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Chapter 3

Summer POV

It’s the end of the day and I’m on my way to get my books out of my locker. Attached to my locker is a note that says “I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile and then walk into a pole”. I read it 2 more times and then start laughing.

I look around for my friends to see if they put it there but they aren’t around. Whoever put it here must have the wrong locker. Think I’ll keep it though coz it’s pretty funny.

I met up with Kat, Ruth, James and John (rest of my friends) for dinner. I tell them about the note on my locker and we all start laughing making the other people in the diner stare at us.

James – Sum, what if you have a stalker?

Summer – god help them. Once they get to know me they will end up running away or get a restraining order ha ha ha

John – I hope you have a stalker, this would certainly liven things up

Summer – Thanks John, glad to know my personal life is your only source of entertainment.

John – it’s not but when it comes to you, there is always some drama. Just let me know the details so I can have my popcorn ready.

Summer – I aim to please so enjoy the show

Ruth – I can’t wait to hear what Greg thinks of this.

Summer – Oh god, thank god he isn’t here for this conversation, I would be getting the 3rd degree.

They all burst out laughing at how over protective Adi is of me but I love it really.

Blakes POV

I’m at a diner with Matt and Cain when Summer comes in with 2 girls and 2 guys. They all sit at a booth a few tables away from us but they are so loud and happy that it’s not hard to hear their conversation.

Matt – they are talking about your note, what does she mean you would need a restraining order?

Blake – I don’t know but from listening to them, they seem like a lively bunch

Cain has his ears cocked so he can hear what Summers group are talking about.

Cain – I don’t know who Greg is but it seems he won’t be happy that Summer has a secret admirer.

Blake – I haven’t seen her with anyone, does she have a boyfriend?

Matt – not that I know of, she is normally just with the 4 of them

Blake – we need to keep an eye out, I don’t need to be getting into any fights over a little bit of fun.

Summers POV

The next few days at college I find several other notes taped to my locker.

**I think you are suffering from a lack of Vitamin ME

**YOU wanna know who I’m in love with, read the first word again

**Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere, so where do you wanna go?

**I always wake up smiling and I think it’s your fault

**Lets commit the perfect crime, I steal your heart and you steal mine.

While these notes are hilarious, nothing is given away in them to tell me who they are from. I’m one of those people that like to skip a few chapters to get to the end of the book so at this stage I'd like to know who they are from already.

I’m sitting in the cafeteria with my friends when I feel like someone is standing behind me. I turn around and Blake is standing there with 2 friends.

Summer – Blake?

Blake – Summer!

Summer – What?

Blake – Are you always this defensive?

Summer – only when I’m given a reason to be. What can I do for you Blake?

Blake – Have you read anything interesting recently?

Summer – What are you on about? Is there a reason you have interrupted my lunch with my friends?

Blake – Nope, just wondering.

Summer – ok then, you weirdo. Lets leave it at that and I’ll get back to my friends and you can go back to yours.

Summer turns back around to her friends and begins eating her lunch. Her friends are sitting there with their mouths open watching the interaction. Blake growls and walks away with his 2 friends.

Kat – oh

Ruth – my

Kat – God

Summer – What?

Kat – Blake is your secret admirer

Summer – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha did you hit your head or something?

Ruth – think about it, he just asked you if you read anything interesting recently?

Summer – yeah he was just being an ass. He has not been sending me notes.

James – I think it was him

John – me too

Summer – Why?

James – coz he hasn’t stopped staring at you since he came into the canteen

Summer – Nope, can’t be and if it is him then he is up to something. This has to be a prank or something

Kat – I kind of agree with you, maybe it’s because you put him in his place a few weeks ago.

Summer – look don’t be worrying about it ok. I’m not.

Ruth – if you say so but if anything else happens let us know ok.

Summer – will do, come on lets finish up and get to class.

I make my way towards my Business class and I can’t get the conversation with my friends out of my head. What if it is really Blake leaving me the notes? He must be up to something. He is the bad boy on campus who has girls falling at his feet. Whatever he is up to can’t be good for me so I need to keep my distance.
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