La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 2

My visit to Paris was intended to attend an important business meeting. I had a series of issues to negotiate before signing the contract of a multi-million dollar deal. The company assigned me to carry out this task and sent me to Paris for the meeting. But now, the thing has been changed. Forgetting this crucial task, now I have been negotiating with a chick to nibble the lust.

My burning mind asked me so many questions.

“My dear, what are you doing now? You are not on a pleasure trip. You are on a business mission to finalize a deal. And, what are you doing now? Preparing for tomorrow’s meeting? Analyzing the points to discuss? Finding tactics to achieve a better deal? Discussing the subject with the consultant or getting thrilled with a street chick by pledging your personality and position being a senior executive of an American company that has a yearly turnover of 400 million US dollars? Yes, that what you have been doing now, the senior executive of Berfin Associate, now assisting a footpath vendor, a nasty chick, selling used books on the street! For what you do this fun, to enjoy a street chick? What a funny lust is this? Are you mad to be a fool like this? You the rascal are forgetting the reality going to perish soon. Your family, your dignity, your profession, everything will be ruined by this fun ….!’

My thoughts grew up like that. I became distracted and made a sigh.

My mind struggled and asked me to quit the spot. But I couldn’t do that.

A force, the thrills that spread over the veins, stopped me. Unhelpfully I surrendered in front of it, the force of lust.

I realized I can’t escape from the magnetic field of the lust that she created around me. Now, I am bonded with her. My thrilling mind was anxiously waiting for those moments of the pleasure that she offered.

I became her servant and started to work for her as she directed. Some of the passing pedestrians interestingly watched that fun, the roadshow of an executive selling used books on the street. Their facial expressions revealed that they could see a fool on the street who is more pathetic than a beggar.

‘Yes, that is what I am now.’ I whispered. But the lust that motivated me neglected all of these thoughts and gave me more thrills of the game.

While spending time there, I notice her smartness to deal with customers. She was a cunning chick to catch customers. Observing the age and nature of the customer, she introduced the books on different subjects, mainly the books related to sex and nudity.

With a fascinating approach and gestures, she could attract customers quickly.

‘She is a good marketing genius.’ I said to myself. ‘She can sell anything including this planet also.’

A senior man came. She took one book for him.

“Sir, this is the book of Osho. Definitely you will like it, a book related to free sex.”

“Oh?” He smiled. “But sex is not my friend now. I am an old warrior having no ammunition to fire.”

“Then I will show the book of Turkish lust for those who want to sleep.” She picked up another book.

“Don’t you have anything other than sex and lust?” He asked.

“Yes sir, I have all sorts of books. But I want to make people happy. Sex is a pleasure that makes people happy. I am a Parisian. Paris is the home of fun and pleasure.” She smiled.

The old man showed no interest. Then she changed tactics and picked up an old magazine of nude chicks.

“This is an art of love. How is this?” She opened the magazine and showed some nude photos of the chicks of Paris. “These are the virgins of Paris.” She turned the pages and pointed one. “Look at this flower. Do you know who this is?”

He took the magazine from her hand and watched it. “This is you..?”

“Yes, I am. How is my cherry?” She showed her half nude photo.

I also watched it well. While watching, I found her fleshy fruits calling me wildly.

The old man watched it with full of enthusiasm, happiness shined on his face.

“It is pretty good.” He looked at her tits in the photo and peeped at her melons too.

“You like it?”

“Yes, everybody will like this.” He smiled.

“Take it, 20 Euro only.” She stretched her hand.

“Yeah, I like your photo, very charming look. But it is only half. Do you have full?” He smiled.

“Full? Yes, I have. But, if I show it, will your dick be able to make a salute of honor?” her male voice came out loudly.

“Sorry, I don’t mean that.” The old man feared and apologized.

“I don’t mean as well.” She smiled. “Please Pay 20 euros and take it.”

The old man immediately paid the money and left the spot.

“Oh my God,” She shouted. “What nasty creatures are these? Every male is roaming around the woman to eat her alive. All of these fuckers are thirsty to suck her blood, nobody is exempted from this wild hunt..! All the holy rascals including the genius, non-genius, teenager, youth, old, priest, philosopher, etc., etc… are greedily coming behind us to eat alive! Without any mercy, without any manners..! Oh my God, the lord of the universe, why did you create us with the beauty of lust? Now we are in trouble….! These nasty fuckers are not letting us live peacefully.”

The passing pedestrians noticed her statement to God and stared me. I showed them some funny gestures like a clown in the circus.

I am ashamed for serving that dirty chick who doesn’t have any manners or politeness. But I am the one who hears the call of her jiggling boobs was not able to get out of the trap.

“You dick, go and get me a coffee from the café over there.” The angry queen gave me an order to bring a coffee for her from the nearby café.

I looked at her because that voice irritated me. But, as per the game rule, I didn’t have the right to question or disobey the queen when she gives orders.

“Go and get it fast.” She shouted.

Silently I walked to the café to carry out the order.

“Are you going for a relaxing walk or doing a job? Idiot, come on quickly.” Her rude voice came behind me like a lashing.

I made a sigh, suffering the insult.

‘Do I need to suffer all of these shits to nibble this chick?’ Again I asked myself.

“Yes, you have to suffer it.” Replied by the devil lives inside me. “Because, you are on a game, the fun of Satan in which you have pledged yourself. You have to suffer more than this to taste her, you have to sacrifice all of your values to enjoy this fun, you have to wear the crown of thorns to kiss her melon and you have to carry the cross of torture to explore her valley of lust.”

That was the fact, that, I have to suffer all of her mockeries to be a player in the game.

