La Esmeralda of Paris

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A business executive comes to Paris for an important business meeting. While spending time in the city he gets seduced by a lady street vendor and she invites him to a funny sex game that having some strange rules of fun & troubles. He follows her by leaving all of his business and reaches her mansion, an ancient castle, staying there and getting ends up in the fun of the game.

Humor / Erotica
Sha K
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Chapter 1

Part 1

The Queen

A beautiful evening in Paris, I was in town for a meeting and went out to explore the heritage of Paris a bit. The paths of nostalgic beauty welcomed me pleasantly. Its enchanted tradition and cosmopolitan culture fascinated me much. In that fascination, I flew freely like a breeze along the colorful paths that singing the song of the renaissance. I heard the motivating voices of happiness from the cafes of gathering and the mind refreshing coolness of the charming street music.

While roaming in that happiness, I said to myself. ‘The mind will be waking up by the visions touching the heart and the new thoughts and ideologies are forming which making the revolution that civilizing life. What are the new thoughts that I get from these visions to make a revolution in my life..? Life is peaceful when happiness comes. It gets boring when happiness goes. Now I have peace by these motivating visions that energizing life.’

I moved along the paths of cultural diversity enjoying the romantic beauty of the city. Like a canvas of an artist, I could see the beauty of shining life, the true faces of sadness, the fascination of the lust, and the brightness of the dreaming eyes. All of these pictures were the different emotions of the lives that seek happiness and peace.

I passed the streets of rejoicing lives and the historical monuments that proclaiming the legacy of Paris. The beauty of the city filled in my eyes as a great poem with charming stories and epics. I crossed a bridge hearing the murmuring songs of the lovely Seine River. The city of love that lit up the evening looked beautiful. A breeze came with coolness to cheer up the people enjoying the evening. I continued walking along the busy riverbank where the people were happily spending time in their dreams.

Suddenly few raindrops came down. I glanced up. The scattered dark rain clouds seen in the sky seemed to be ready to shower rain. I kept walking along with the noisy Parisian fun. The walkways and lawns on the river bank were crowded with different communities of different lives, the silently sitting people in the loneliness, the colony of the artists performing the creative task, the lovers expressing passions, the relaxing senior citizens. Though everywhere life was beautiful, I could see some of the gloomy eyes showing sadness, an unemotional state of a darkened life. It seemed to me that the emotions seen in those eyes are the mourning of the life that couldn’t achieve its goals.

My mind whispered ‘Yeah, they are the unhappy souls. But, here they are getting consoled by the song of beautiful Seine.’

Suddenly, I stopped that walking in front of a street book vendor’s cabin found on the way. The vendor was a pretty woman, a teenager. Though I am not a reader, very seldom I read some sort of books, mainly science fiction and crime thrillers. But the reason that induced me to stop there was not the passion to buy a book. Conversely, it was the fascinating beauty of that pretty chick. She shined like a freshly bloomed flower in my view.

I greedily approached her intending to smell her fragrance.

My eyes thoroughly scrawled over her body from top to bottom. Its enchanting beauty captivated me quickly. I wished to nibble the nectar of that flower. The sweetness of her brightening cheeks like a soft rose petal and the laughing of her jiggling fleshy boobs made a wild romantic mood on me.

“Hello sir, how do you do? Do you need books?” She turned her face and smiled. Though she was a beauty, her voice like a rough male was not sweet.

She was eating a strawberry. One she offered to me. “Just taste it, it is fresh from my garden.”

“Oh, really? Thanks.” I tasted the strawberry. “Nice, sweetish.”

“More than me…?” She showed some funny gestures flailing eyes.

“You are a pretty flower.”

“Thanks for your compliment. What book do you need? Romance, thriller, sex…?” she came out from her tiny stall and reached by me. I smelled a lovely Parisian perfume from her beauty. My mind and cells woke up, energy flew through the veins. Cupid showered the flowers of love over me, the thoughts of the lust played thrilling rhythms in the mind.

“The Goddess of sex has appeared in front of me,” I said to myself enjoying her beauty without winking. “I hear the gospels of sin to become a pipit sucking the honey of this heavenly flower.”

“Sir…” Her call awakened me from the hot thoughts.

“Well, let me have a look.” Tasting the strawberry, I said and peeped at her fleshy melon.

“Which book? I have all sorts of books.” She showed me some books. While showing the books, she came closer and her fatty buttock covered by a reddish miniskirt touched exactly on my hand. I dabbed slightly there pretending innocent. A current of emotions rose on me like a tidal wave. I got excited and the principles of holiness gone away.

