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Chapter 6

3rd party POV

Ruth – so Matt, does your boy Blake fancy our Summer?

Matt coughs at her bluntness – Not sure I have the answer for that

Kat – seems to us that he has had his eyes on her since ye got here and now he can’t even look at her

Matt – how did ye know he was watching her?

Ruth – it’s called being observant. We noticed when ye walked in, we also noticed that Blake didn’t take his eyes off her once

Matt – you noticed that too huh?

Kat – so he does like her?

Matt – honestly he hasn’t said a thing.

Ruth – so do we interfere or let them figure it out themselves?

Matt – what? Does she like him too?

Ruth – she hasn’t said anything either but they are kind of just looking at each other a lot lately and smiling at each other or am I the only one that noticed this?

Matt – seems that way. What else have you noticed?

Ruth – well you seem to fancy our Kat here and she seems to like you too

Matt & Kat – What?

Matt – what are you talking about?

Ruth – oh I dunno, how about every time you walk into a room you search the room until you spot her and the you smile to yourself. You know she does the same thing.

Matt & Kat – no I don’t

Ruth – and now ye are talking in sync – god I’m good at this.

Kat – Ruth!

Ruth – yes dear

Kat – ugh!

Matt – Kat, want to get a drink and escape Ruth?

Kat – yeah come on

Ruth – and that’s another couple off on my list – enjoy love birds, now who is next?

Cain makes his way over to Ruth and the boys.

Cain – well gang, how’s things?

James – moved on from Summer already, that’s quick?

Cain – Na man, was only doing that to get a reaction out of Blake

John – what do you mean?

Cain – think my man has a thing for her and he won’t admit it. He has never had to work for a girl before so this is all new to him. Thought I’d get the ball rolling

Ruth – oh my god I think I’ve found my perfect match

Cain – what do you mean sweet cheeks?

Ruth – Sweet cheeks, really? Come on, I need something better than that

Cain – Sorry Tiny Temper!

Ruth – now that’s more like it.

Cain – Feisty, I like it

Ruth – you don’t know how feisty I can get wink wink

Cain – Wanna show me how much?

Ruth – give me your digits and we can pick this up later tonight with less of an audience

Cain – damn girl, I think you just got my heart and my digits

Ruth – just be aware, I don’t do refunds so I’ll be keeping them both

James – ok ok, that’s it, I’m going to look for a hook up, chat to ye later

John – wait for me man, I can’t be left with them, they’ll be dry humping each other in a minute

Ruth and Cain sit beside each other, chatting and drinking, realising they have a LOT in common.

Summers POV

Ok how long have I been standing here staring at Blake and why hasn’t he said anything

Summer – uhm hi?

Blake – hey

Summer – (oh my god is he blushing?), so this is awkward

Blake – nothing new there then ha ha ha

Summer – that should totally be our saying ha ha

Blake – most couples have a song, we have a saying

Summer – couples?

Blake – shit I didn’t mean it like that,

Summer – ha ha ha I know what you meant, come on "boyfriend" let’s get something to drink.

Blake – (dumb ass, what happened to cool Blake who can get any girl he wants). What do you want to drink?

Summer – I’ll just have a coke thanks

Blake – you not drinking?

Summer – no, not much of a drinker

Blake – so those dance moves were all sober Summer

Summer – yup 100% all me

Blake – I like it. (Damn am I blushing, cop on man)

Summer – Sorry?

Blake – what I meant is that most girls need to be drunk before they can just let their hair down and dance, you go straight for it.

Summer – yeah just give me a song I can sing and dance to and I’m off,

Blake – takes a lot of confidence to do that without alcohol

Summer – when you come from a family of modern hippies, trust me you need to get used to weird stares, I just take it all in my stride.

Blake – what do you mean?

Summer – hello my name is Summer Winters, Really like? My parents think they are in the 60’s. They dress like hippies and drive the hippy mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I have the best parents in the world but when you see some of the things they get up to, you end up being bullied a lot as a child so you learn to stand up for yourself and just embrace who you are

Blake – wow!

Summer – I know

Blake – Summer Winters – ha ha ha ha ha, so if you have kids are you going to name them Spring and Autumn?

Summer – god no, that’s my sister and brothers names

Blake – What??? Seriously?

Summer – ha ha ha ha ha ha god no, I’m an only child

Blake – thank god for that, poor kids. So you were bullied at lot as a child?

Summer – I was until I was 10, then I got myself some proper friends (looking at the table where her friends were), we back each other up 100%, no bullshit, no lies. If something has to be said then it’s said. We’ve always been like that, it’s the rule.

Blake – I hear ya, I have that with Matt and Cain. Been best friends with them since we were 4, been through a lot with them, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blake looks over and sees Cain dancing with Ruth and Matt dancing with Kat. He doesn’t see the other 2 boys anywhere. This hasn’t turned out to be a bad night after all.
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