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Chapter 9

Blakes POV

I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with Summer, we had been sitting at lunch talking, I finally got her to open up and talk about missing her friend when the 2 girls start screaming.
Summer looks at them then behind herself. Within seconds she is gone from me, running into the arms of some GI Joe wannabe. Who the hell is he and why is he holding my girl like that. My Girl, I wish

Summer is clinging onto him for dear life, god I wish that was me.

I need to find out who the hell this guy is and if it is worth my time putting in the effort any more, maybe she only sees me as a friend, especially after this weekend. I can be that for her, it would hurt but I couldn’t bear to not have her in my life. How am I going to get more information about him without looking suspicious?

Cain – so is anyone going to introduce us to GI Joe over here? Thank you Cain – best bud EVER

Everyone bursts out laughing

Summer – oh my god I’m so sorry

Summer - Blake, Matt, Cain, this is my best friend Adi, Adi this is Blake, Matt and Cain

The 3 boys – well Adi, nice to meet you

Blake – Adi is a boy, shit!

Adi – same here boys

Ruth – actually his name is Greg and not Adi,

Cain – huh?

Ruth – Summer has called him Adi since she was 10, you know because he is a sexy as fcuk and looks like a greek god. We all call him Greg coz that is his name.

Cain – I’m sitting right here babe

Ruth – I know, I can see you but have you seen Greg, he is H.O.T. the girls and Greg start laughing

Adi – Pip, what time are you finished today?

Cain – Ok who is Pip?

Kat – I have this one. Greg calls her pip coz she is his little pip squeak. When he eventually puts her down which will be never at this rate, and you see them standing side by side you will see she barely reaches his nipples and they are fine nipples at that

Matt – ok so just so we are clear, Summer calls Grey Adi and Greg calls her Pip but we call them Greg and Summer.

Kat – damn babe you catch on quick

Adi – babe?

Kat – see what happens when you don’t answer your phone or contact us for 6 months. You miss out on things. I’m hooking up with this fine looking thing known as Matt, Ruth and Cain are dirty feisty feckers and James and John are tapping it as they go along

James and John – hey!!!

Kat – sure it’s better to wrap it up then to have mini versions of ye running around.

James and John – true that

Adi – what about you Pip? Any boys I need to worried about or hurt?

Summer swallows a mouthful of her drink and tries to avoid the question. Ruth and Kat burst out laughing along with Matt and Cain

Adi – Am I missing something?

Summer – so I’m finished classes for the day, what do you want to do for the rest of the day? What did your parents say about you coming home?

Adi – firstly don’t change the subject we will come back to that in a minute. Secondly I came to see you first so my parents don’t know I’m home yet

Matt – seriously, you haven’t been home in months and the first person you go to see is Summer. Gonna lay it out here on the table, are ye a couple or what? (Matt looks to Blake to let him know he is getting him the answers he wants, he notices that Blake has his head down waiting on their answer)

Adi & Summer – No!

Summer – Adi is my best friend, there is nothing like that between us. He is my person, who I trust with everything and anything. We are inseparable except when he leaves me to fight wars.

Adi – firstly we are not going to fight over my job again, it was my choice and you said you supported it. I am sorry that I am away so long but I always make it up to you when you get home, in more ways than one wink wink.

Secondly to answer your question Matt, no there is nothing like that between myself and Summer. We hooked up once a long time ago and it was the funniest thing ever so we can both honestly say we are friends and nothing more.

Matt – glad ye cleared that up for me then. So it won’t be awkward if we crash Thanksgiving this year?

Summer – crap I forgot to say it to ye, is it ok if the boys join us this year?

They all reply “obviously yes”

Ruth looking at Summer whispering- are you sure?

Summer - yeah it's fine, he only wants to be friends and I'll be ok with that

Adi – so if Ruth and Kat are hooking up with you guys, what do you and Blake get up to when they aren’t around?

Blake and Summer both cough on their drinks at the same time.

Summer – nothing we just hang out, talking, eating, watching movies

Adi – so going on dates but not dating?

Ruth, Kat, Matt, Cian – Exactly!

Summer – seriously guys. No we are just friends

Blake – guys give it a rest.

Adi – is there something wrong with Summer that you don’t want to date her?

Summer jumps up – that’s it, Adi lets go NOW. Girls I will see ye at home later. Boys I will talk to you later.

Summer looks at Blake and blushes, giving him a slight smile. He smiles right back at her.

Adi – what did I do?

Summer – you are here 5 minutes and you are already in protective brother mode.

Adi – yeah I have months to catch up on

Summer – I haven’t been up to anything since you were gone so there is nothing to catch up on.

Ruth – wellllll there was the guy from the weekend

Summer – shut up!

Adi – ok, we will be talking about that when we are alone, let’s go.

Adi picks Summer up and throws her over his shoulder causing whistles around the canteen. Her friends are all laughing but she notices that Blake isn’t joining in, he is looking a bit down, she thinks about asking him about it later but then realises it isn’t her place, he made that perfectly clear at the bar.

Blake – I don’t know if I can compete with Greg, they say they aren’t a couple but just looking at them makes me think otherwise. Her face lights up when he is around, I could never make her smile like that, I’ll just have to settle for being a friend. Maybe I’ll just head out tonight and pick up some random girl to get my mind off this.

Blake – anyone fancy heading out tonight, could do with letting off some steam?

Cain – What? You letting off steam means hooking up with a random, why would you be doing that?

Blake (feeling irritated) – well I’m single aren’t I? Don’t single guys get to hook up or do I just have to sit here watching ye all over each other. You know what, forget about it, I’m off. Chat to ye later.

Blake grabs his bag and storms away from the table, leaving his friends sitting there wondering what is going on with him
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