a girlfriend/boyfriend cannot accept our friendship then they need to leave. We have total honest with each other and it has always worked for us.

Anyway, I totally went off on a tangent there didn’t I ha ha. So Adi is hoping to be home in a few weeks and I cannot wait to see him. He has been away for 6 months now and the lack of text messages and video calls is getting to me. I miss his face and cuddles. I can’t even count down the days to see him because he hasn’t given me a date yet so I’m constantly checking my phone for messages or emails from him. Sounds stalkerish but that’s just how we are when we have been away from each other. Anyway he will get here when he can.

I was walking through the halls at college today with Kat and Ruth when someone bumped into me. I looked up and it was the ever so lovely Blake (note my sarcasm)

Summer – Dude, seriously. Could you watch where you are going?

Blake – Sorry shorty, didn’t see you there.
Summer – Shorty! Really?

Blake – duh! You are tinh

Summer – I’ll have you know I’m of average height

Blake – yeah for a hobbit

Summer – oh wow, that was so original. Did you make that one up on the spot or did it take you a few weeks to put it together? Mumbling asshat under my breath. Come on girls let’s go before we catch something.

Blake – aw shorty, there is no need to run away, you know you really want to stay and talk to me.
Girls in the halls are seriously throwing me daggers, why is the hot guy talking to the hippy!

Summer – (roaring laughing) ha ha ha ha, No I’m good thanks. (I grab both the girls and walk down the hallway)

Blake talking to Matt and Cain – Damn, she really isn’t falling for my charms.

Matt – that’s cause you haven’t shown them yeah ha ha ha

Blake – piss off! I was on a roll

Cain – yeah a bread role coz she just devoured you

Matt and Cain start laughing while Blake can’t seem to understand why Summer won’t fall at his charms.

Blake – it’s time to up the game, time to go full swoon.

Matt – how much is this gonna cost?

Blake – I’ll start small with some secret admirer messages in her locker and then move onto the little gifts.

Cain – sounding like a stalker but whatever. You sure you havent falled for her?

Blake - as if!
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