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Chapter 5

Another week has passed in college, myself and Blake pass each other in the halls or in class and smile or acknowledge each other. The notes have stopped thankfully as it was getting on my nerves not knowing who they were from.

It’s now Friday and my lecture is dragging on. I find myself staring out the window at Blake, Matt and Cian running around kicking a soccer ball.
Blake has no top on and oh my god the 6 pack is divine. Ok I need to stop staring before a pool of drool lands on my desk. I’m still staring when Blake looks over and makes eye contact with me, we stare at each other for god knows how long before I feel my class mate tap me on the shoulder letting me know the class has ended. MORTIFIED!!

Jeez how long was I looking at him. I look back over and Matt and Cian are pushing him around and laughing at him. I wonder what’s so funny.
I’m heading out tonight with the gang for a few drinks. I’m not a big drinker, the girls say it’s because I’m hyper enough without alcohol. It’s not my fault I can have a good time without getting wasted.

I’m not your everyday girly girl, I don’t get all dolled up during week days, jeans and a hoody suit me fine but when we go out I go all girlie. Tonight I’m wearing fake but FAB leather pants, gold glitter halter top with 4inch gold strappy heels. My dirty blonde hair is down in wavy curls and I have natural make up on, I don’t go for the dark shadow eyes and the red lips, that’s just not me.

Myself and the girls get ready at my dorm and we meet James and John down at the door. We get into the Uber and make our way to a bar away from the campus and students.

James and John go to get some drinks and the girls find a table. One of my favourite songs come ons “You’re so beautiful” from the show Empire. I’m straight up on that dance floor on my own (the girls need some dutch courage before dancing), me on the other hand, give me a song I can sing and dance to and I’m off.

I’m singing my heart out to the song and start the rapping section with the gang all laughing at me.
Ruth and Kat stop laughing and look behind me, I’m still swinging my hips and swaying my hair when I turn around to see what’s happening behind me when I come face to face with Blake and his friends.

Blakes POV
It’s been a long week in college and I need to go out and let off some steam tonight. I was out in playing soccer today with the boys when I felt someone watching me, I looked over and saw Summer staring at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was mesmerised. I don’t know how long we were staring at each other but next thing Matt had me picked up and over his shoulder. Cian was roaring laughing calling me Lover Boy and singing that I love Summer.

This was not my plan, I was supposed to make her fall for me, why am I catching feelings for her. My heads all over the place with the plan I had against Summer now that I know she is actually a nice person so I’m confused if I want to go through with it but I also don’t want the boys calling me out as a wuss.

We head to a bar away from campus so we can relax. We make our way to the bar when I see this girl dancing on her own. She is wearing these tight as Fcuk leather pants that fit her perfectly, her gold top is showing off some of a tattoo on her spine and she looks hot. I can’t seem to take my eyes off her and I haven’t even seen her face yet.

She makes her way over to a group of people who are laughing and joking with her. I nearly choke on my drink when I realise that I was lusting after Summer the whole time.

Matt – dude is that Summer?

Cain – Damn

Blake – uh, um (why can’t I speak?)

Matt – oh oh!

Cain – Heuston we have a problem

Matt – it finally happened, he found a girl that has made him speechless

Cain – what do we do, he isn’t even listening to us. Dude!!!

Blake – What? Did you say something?

Matt – it’s ok man, we get it

Blake – get what? (not making eye contact with the guys coz I’m still not able to take my eyes off Summer)

Matt – you can’t take your eyes off her can you?

Blake – What are you on about?

Cain – it’s ok man, it happens to the best of us

Blake – What are ye on about?

Matt – you fancy Summer

Blake – No I don’t

Cain – so you won’t mind if I go over there and hit on her?

Blake – What? No, ah! You can do what you like (growling under his breath)

Cain – score! Watch me tap that

Blake – what? You’re gonna go for it now?

Cain – well yeah, there is nothing stopping me.

With that Cain starts making his way over to Summer and her friends. Without realising Blake is following him while keeping his eyes trained on Summer.

Summers POV

Summer – hey guys

Cain – hey short stuff how are you?

Summer – Short stuff, nothing original no? (god Blake is looking hot tonight. Wait, what? No he isn’t, where the hell did that come from? maybe it’s the alcohol. You didn’t drink yet. Shut up conscience ugh)

Cain – I could show you something “original” if you wanna go somewhere with me now

Summer – Dude I can guarantee you that whatever you want to show me would not be “original” but thanks for the offer.

Cain – You are seriously passing up on all of this (as he waves his hands down his body)

Summer – yeah I like my men with a bit of muscle and height, you’re a bit “short” for me.

Cain – you’re calling me short, I’m a giant against you, I can show you another type of Giant if you want (smirking)

Summer – Ha ha ha ha I’ll admit you got some game but it ain’t gonna work on me sorry.

Cain – ah sure, at least I TRIED!!

Summer – uh?

Cain – Nothing (while he throws eyes at Blake)
Blake notices Cain looking at him so he looks in another direction. Matt has made his way over to the table and sits down with the 2 girls, James and John and introduces himself. They are all laughing watching the scene in front of them unfold.
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