La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 10

I called God at those horrible moments, God replied with a laugh. I called Satan, Satan also did the same thing, laughed enjoying the fun.

I tried to speak something to my wife but could not speak a word, simply listened to her angry voice. Without talking much, soon, she disconnected the phone.

Being a loser, I sat down for a while. My mind started to laugh and said.

“Now the game that you have been playing has reached its climax. You won the game becoming a free man having nothing, no job, and no wife. Free from all the troubles, very well, enjoy the freedom, and explore the thrills of life.”

Being a mad man, I came back to my room. The sorrows and angry that affected me, exploded like a bomb. A thought of retaliation formed. My veins shivered in it.

“I want to kill that hooker the one who gave me all of these tragedies.” My roaring echoed horribly in the room.

I wished to cry to be relaxed. But couldn’t. Like a wandering soul that couldn’t get salvation, I simply roamed here and there in the mysteries of the castle.

Night came. I am the loser who had nothing to do other than getting the Vampire and do the retaliation. I wanted to finish the game immediately and seek my next destination. Now I am a man of nothing, no life, no hopes, living like a creature on a new planet of nothing. I need to find out a new life. The downfall of a great man has been completed. The dignity, relationship, trust everything has gone. Now I am more pathetic than a street beggar. I ran through the corridor with the madness formed from the disappointment to retaliate by sucking the blood of the vampire.

But the chamber of the queen was unknown for every slave who didn’t win the draw.

I asked about it to the servants found here and there. They didn’t mind me. I started searching everywhere, ran along the passages, ascended, and descended the steps, pushed on all doors seen in the paths. Nothing opened, continued the searching like an explorer, and passed many ways and spots, including the darkened and mysterious corner of the castle. In the silence of the castle, everywhere I heard the provoking laughing of the queen. At last, I reached the destination, the chamber of lust.

Found two guards in front of it. Without asking any question, I kicked them and entered the chamber, then closed the door.

As I dreamed earlier, the chamber was marvelous in the pleasant gloomy light of the chandeliers. I stepped into lovely gramophone music. A heavenly fragrance covered me like the moonlight.

The queen, the vampire, was lazily lying on the bed listening to the music. Wearing underwear the newly selected slave, the ambassador, seen beside her happily massaging her legs with essential oil.

“You bastard, get out here now or I will kill you,” I ran towards the ambassador and shouted. He escaped from the scene without cloth.

When the door opened, the guards came in.

The relaxing queen on the bed asked them to go out and she turned face to me.

“I am the queen of this castle, you are my slave. You came to my chamber by trespassing. It is a big mistake that cannot be tolerated. I will punish you.”

“You the dirty vampire destroyed my life. I want to suck your blood.” I jumped on to the bed.

She laughed and calmly said. “Cool down baby… cool down. We all want to suck other’s blood to survive. Life is like this, a kind of battle. It is not as holy as we think or learn.” Lying lazily on the bed she laughed in her male voice and continued. “Life is a fascinating story that inducing us to suck others’ blood. We the human believe its advice and following it blindly, but at last, getting cheated. Everybody living in this world cheats or getting cheated. Nobody can live here without cheating or not being cheated, because this bloody life itself is the business of cheating.”

“Shut up you bitch… Stop your preaching.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to eat you alive. By suffering all of these hells, I can’t simply leave you the bitch being a loser.”

“Baby, everybody is the winner and loser in this life or there is no winner or loser. It is a fact. We are coming to this world without bringing anything, like that, leaving without taking anything. All the glories & achievements that we possess in life are illusions for a short period. Like a burning flame, it will burn for a certain time with a glory of the brightness then getting down like a burning sun setting gloomy. One day, the light of glory being extinguished and the darkness of the mystery comes to swallow us. These are the thrills of life given by God. We the fools think that the brightening of the glory will be forever, but not. It is only a short bloody fascination inducing to live with pride.”

“This is my pride to perish you the vampire.”

“Then, come up and fulfill your ambition, don’t be a loser.”

She looked at my burning eyes and the wildly opened mouth, which didn’t make any feeling on her rather than fun to laugh. She laughed and enjoyed it well.

I stretched my hand to tear her black gown.