“This is the kiss of Satan to give some prophecies that awakening life,” I said myself. Since I arrived in Paris, I had been getting the nervousness by the smell of the lust that was following me. Now, a true Parisian chick has blessed me being the fascinating thrill of lust.

I was in the magnetic field of the lust that her beauty created around me and began to nibble its honey by touching and smelling her.

She noticed it and looked at me. “Yes sir, have you found anything for you.”

“Yeah, let me find something.”

“Something what, my cherry or the sweetie pomegranates?” Her gentle voice changed to a harsh tune. “Some fuckers think that the ladies are fools having no passions and sense. Maybe you want to kiss my ass rather than buying a fucking book? Right..?”

Unexpectedly that rude male voice came towards me like a bullet. Her beautiful eyes angrily opened.

I couldn’t react for a few seconds. I stood silently in front of her in a partially paralyzed state.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it? It happened unknowingly.” A trembling voice came from my mouth with a foolish smile and some gestures of eyes like a joker. I apologized for the nasty funs that I did secretly in her body.

“OK, I will take this book,” I said in a murmuring voice and hastily picked up a book, a history book of the American civil war. I didn’t mind it, whether it useful or useless? I was hurrying to leave the spot by shutting up that vampire’s mouth before she could make a scene.

By letting me suffer all the troubles, the fever of the lust that affected me had disappeared already somewhere.

“How much..?” I asked in a fearing voice. She watched my nervousness for a few moments with a funny look and then changed her expression to a beautiful smile.

“So don’t you want to taste my cherry?” She asked. Her eyes blinked romantically. “Where are you from?”

“I am from Chicago.”

“Oh…, Chicago..! An American dick, right?” She pleasantly smiled and gave her hand. “Mr. America, welcome to Paris, the city of love and lust.”

“Thanks.” I shook her hand, for me it was an action of ceasefire giving peace.

“Are you on a business trip or a fucking trip?”

“Of course, I am on a business trip.”

“Your name?”

“Logan Wallet and yours? I was getting little relief from my fear.

“You can call me La Esmeralda of Paris.” She laughed in her rough male voice. “Have you ever heard this name?”

“Yes, I have heard, this is a character in the novel by Victor Hugo.”

“Yes, right. She was the chick that seduced the entire Paris. I am the reincarnation of the La Esmeralda going to seduce entire dicks in this world. Don’t you feel that?”

I came out from my fear and smiled calmly. “Yeah, you are a pretty smart girl, lovely.”

“Funny guy, now you are in paradise on the earth. Enjoy the beauty of Paris. It is so sweet with the unique fragrance of heaven. Though if you are a businessman, don’t you want to see some sexy chicks, the Daffodils of the Paris?”

“No, I don’t think so. I am on an urgent business task.”

“Oh I see, you are here for the business..? Marvelous..! We all are doing business. This bloody fucking life itself is a business?” She showed a funny gesture on her face to insult me. “Every business is a kind of fucking deal, right?”

I simply shook my shoulder with a dry smile.

“Whatever it, doesn’t matter, do your business. But I believe you like me? Do you?”

“Yeah, you are a pretty woman.”

She removed her silk hat which was pinned with a fresh rose flower. Her shining dark hair charmingly fluttered in a whistling breeze. Like an angel, voluptuously she incarnated in front of me. I heard the song of spring and found the colorful beauty of the autumn foliage in her fascinating look.

“If you like me, let us make some fun, are you ready for that?”


“I invite you to my castle for a thrilling sex game.”

“Sex game?”

“Yes, a wonderful sex game. You can stay in the castle one night to play the game with me by nibbling my sweetness, the real sweetness of the lust that you have never experienced in your life.”

I was amazed at her offer and doubtfully looked at her. She simply smiled at my doubtful look and continued. “Yes, you can have it. I am not joking. I mean it. I am not a call girl selling lust for money. I like you and your innocent smartness. You are the charming guy whom every girl wants to invite to her bed. I believe you have an interest in me? As you are a strong Hercules, I want you to nibble my beauty which will give an enormous pleasure for both of us.”

I smiled again without saying anything. I was confused to decide whether to go with her or neglect her offer? As I was seduced by her killing beauty, I was not in a position to quit her simply. A passion for lust strangled me to change my mind.

’What I have to say? What I have to do?” I asked myself in that nervousness.

She is a rosy beauty. Though I am not a womanizer, I wish to smell that flower and nibble the sweetness. My mind burned senseless because she has seduced me that much in those few times.

