La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 3

While she counting the currencies I thought that she is a pretty chick having the fascinating skill to sell anything. Her lovely smile, her seducing voice, her commanding power, everything is good to fulfill a business mission. Shall I give an offer her to join my company? Will she accept it?

She watched me and realized that I am sitting with some thoughts.

“You the dick sitting like a poet? What are you doing, dreaming? Come up and help me to get some customers.” She shouted like a boss.

“This is an untamed wild bird,” I said myself and got up from the chair.

“Open up your fucking mouth and call the passing idiot fuckers those who don’t know what is the real love other than doing sex like the beast.”

That was the order of the queen should be obeyed without any question.

I am the slave, entered the arena of the coliseum being a gladiator to fight. I forgot about myself, my profession, my status, everything and I became a perfect slave to carry out the task. I performed the job of a street vendor by calling people and showing books. She gave me an erotic novel having the cover of a nude lady. “Show this to the passing fancy nuts. Those who have potency will show some interest.”

I commenced my performance like a circus joker, showing the book.

“Hello sir, please come, have look. This is a bestseller, a fantastic novel.”

My performance was not good enough to catch the attention of the people. Very humbly I showed my face to the passing people. Nobody showed interest. Somebody smiled and somebody stared angrily.

“Stop these gospels. You the fancy dick, don’t know the tactics of business?” Queen reacted horribly. “What business executive are you? Who assigned you to do business? Dick, this is the street, here the things are entirely different, the diplomatic way that you have been doing in your executive chamber is not suitable to deal with the fuckers roaming on the streets. The street is like an untamed animal that needs special tactics. Diplomatic ways of cheating are not suitable here. To do business on the street, you should be a hound of no mercy. Unless you possess a wild mind, you can’t do business on the street. It has its customs and tactics that you need to understand. When a crowd flows in front of you, you can’t catch them by showing a foolish smile or with the gospels of holiness. This is a mighty current that needs a strong intervention, which means fascinating words. When you try to sell something, don’t use the word, ‘Please’. It is a useless word in business dealings. Here, we are not offering any gospel books for free. We are selling the products to take the money of the people. So be a businessman with enough tricks to catch the customers cunningly, then only the customers will notice you. And let them be happy by attractive words such as hot deals, best deals, free, discounts, etc., and fascinate them gently like a chick offering love. No business can run with mercy, because in business there is no position for mercy. Business is a kind of war that needs the best tactics and quick action with strong willpower. A businessman must be a warrior prepared to fight. He shouldn’t be a shepherd of mercy or sympathy.”

I know things about business better than this chick. But I kept quiet because I am the slave serving her unconditionally.

As she directed, I fully turned myself into a street vendor’s role and opened my mouth loudly proclaiming the offers, showed the books of sex and lust, made funny performances like Charlie Chaplin to grab the attention of the customers. People watched and enjoyed it well, many came. I got motivated by their encouraging presence and became a street joker of fantastic fun.

Some flashes came from cameras and mobile phones towards my performance.

That melodrama took place on the street celebrated well by the passing pedestrians.

By that charming performance, I could sell a few books, which made the queen happy.

Finally, I heard the eight rings from a nearby clock tower along with the church bells from Notre-Dame Cathedral.

I took a deep breath and said to myself. “The time is 8 Pm now. For the last four hours, I had been suffering this bitch horribly on this street. Now, the time has come to be happy. Come on baby. Let’s go to the chamber of lust.”

“Today I could sell 110 books for 426 Euros.” While getting ready to close, she said. “You sold eleven books for 35 Euros. How is that, pretty good?”

“Yes, pretty good.”

“Now you have learned a good lesson from me about doing business, which is, doing business should be like a hound chasing its prey without any mercy or sympathy. Because it is a hunt, getting prey quickly and without any difficulties are the goals need to fulfill on this task.”

“Sure, I will follow your advice.”

“Ok. Then let’s shut down the business for today and commence the game.”

I helped her to shift books from the outer table to the inside stall. But some books she did not keep there. She put it in a trolley bag.

“These are the newly released best sellers of high demand. I cannot dump them in this filthy fucking chamber.”

After shutting down the shop, she gave her another job or an item in the game, carrying her trolley bag.

“You carry the trolley and come with me?”

“Yes.” The slave answered respectfully.

The trolley filled with books was heavy, seemed to be more than twenty-five Kg weight.