“Idiot dick, wait. An idiot is an idiot forever.” She got up and stood on the bed. “Poor dick.., let me bless you showing the illusion that has been seducing you.”

She took off her gown and lowered the panty.

The secret of the illusion unveiled there, which was an amazing sight…!

I looked horribly at that sight for a few seconds. The wonderful illusion that seduced many fools looked at me sympathetically.

“How is it…?” She asked and laughed showing her hanging penis..!

“You the bitch are the vampire of the hell.” I could say that much.

“Yes, I am. Come on baby, fulfill your dream. Don’t be a loser.” Her laughing echoed in the chamber.

‘You are not the only loser but also a pathetic fool too.’ I heard a whisper in my mind.

She danced on the bed. “I am the La Esmeralda having boobs and penis! Is that not fun for you the dick? Come on baby, let us play the game.”

I could not afford that horrible scene anymore. I ran out of her chamber like a mad man. The echo of her bloody laughing came behind me like a storm. Those were the real horrible moments that never had I experienced in my life.

“Hello, everybody, we have been cheated by this vampire.” While running along the corridor, I shouted. “This vampire is not a lady. She is a bloody lady-man. Don’t waste your time on this nasty fun. Get out of this castle of Satan. She is the daughter of Dracula who wants to suck our blood.”

Some slaves found in the corridor did not mind my statement.

“What are you the fuckers waiting for..?” I roared them. But nothing happened. Those creatures passed me silently without hearing my word.

“What a funny world is this…! Here, anything can be an ideology considered to be holy. Any fun can be a serious business. This stupidity is only happening in the world of the human being pretending themselves to be genius..!

I ran to the library and said it loudly. The slaves silently sitting there didn’t care about me.

“You the nasty dicks, waiting to play with a fancy dick? That vampire is not a lady. she is a man having boobs. You the idiots, spending money and time here, just go to the streets and fulfill your filthy ambition.”

I shouted, again and again, did not hear anything from anybody other than my shivering voice echoed in the mysterious darkness of the castle.

After a few moments, the armed guards came royally to conclude the game. They caught me and expelled me from the castle like a ball throwing.

The game, the White night of La Esmeralda ended up funny diverting my life to the other path.

I am the loser, the real hero who tried to explore the lust, came felled to a muddy path out of the castle compound.

The night covered my sorrows and screaming. Having nowhere to go, calmly I laid a few minutes on the path and observed the pleasantly blinking stars over me. I wished to be one of those stars having no desire to make life struggling and pathetic or reborn on another planet where life is simple by providing all the needs.

“Now the game is over, not only this game, the game that is the life also has been concluded.” I heard talking of my mind. “Where is your next destination? You don’t have a place to go, you don’t have a wife or lover to console, and a job to live or anything to survive? There is a place in Paris to go for a man like you, where you will get salvation and peace. Do you know where is that place?”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied to my mind. “Go to the top of the Eiffel tower and jump down. I can be a martyr for the lust.”

When I walked to my destination, one horsecart came and stopped beside me. Few beautiful chicks showed their happy face through the window of the cabin.

“Hi, dude, would you like to join us?”

“Who are you?”

“We are the concubines of Satan, the most delicious flowers of Paris. Would you like to see the illusion that you wished to see?”


“The nest of a woodpecker?”

When I heard that word, my eyes blinked happily, my soul woke up, my sorrows melted. “Yes, of course, I want to see that illusion, the bloody illusion that took my life.”

“Then come along with us. We will make a new life for you.”

“Who send you here, in this horrible night?”

“Satan, the real savior sent us to save you. God is cursing us, Satan is saving us.” They laughed.

“Yes, Satan is the real savior, God punishing and humiliating us.” I got in the cabin. The concubines of Satan covered me with the peace of the lust.

I laughed in that pleasure and said loudly.

“The lust is the holiness of life which gives calmness and happiness. The life that I had been leading was the foolishness of the goodness that squeezed me horribly with its ideology. It extinguished always my calmness by giving the heat of the pressure and trouble of goodness. Living horribly under the pressure of goodness is a pathetic life. Now, our savior, Satan has come to lead this chariot to the Garden of Eden. Let us hear the gospels of Satan which is the chant giving happiness. This happiness is the salvation that we seek ultimately.”

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