When I think about all of these troubles, my mood reached its heights. I wished to take her into her tiny bookstall and eat alive. Like a hunting dog, wildly I ran to the café and brought the coffee quickly to make her happy.

While drinking the coffee she asked me. “Don’t you want to drink coffee?”

“No, not now. Thank you”

“Ok, then eat something. I can offer you a delicious thing?”

“What?” Anxiously I asked.

“My lovely lips, that having the delicious taste of the lust. It is so sweet like a date.”

“Yeah, I am the hound waiting for that.” Silently I said.

That time a customer came and asked for a book. I gave it quickly.

He looked at the book and became angry. He snarled at me.

“Dude, this is a book of pregnancy. I asked you a novel, The dirty nights, don’t you have this?” unhappily he put the book down.

“Yes sir, we have.” She quickly gave the book and shouted to me in front of him. “Idiot, you the dick don’t know anything other than fucking. First, listen to the customer clearly and patiently before you act.”

I made a deep breath of distraction and closed my eyes for a few moments to be relaxed.

I said myself, ‘I am the gentleman, the manager and the commander directing 165 staff of a world-leading company is enjoying the nasty insult of a street chick in Paris. For what I have been suffering all of these renunciations?’

I didn’t have the answer other than the fascinating smell of a filthy street girl.

‘This is a bloody game to lose everything.’ My mind whispered. ’I will perish in this gambling. While I was thinking and searching for a way to escape, her cold and soft hand touched my neck like a lover.

“Don’t worry. It is not an insult. It is part of the game. In the game, you are a slave serving the queen of lust. I am the queen.” She paused for a while and showed some funny gestures by face and continued. “Becoming a slave in the sex game is fun, you know that? When you become a sex slave by suffering all mockeries and insults from the chick whom you serving, you will get an enormous pleasure which you will not get from the bloody silent sex taking place in the hut of the darkness. Being your queen, I will let you know that heavenly pleasure of the lust by my voice and actions.”

“I don’t want to be a slave for a bloody sex game.”

“Baby, this is the strict rule of the game. You are the slave serving the queen unconditionally, not a holy Papa to be honored. If you don’t want to play, then you can quit and go somewhere to fulfill your desire. You can find street hookers selling lust. Go and fuck them. This is a game, so the approach will be different. I am not a call girl making you happy as you direct. For me, sex is an art need to study and explore deeply. I have been doing this study by observing all aspects of this emotion which makes people happy, sad, and mad. I will treat you in different ways, soft & hard to let you know the real beauty of the wild lust.”

She cleared the subject that I am a sex slave in the game need to suffer anything as she decides.

“Is that clear? In the game, you should be ready to take my orders which will be anything? Just hear it and obey. That’s all. I am your queen, and you are the slave serving me.”

Her theory about becoming a slave in a sex game stimulated me and it seemed to be funny. So I forgot everything and tried to understand my position in the game and became ready to play.

I considered her as my queen, the queen of lust.

I looked at the watch; the time was getting 7 PM. Still, one more hour remains to go to her castle for the game of ‘The white night of La Esmeralda’.

She started the game by ordering to do some special jobs like, cleaning books & cabin, calling and showing books to customers, arranging books well in the stall, etc.,

I am the serving slave obeyed her orders and commenced the job. I cleaned her stall, wiped out the dust on the books, and arranged it well with the thrill of the game. Like a servant, I did it very well and realized that I can be a good cleaner too in addition to an executive. When she received a few calls on her phone, she asked me to answer as she directed. So I could know her name is Amelia.

“Amelia, a beautiful name,” I told her.

“Shut up you dick. Since you are my slave, you don’t have the right to call my name. In the game, you call me, La Esmeralda; I am the La Esmeralda of Paris, right?”

“Yes, the Goddess of sedation.”

“Sedation is an art of love. This is the only art that can conquer everybody’s mind instantly; no other art can do this process this much quicker. Fascinating by sedation is great art. Its glorious performance we can find in the mythologies of various cultures and in the damn history of mankind too. Do you believe in its power?”

I smiled and said to myself ’Yes, I believe because I am the victim is the proof of its power.

“Eyes are the tool using mainly in this art. Some eyes have the special power to conquer anything; even a country can be conquered by a few looks, it can create war and peace, the story of the Helen of Sparta which led to the Trojan War is an example.”

She continued talking covering the topic widely by mentioning the stories of the great sedations that happened in history and epics.

“You will have a special job tonight.” Later she told.

“Yeah, what is that?”

“Cleaning my chamber, the chamber of lust. Since the last two years, it hadn’t cleaned well, millions of the molecules of love and lust staying happily there.”

That time my mobile rang. I took it from the inner pocket of my overcoat.

That call was from my wife.

“Who is that?” She asked.

“My wife.”

“Don’t answer it.” She ordered.

“I have to answer it. This might be the call of something urgent.”

“You dick, can’t you obey my order?” She snatched my phone and turned it off.

“I can’t do that,” I shouted back at her.

“You can’t do that?” She opened her mouth like a lion. “Then go away. Don’t wait for me or do you want to fuck me? If so, obey me. You are the slave in the game need to obey my orders. Go and sit there.” That was an executive order.

“OK, just obey her,” I said to myself and sat. “I have suffered a lot for those moments of enormous pleasure. Now, in the end, I don’t want to be a loser.” So, I confirmed that I am her slave to carry out her orders.

Calmly I sat on the chair and tried to forget about the call of my wife, about the mission that brought me to Paris, and everything except that nasty chick.

Her business went well. Few more customers came. She showed her seducing face and tune to grab their attention. She could trap a few of them. I merely watched her skill to find out potential customers.

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