I dragged the trolley bag through the streets and followed the queen.

“Idiot, don’t destroy my trolley by dragging through this nasty streets.” She made a noise. “Put it on your shoulder or head and bring it gently.”

I put it on the head, which was the easiest way to carry it. As I was in the thrill of the game, I didn’t feel any difficulty or shame to follow her carrying the trolley on the head like a porter.

“Baby, come quickly, quickly.” While walking quickly queen shouted at me without any mercy. She was not walking. It was a quick walk like a marathon walk. For me, this pride gave much difficulty to follow her tightly by carrying a heavy trolley on the head. But there was nothing to do in that unconditional game other than obeying the queen silently..!

I ran behind the queen like a servant. I didn’t know anything about either the noise of the street fun or the romantic song of the night. My mind was in the chamber of lust playing the erotic game with the queen.

In that walk, there was another trouble, the steps seen on the ways. Climbing up and stepping down the steps gave me a great job. I slipped from the steps a few times but could manage, didn’t fell anywhere.

Queen laughed and shouted in that fun. “Idiot, are you blind? Don’t you have enough stamina to walk..? Then how you will do a bloody fuck..?”

“Shut up you bitch, I will let you feel it, you are going to do a bloody pole dance to today. I will plough your field wildly.” I said silently.

The people on the way enjoyed the performance of the queen. Again camera flashes came from some directions. Somebody shoot these scenes artfully.

Though the hardship of the run did not bother me. But, that camera flashes reminded me of a possible threat, an online tragedy..!

If these scenes come online and go viral celebrating widely, then I will the hero wearing the crown of thorn, like Jesus.

A horrible tempest roared in my mind, fire spread over the thoughts. If such a thing happens, that will be the day I am entering hell..!

if this online tragedy takes place as I predicted, definitely, my wife and boss will see it and I will be honored well.

What will be the feedback..? My nervousness asked.

“You will be the Pope of the fools.” My mind replied.

These photos and videos will run on all social media sites like a hit movie by possessing marvelous comments and lots of likes and I will become a hero, the hero of lust..!

“May God save me from that dark martyrdom?” I prayed.

The busy streets of flowing lives seemed to be laughing at me. My feared eyes searched for the cameras shooting my funny faith. But nothing was found anywhere. These streets know that I am one of the fools who blindly seek the unknown oasis of pleasure and run through the wild paths of sin.

As a cross country race, quickly we passed the different paths of the city. The silent dark corridors of the dons and conspirators, the shining streets of the erotic funs, the noisy markets that do not sleep, and the secluded walkways of tweeting birds, welcomed us funny. The sculptures are seen in the light and darkness also watched that funny run of a fool.

I didn’t mind anything other than the thrill that induced me to find out the home of the lust.

“Where are we heading to?” I asked her.

“Shut up you dick, follow me with no questions.” Without turning face the queen said it. That was a warning for me to follow her silently.

While continuing that run I tried to make a beautiful dream about those moments in the castle of lust. Some fantasy pictures came to my mind and dragged me to the dream.

An old beautiful castle in a royal garden appeared in the dream.

We entered the castle compound in a horse-cart. The courtyard around the castle was big with a beautiful garden having fountains and sculptures. The tweets and singing of the birds are frequently heard there. I could smell the fragrance of lilac flowers and rose. The quietness seen in the garden wiped out all of my anxiousness. We entered the castle, the home of the lust. The interior filled with gloomy flames of candles welcomed us. I found the marvelous faces of the French aristocracy there. The painting on the wall showed the beauty of some cultural legacy. She led me to her chamber located upstairs. Opened the door of the misty chamber where the royal chandelier was showering the golden beams to the queen’s bed. She took off her clothes in the brightness of the chandelier beams.

“Welcome to the game.” She said and kneeled on the bed. “Watch the illusion that you seek. How is my nest, the nest of a woodpecker?” She asked.

I stared at the sight and said “Yeah, beautiful. It is exactly like a nest of a woodpecker.”

While enjoying the dream, I heard the horn of a vehicle. I woke up from the dream and jumped off the road. One car driver shouted at me.

“You dirty dick, are you dreaming on the road?” Angrily queen turned her face.

I didn’t comment, just silently followed her.

Finally, that run ended up in an empty metro station. No passengers were seen there.

“Where are we heading to?” I asked again.