While thinking to accept her offer, the mind gave me a warning about the call of lust. Maybe she is going to put me in a trap for a hidden agenda?

“Can I trust this Parisian chick?” I asked myself. “We don’t know each other and of course, she is not a call girl, yet she invites me to her bed? Then what I should do? Should I go with her? Or if I go with her, will it be a trap?” Several doubts formed in my mind and suffocated me.

“Your silence is your concurrence.” She said. “You are welcome to my castle, the castle of lust.” She gave me a beautiful smile. “Would you like to join? Give me an answer quickly. I have to do my business, customers are coming.”

“What is this game?”

“It is a lovely sex game named ‘The White Night of La Esmeralda’. In this game, Esmeralda will sing and dance for you in the white night having the pleasant smell of the lust in a beautiful castle which was the home of concubines of a king of France.” She stopped talking and looked at me. “Do you like to participate in such a royal game in an ancient castle having the great legacy of the French culture? It will be a royal treat for you.”

“Do I need to pay for it?”

“Of course you have to pay because there is nothing free in this world. Whatever the things that we use to live in this world, there is a value to pay, which we pay ourselves or somebody pays for us.”

“How much is the cost to participate in the game?”

“That cannot say now, because there are certain rules for this game need to keep very strictly? One of the rules is that all information and rules related to the game should reveal inside the castle only, it shouldn’t be revealed anywhere outside of the castle. So I can’t say anything related to the game now. To get it, you must come to the castle of lust. But I can say one thing that the rules for the game are very simple to keep, will not give any trouble to you. The games having rules will be more beautiful than those that do not have rules. Have you ever participated in any sex game?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Sex games are thrilling games, especially the games of the Parisian chicks which will give heavenly fun. Just participate in it and feel its magical beauty.”

I didn’t say anything, just watched her.

“OK, it seemed that you are not interested in it? If you don’t want to join, I am not forcing you. Don’t waste your time here. Go for your business, bye.” She waved her hand saying goodbye.

But the pressure given by Satan induced me to join the game. As there was not much time to think, I didn’t have a choice other than to give my concurrence. I thought that just spend tonight with her to know the fun & thrill of the sex game which I didn’t have experienced in my life.

“Yeah, maybe. I can spare one night for the game. It is not a big deal.” I replied like a fool.

“Ok, you are welcome to the game.” She gave her hand to shake hands and continued. “Now, being a player you need to know one important thing that in the game the participant, the player, will be considered as a slave of the queen who is the master and commander of the game. It is the duty of the slave is should obey the queen without any question. Whatever she says, the slave should fulfill it without any hesitation. If not so, the player will be out of the game.” She looked at me with a funny gesture. “You got it?”


“So just confirm your participation by taking an oath that ’I am ready to be a slave to participate in the game and being a slave of the queen, I will obey and carry out the orders of the queen without any question or hesitation.”

“Do I need to say this oath to join?”

“Yes, this is the rule of the game. Without taking the oath in front of the queen you can’t join.”

“Are you the queen?”

“Yes, I am the queen, the master, and commander of the game.”

I took the oath in front of the queen and entered the game.

“Ok, now you are in the game, it is your duty to obey the queen without opening your mouth. If you violate these rules, you are out. OK, dick?”

“OK.” The queen commenced the game with humiliation and torture which is the fun and thrill of the game..!

When she called me ‘the Dick’, I didn’t get amazed, now I am the slave to be humiliated and tortured by the master as she desired. She is the master and the slave..!

I heard a reply from my mind that, ‘Yes, you are a dick, a bloody dick that pledged its dignity for the bloody thrills of the lust, doesn’t deserve anything more than this.’

“You fool, don’t stand there like a funny statue. Just sit down here for a while to relax to get a charming mood to play the game, and then I will give you some funny jobs to serve your queen.” She laughed and gave me a chair to sit down.

With a half mind and a foolish smile, I sat on the chair. She made some funny expressions like a naughty kid. “Don’t worry baby, all of the orders by the queen are the funs of the game to enjoy it well.”

I didn’t say anything, because the mind was burning when I remembered the purpose of my visit to Paris. I am on a business trip to sign a contract, in this deal, there is no position for any kind of fun like lust and romance.

“You look so depressed. Are you not fully interested to participate in the game?” Her sound awakened me.

“Yeah, I am a little depressed because of the task assigned to me. I have an important meeting tomorrow to finalize a contract.”

“Fuck the bloody meeting.” She shouted. “We are suffering all of these struggles to live happily? So, first, be happy and then do the job. You can postpone the meeting, but this chance, the game, will not get again. Now, you decide what is your priority, fucking or meeting?”

