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Chapter 8

Blakes POV

I get to the bar and this blonde makes a beeline for me, chatting me up and rubbing her fingers all over my arms. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the attention. Since I’ve set my sights on Summer I haven’t even looked at another girl. Blondie was giving me loads of attention so I was just lapping it up and enjoying it.

Before I knew it I had Matt in my face screaming at me, telling me I’ve lost my chance with Summer. I completely forgot I was here with the gang.

I look around and see that Cain is beyond pissed, Ruth and Kat are dancing away on the dance floor but I couldn’t see Summer. Then I see her with some asshat with his hands all over her. What the hell is he doing with his hands on my girl. What does she think she is doing?

I don’t even get the chance to go talk to her because she is dancing with him all night, Cain and Matt won’t even look at me. I end up just sitting at the bar drinking on my own, I couldn’t even be bothered to entertain the blonde any more.

I was just about to leave when I saw Summer make her way back over to the table, thinking this was my chance to talk to her, I start making my way over when I see her walk about to that douche and leave with him.

Is she for fcuking real, she is leaving with him, seriously? I cannot believe this. After everything she is leaving with him. Screw this, I ended up leaving without saying goodbye to anyone

3rd Party POV
Summer keeps herself inside her dorm room for the weekend, she text the girls telling them that she had a headache and just wanted to crash out. The girls told her they understood but they really knew it was because of Blake.

She didn’t want to hang out with the girls and their boyfriends in case Blake was there. They left her alone but made sure to drop dinner off on the Saturday and Sunday evening.

As much as Summer didn’t want to face going to college on Monday morning, she knew she couldn’t avoid it. She managed to avoid eye contact and conversation with Blake most of the morning but now it was coming up to lunch time and she was dreading it. Matt is sitting with Kat, Cain is sitting with Ruth, Blake is sitting beside James and Summer is on the other side of James, John isn’t around today, he had something important to take care of.

Blake has tried to make eye contact with Summer all day but she just keeps avoiding him. He thinks he will get the chance at lunch time because they always sit beside each other but when he gets there he can see the only available seat left is the ones beside James, away from Summer.

He sits down and looks over at her but she is staring down at her phone again with a sad face. All he wants to do is talk to her about the weekend but she won’t even acknowledge his existence at the moment. He needs to figure out a way to make this up to her. James stands up to take a phone call, Blake knows this may be his only chance to talk to her so he starts off with a light conversation.

Summers POV
Please dont Blake talk to me, I don't have the energy for this today..

Blake – um, so have you any plans for Thanksgiving?

Summer not wanting to be rude, decides to answer him – all our parents go away for the break so we pick one of our houses and spend it together. We normally stock up on junk food and movies and take away and stay in our pyjamas for a few days.

Blake – just you and the girls?

Summer – no the boys come too

Blake – oh right, sounds good

Summer – yeah we’ve been doing it for years now. What are your plans? Please say you're busy

Blake – not much, my parents are away with work, Cain’s parents are going visiting family and Matt practically lives with me so we will all probably just hang at mine.

Summer without thinking – I’m sure the gang won’t mind if you want to come over and spend it with us. Oh my fcuking god why did I say that!

Blake shocked at this – we wouldn’t want to get in the way

Summer thinking she can’t take the offer back now – it’s ok you won’t, we are just gonna laze around for a few days

Blake – so the 5 of ye normally do this?

Summer – no it’s normally 6 but my best friend is away with work for the last few months and I don’t know when they will be back, they haven’t been given any leave details yet

Blake – I’m sorry to hear that, is that why you are constantly checking your phone and looking sad all the time?

Summer – what? Am I that obvious? Oh God!

Blake – god no, I just noticed a few times and wondered if you were ok

Summer – yeah my friend Adi is away and doesn’t always get access to a phone so contact is a minimum, just wish I could speak to hi….

Ruth and Kat scream which causes Summer to stop speaking.

Summer looking shocked– what’s wrong, are te ok?

3rd party POV

Summer sees the 2 girls looking behind her, Summer turns around and cannot believe her eyes, there is Adi standing right in front of her, all 6ft 5inches, decked out in his army gear and aviator glasses. Without saying a word Summer stands up and begins to run, she jumps up in the Adi’s arms and wraps her legs around his waist.

Summer – (crying into Adi’s neck)

Adi (Greg) – Hey pip

Summer – you’re here, you’re really here?

Adi – I’m here babygirl (Adi has his hands wrapped around Summers waist holding her in place)

Summer can’t stop crying, all the pain from missing him, all the recent crap with Blake and the happiness of seeing him is coming out and she can’t control it.

Summer leans back in Adi’s arms and takes his face in her hands.

Summer – you’re really here?

Adi – I am and guess what?

Summer – What?

Adi – I’ve got extended leave, you’re stuck with me until after Christmas

Summer lets out a massive squeal and throws her hands around Adi’s neck again crushing him in a hug (well as much as her little 5ft 2 inches will let her)

Summer pulls back out to look at Adi again while he is still holding her up like she weighs nothing

Summer blushing – Hi

Adi smirking – Hey

Summer – I’ve missed you

Adi –I’ve missed you too (laying a kiss on her forehead)

Ruth – so can we get in on this?

Kat – yeah hello we are important too you know

Adi keeps Summer wrapped around his waist holding her with one arm while hugging Kat and then Ruth.

Ruth – come on over and we can finish lunch and catch up

Summer – (realising they are in the cafeteria) oh shit, we are in the middle of lunch, is everyone staring?

Kat – yeah girl but not at you, they are checking out your fine sex god here ha ha ha

Summer – crap, Adi put me down

Adi – not a chance, I’ve 6 months of hugs and cuddles to catch up on, I’m not letting you out of my arms anytime soon,

Summer – seriously?

Adi – (cocking his eyebrow at her) is there a problem with me holding you babygirl?

Summer – nope! Work away

Adi follows Kat and Ruth over to the table, he hugs James and nods at Blake, Matt and Cain. They all just realise John is at the table

Adi sits down on the bench and easily flips Summer around so her back is to his chest so she can continue eating her lunch. He places his hands around her waist and his chin on her shoulder.

Summer – John where did you come from?

John – I had to collect your big man from the airport

Summer – you knew he was coming home and didn’t tell me?

John – what sort of surprise would it be if I told you?

Summer – I’m going to get you back for this

John – ok so let me put it this way, if I had told you he was flying in today, how many times would you have asked me his flight details or what time we were collecting him and what his plans were?

Summer – but

John – no buts, this was easier for me. I’m sorry that I kept it from you but your reaction was worth it ok.

Summer – ok I forgive you (Adi kisses Summers temple)

John – that’s because you love me

Summer – yes I do and you love me too

John – that I do.
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