“As I said earlier, shut up and follow me or go away with your dick.”

I took a deep breath to relax. I didn’t have anything to do other than getting silent, because I am the slave who should carry out all of the orders given by the queen, the majesty.

‘Of course, I don’t have another choice. Just suffer slavery until I successfully conclude the game.’ I consoled myself.

The station was empty. After a few minutes, a train came. We got no train. A group of eight men in uniform was in the compartment, nobody else. The train moved along its dark path like a fluttering wind.

I was not allowed to talk to her or anybody else. I am the slave under the detention of the queen, silently sat on a seat. Do I need to suffer all of these humiliations for a few moments of pleasure? Again and again, I asked these questions.

I looked at the Queen. Her vigilant eyes were monitoring me. I realized one thing from that experience that lust is a priceless and endless emotion. It is too powerful to seduce anybody. It can create war, peace & ideologies. Like that, the people serving the lust are ready to sacrifice for it. They are running behind it to be blessed. They are jumping from continent to continent for this pleasure. They are spending huge money to serve it. Yet, the lust doesn’t have any mercy on them. It would torture them. Perishing and humiliating, giving all the troubles. What a tragedy is this..!

Why I came to Paris, to enjoy the fun of a dark lust or for a business? It is very pathetic….! So, who I am, a senseless idiot, or an innocent victim of the lust?

Better don’t think further about this tragedy. Just think about her valley of lilies. Otherwise, I will get mad. I closed my eyes and listen to the rhythmic running of the train.

Like a roaring tempest, the train rushed ahead through its mysterious murky tunnels. Where are we heading to? I don’t know much about Paris Metro. It is the second busiest metro in Europe after the Moscow Metro. So, of course, this journey will end up anywhere in its 300 stations.

While passing, the light of the lonely underground stations on the way have been flashed like lightning. Finally, after an hour’s silent journey, she got up and asked me to be ready to get out at the next stop.

Suddenly the light of a station flashed. The train entered the light and stopped. Queen stepped out, behind her, me and the 8 men group too. The Platform was empty. No passengers were found anywhere. She walked towards the escalator. I followed her.

As I found in the dream, Outside of the station, there was a horse-cart waiting for the queen. The cart-man, wearing the costume of the 19th century, jumped off the cart and saluted her. He opened the door of the wagon. We got on the cart which looked like a royal wagon. The lovely scent of lavender smelled inside the beautifully decorated cart. As soon as we got on the cart, I heard the sound of lashing. Horses snarled and rushed to the darkness. The eight men gang followed us in a van.

What is happening here? As I am not permitted to ask a question, I asked myself. Riding in a horsecart in a secluded land at the night is not fancy fun. Like a journey to the Dracula castle, it shows some mysterious strangeness, or is she a royal family member following some strict family customs? No. there is no possibility for that. A girl selling used books on the street will not be a royal family member. Then what? Maybe she is a gypsy, a real roaming La Esmeralda?

Like a wax statue, the queen sat silently against me without showing any expressions or movements. Our cart advanced quickly to its destination. I looked at my watch. The time was nearly 9 PM. In the outer sights, the mystery of darkness stared at me. That journey continued through the secluded land having no lights. The brightening face of the bloomed sky appeared sometimes. Like a hero in a fairy tale, I enjoyed that journey heading to see the wonders of the magical castle.

‘Are we heading to an isolated Dracula castle?’ I asked myself. As I was not permitted to ask anything, there was no way to get an answer to my question. The sighs of fear and nervousness came again and again.

Suddenly something flashed in my memory. Where is my phone? My boss may have called to know the progress of the meeting. My wife may have called several times to know about my current status. But I am out of their reach now. I don’t have my phone in my hand. It is under the custody of the Queen as a pledge for the game and she has been turned it off. So, I am not going to be contacted by anybody until she grants permission to use the phone.

I will be out of the scene until the game is over. What a fucking fun! I am going to be a martyr for the lust that made me mad.

The rough voice of the running horse cart woke me up from my thoughts. I smelled the blooming flowers of the spring from the path. The cart seemed to be heading to infinity.

After a half-hour journey, the cart reached its destination. Light appeared. A big gate passed and entered into a compound of an old castle. Though it was night, some parts of that old castle were visible partially in the blinking gloomy lights which seen here and there. The rest of the portion was hiding in the blanket of the darkness by giving a mysterious look.

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