She put me in a big trap, like a mousetrap with no way to get out.

“Do you have anything else other than this fucking business that turns you from it? I mean, fear, anxiety, trust, like that? You can trust me forever. I am a flower giving fragrance, not a vampire sucking blood.”

“No, no. It’s ok.” I tried to smile to convince her that I am ok.

“I know you are keen on me.” Her rude male voice came out. “But the decision is yours. If you are not fully ok, you can quit the game anytime and go for your business. This is only a game to give happiness that we seek always. Life itself is a bloody game, but the happiness getting from this game is like a flash of the lightning, just flashing and disappearing, right?”

“Yes.” I showed a gesture of fun.

“Ok, take your time. I will close my shop at sharp at 8 pm and we will go to the chamber of the lust for the great Pompeii erotic game.” Her fascinating eyes blinked lovely, which seduced me more and more to a crazy level. So I decided to stay one night with her by playing the game.

I stared at her doubtfully. By observing my facial expressions, she laughed vulgarly. “You seemed to be so curious, right, Ahu? Relax. If you are getting bored, you may help me in my business until I shut it down for the day.”

“Yeah sure. I will.” I shook my shoulder and got involved in her business as she directed.

She lit a cigarette and offered one to me also.

“No. thanks, I don’t smoke.”

“Don’t smoke? Oh, great! Will you drink?

“Yeah, sometimes only.”

“Very funny! A man of discipline! No smoking, no drinking, and no fucking business? So you the holy saint will be a strong stallion?”

I simply shook my shoulder.

“Great, then come on and help me in my business to deal with some bloody fuckers who don’t have any manners.”

“Yeah, I am happy to assist you. Just let me know, how I can help you.”

“The persons coming here to buy our products are the customers, and we the sellers are the bloody cheaters to cheat them. That is the basic principle of the business. Every business is a kind of cheating. You got what I mean? You are a business executive, so you should know the fundamental theory of the business? What is the fundamental theory of the business?”

“Market the business well and sell it?”

“Yes, marketing means cheating, fascinating customers with lies and fake promises, then selling. This is the process that what we call business, right?”


“In every deal, this is what happens. Why business is a kind of cheating, because, no customers are getting fully satisfied in any deal, no deals are fully trustable. This is the world of cheating. We live here to cheat and to be cheated. No holiness here, the so-called holiness is an illusion only.”

“You are a philosopher.”

“The tragedy and the troubles of this fucking life will make us a philosopher. So everyone is a philosopher here. If we think about the complicated life that we have been living, of course, we all will be thinkers finding the theories and ideologies of everything.”

One customer came and she asked me to deal with him.

I welcomed him in an executive manner and showed him some novels. He didn’t show any interest. Then she took an erotic novel and showed it. He bought the book and happily left.

Queen turned her face, without any mercy or manners she shouted to her salve.

“You sucker, need to understand the customer before presenting a business. Every man is a world of different ideologies and interests that fighting with other persons. God the Almighty has created this world with these types of funs, the different opinions and different tastes, to make our life complicated. That is why we are fighting, loving, cheating, etc., each other to fulfill our endless ambitions to possess a happy life. But in reality, we the fools are doing all of these things for nothing, because, in the end, we don’t get anything other than a coffin, right?”

“Yes, you are right, at the end, we are the owners of a coffin only.”

“That means all the troubles that we have been getting and doing is for this coffin?”

“Yes, we can say that.”

“So don’t think that life is a serious thing that needs to be cared for much by sacrificing our desires. It is only a game and we are the players in the game, only the players. If we realize this fact, there will be no pressure and trouble in our life and it will be peaceful. But rather than this, we the greedy creatures have been blindly running behind thousands of bloody stupid dreams to make an empire of happiness, but nothing happening. There is no such empire of happiness in this world. The more you run for happiness, the more problems keep coming. Happiness is like a lightning, just flashing and disappearing. So do we need to be more curious about life or just consider it a fun game?”

“Yes, though life is a game, need to play hard to win. Otherwise will be a loser.”

“While playing to win, need to remember one fact that everybody can’t be the winner in the game. Understand this fact and play. If so, you will be happy, or you will be a victim of life.”

“Yeah, let us play the game like that.”

“Like a poet lives in his dreams of illusion, live without fear. Life shouldn’t be a fear. If you can live without fear, you are the hero of life.”

I felt so, that principle is right. Fear is the enemy of life, it gives all the troubles.

Customers came and the business continued well in her fascination to cheat, which she called the business.

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