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Chapter 7

Summers POV

The girls and guys have been hanging out a lot more lately now that Matt and Kat, Cain and Ruth have hooked up. They have been going out for lunch dates all week meaning that Summer and Blake have been left to keep each other company and getting to know each other better
Tonight they are all heading to a karoke bar so the girls decided they would get ready in Summers dorm room and the boys will meet them there.

Summer sent a group text – Hi all, I ran late at the library so just hopping into the shower, let yourselves in when ye get here, plenty of food and drink in the kitchen.

Summer goes into the bathroom, she brings in her clothes for the night, make up, her phone and docking station. She puts on her “Happy place” mix, these are the songs to get her in the mood for a night on the town.

She doesn’t realise that the gang are already in her kitchen when she hops out of the shower and starts bursting out Justin Timberlake & Michael Jackson’s “Love Never felt so good”, dancing around the bathroom while drying herself off and getting dressed. She walks out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to go. She looks up and the guys are just standing there looking at her.

Summer – What’s wrong?

Matt – where did that voice come from?

Summer – huh?

Blake – WOW!

Summer slightly blushing – um, thanks

Blake and Summer continue to stare at each other until Ruth coughs…

Ruth – ok enough of the eye fcuking, lets get this show on the road

Summer – RUTH!

Ruth – What?

Summer – jesus!

The girls grab their bags and head out the door with the boys following behind.

Blakes POV

Walking into Summers dorm room I hear the most amazing voice singing, I look around and can’t see Summer anywhere.

Blake – who is singing?

Kat – that’s our girl Summer, isn’t she great?

Blake – she sounds amazing

Kat – bet that’s not the only thing you think is amazing about her wink wink

Blake – huh?

Ruth mumbling to herself but loud enough for Blake to hear - yeah yeah play dumb, if one of ye don’t make the first move it will end before it begins

Blake looks at Ruth who just shrugs her shoulders and walks away. The music stops and every one looks up to see Summer walking out of her room. Blake is frozen to the spot, Summer is wearing a pink skirt to just above her knee, a white halter top with her hair wavy and flowing down her back.

He can hear Matt talking but isn’t listening, next thing he hears the words WOW, then realises they came out of his mouth, instantly causing him to blush and Summer to blush right back at him.
Typical Ruth had to ruin the moment with her normal vulgar comments.

3rd Party POV

The gang all arrive at the bar, the girls go to find a table while the boys go to get some drinks.

Kat – So are you gonna make a move tonight?

Summer – what do you mean?

Kat – seriously, ye can’t keep ye’re eyes off each other, one of ye has to make the move

Summer – I don’t even know if he likes me like that so I’m not going to put myself out there and make a fool out of myself, if he liked me he would have done something by now.

Ruth – I don’t know, the way Cain talks about it, it seems Blake thinks the same about you, he is afraid to get his feelings hurt.

Summer – look if he wants something to happen then that’s up to him.

Summer looks over her shoulders and see’s Blake at the bar, some tall blonde girl is talking to him, casually rubbing her arm up and down Blakes arm and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all

Summer – well it looks like I got my answer, I’m going for a dance and to find myself a man who is interested, Summer storms off away from the table

Ruth – what is she on about? Ruth looks over at the bar and sees Blake with the blonde. Well fcuk him, he just lost out on Summer

Cain arrives back over with the drinks
Cain – where’s Summer?

Ruth – Gone to get herself a man for the night

Cain – WHAT?

Ruth – don’t take that tone with me, if your boy wasn’t over at the bar enjoying the female attention he was getting, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just letting you know whatever chance he had with Summer is gone now, she won’t be made a fool of.

Cain looks over to the dance floor and can see Summer dancing and swaying her hips. Next thing this man around 6ft makes his way over behind Summer and places his hands on her hips. Summer looks behind her to see who it is, she smiles up at him and continues to sway her hips with the stranger. He turns her around and puts her hands around his neck and slowly runs his hands down Summers back and lays them on her lower back, any lower and he would be groping her in public


Kat – What do you mean? She is young free and single, she doesn’t have a man so she can do what she wants with whoever she wants, it has nothing to do with us. As long as she is happy and safe then that’s all we need to worry about.

Cain – what about Blake?

Kat – Blake that is over at the bar, Blake that hasn’t bothered to look at Summer since we got here, Blake that is a player and doesn’t give two shits about anyone else. YEAH WHAT ABOUT BLAKE? Come on Ruth, lets dance.

Ruth and Kat storm off away from Cain just as Matt arrives at the table.

Matt – what did I miss?

Cain – seems Blake has decided Summer isn’t worth it any more (nodding to the bar), Summer saw this so now she is getting hot and heavy with some dude on the dance floor. I’ve had a screaming match with our girls and now they are angry with me.

Matt looks over at Summer, he can see she is still dancing with some lad and looks to be enjoying herself. He looks over at Blake and gets really angry. Screw this. Matt makes his way over to Blake walking straight between Blake and his bimbo

Matt – just to let you know you’re an asshole and you’ve lost the girl so well done. Don’t come crying to us tomorrow when you realised what you’ve done.

Blake – what are you on about?

Matt – have a look around and try find your girl.
Blake looks over at the table, he can see Cain sitting there looking beyond angry, he looks to the dance floor and can see Ruth and Kat dancing away, then he see’s Summer with arms wrapped around her

Blake – Who the fcuk is that?

Matt – what does it matter to you, you’re the one over here enjoying this bimbo

Bimbo – Excuse me???

Matt – you’re excused

Matt – I’m done trying to help you sort things out with Summer, you screwed this up and I’m done with it. I’m not risking my relationship with Kat for you.
Matt storms away from Blake, he grabs Kat and kisses her passionately.

Matt – I’m sorry Blakes an ass, I didn’t know he was going to behave like this, I told him I’m done trying to help him.

Kat – thanks Babe, I’m sorry it’s like this

Matt – it’s not our fault he’s a dickhead, hopefully this won’t affect Summer too much

Kat – I’m not gonna lie, she is going to be in bits tomorrow, I don’t know how long it will take her to get over her feelings for him but I’m hoping it won’t be too long.

The rest of the night doesn’t improve much, Cain spends his time making up with Ruth, Matt and Kat are keeping themselves busy. Summer has kept herself entertained with her dancing partner, not sparing a 2nd thought about Blake. Blake kept himself to the bar watching Summer.
Around 1.30am Summer makes her way over to the girls to let them know she is heading home.

Ruth – are you taking your eye candy with you? Wink wink

Summer – nah he is just walking me out to get a taxi, it was fun while it lasted but I just need a shower and bed, I’ll see ye tomorrow. Summer says good bye to the gang without bothering to look around for Blake. She makes her way back over to her mystery guy and leaves the club
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