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a young high school boy accidentally texts a girl. what happens when they text? (i know this summary sucks but i want it to be a surprise) inspired by “Texting Him”

Humor / Romance
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chapter 1

??: hey can i barrow your car for a bit? i need it

??: no.

??: what why?!! u always let me use it!

??: hmm.... fine.

??: wait-

??: what am I waiting for?

??: fuck shit bitch wrong number. pls delete my number!!

??: hmmm... nah.


??: nope.

??: why?? I dont want an old man having my number!

??: I am no such thing.

??: how old are you then? 12?

??: 3

??: so you are 12.

??: nope.

??: 16?

??: correct!!

??: i dont belive you.

??: I’m 16. i swear!

??: are you a boy?

??: duh ofc!

??: so you’re a girl. nice. what’s your name?

??: idk.

??: ugh you’re so annoying

??: *read*

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