La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 4

Part 2

The castle of Lust

Our horse-cart stopped in front of the main door of the castle, horseman jumped out and opened the cabin’s door. The queen stepped out, I accompanied her. The old castle seemed to be the home of a glorious legacy, stared at me silently.

That big wooden door opened and uniformed servants welcomed us.

We entered the castle. Though the outer view of the castle was unfair, the interior was so marvelous with artistic decoration, the furniture, lightings, portraits, curtains, uniformed staff, and all other setup gave a royal look to the castle.

I was amazed by its view, which was exactly as I seen in my dream. “Yes, this is the mansion of lust,” I said to myself. “I will explore the beauty of lust here.”

“Follow me,” Queen ordered. The pride of that voice heavily echoed in the hall.

I obeyed the queen and followed her by pulling the trolley. We passed the beautifully decorated halls and corridors that were illuminated by lovely chandeliers and candle flames.

She led me to the third floor. I run along the stairs by carrying the trolley on my shoulder. I did not feel any difficulty carrying the heavy trolley to the upper floor. The thrills of the romantic night that I imagined, gave me more energy physically and mentally to move forward quickly.

I hoped that I am going to enter her royal chamber for the game of the White night of La Esmeralda.

While walking on the steps, I imagined the colorful beauty of the scene again.

Queen opens the chamber of lust having the heavenly fragrance. I enter with the queen. The royal bed of the queen which shining in the golden light of the chandelier welcomes me along with the coolness of the chamber music from a gramophone, The queen getting ready for the game and stripping, she jumps to bed kneeling in the gloomy light of the chandelier.

I watch the scene of illusion, the nest of a woodpecker.

‘Ah… marvelous…!’ I whispered.

“Dick, come on quickly.” In the dream, I heard the commanding voice of the queen from upstairs.

I am the slave, ran through the marble steps by carrying the trolley. For me, it was a run to the battlefield.

That running ended up on the third floor.

She was waiting for me in front of the room. By running and gasping I reached there.

She opened the door. That was a big library hall filled with many bookshelves. In the quiet silence of the hall, I found some men there, they were reading books. They stared at me with an uninteresting look.

“Come in.” Her voice echoed in the hall. I entered the room.

“Keep the trolley here.” She said. “This is my library. If you wish, you can come here and spend time with books. I have a lot of collections.”

“This is a royal chick.” While watching the library amazingly my mind whispered. “She is a legendary chick living in a castle with royal facilities! If this hall is her library, then, how would be her bedroom, the chamber of lust?” I tried to imagine that royal bedroom in which the erotic poems are being created.

“I will show you my collections. Come with me.” Her male voice called me back from the dream.

“Sure, I am happy to see that.” I followed her through the gap of the book racks.

She showed me her book collections. While watching it, I could find a few more people in the hall. They were sitting and standing beside the racks by reading books. I looked at them, somebody turned their face, others didn’t mind. The people have seen in the hall, youngsters and senior citizens, were silent. They seemed to be performing a meditation of silence. No talking, no laughing, even no murmuring..!

I smiled at them and asked a few questions. But, nobody gives any reaction or any word as a reply.

That strange thing amazed me. Nobody saying anything! Why?

“Why everybody keeps silent? Are they practicing any meditation which needs much concentration?” doubtfully I asked her.

“These people are slaves like you. They will not speak to you, because this is one of the rules of this game, Keep silent always. The participant in the game will not have permission to talk to other participants. They can only talk to me or the servants in the castle.”

“So all of these saints are the participants of the game?” Anxiously I asked.

“Yes, they are the bloody slaves of the game like you.”

I made a sigh of distraction. I felt that things are not going as I thought. This is a bloody game of trap..!

“So…what all of these..?”

She didn’t allow me to continue.

“Wait you the dick. Be patient, don’t trespass. I will explain everything. Come with me.”

We came out of the library. While walking along the corridor she said.

“As I told you earlier, this game has some rules. The participants in the game should keep the rules very strictly or they will be out. That is why they are not speaking to you. Like that, you are also not permitted to talk to them or anybody except the servants and me. Those who are staying here being the participants in the game need to comply with the rules strictly. If anyone violet the rules, the next moment, he will be kicked out from the castle without any questions.”

“So, there are many players in the game?”

“Shut up and listen to me. I told you very clearly that if you participate in the game, you will be a slave who has no right to questioning me. You just listen to me and obey. That’s all.”

As she closed my mouth, I became silent with much nervousness.

“Though I am a slave, I have some right,” I said without caring her warning.

“You fucker doesn’t have any right in this game. If you think that you have some right, then, get out from here without opening your mouth.”

“Of course, I have the right to know about the game, because I am a participant in the game.”

“That is what I am going to explain to you, be patient, and listen to me.”

“While you stay in the castle, you can spend time with books. It will be good entertainment to relax well.”

“No, I don’t want to stay here. I have an important meeting tomorrow. I need to return tonight to my hotel.”

“If you are lucky, happily you can return tonight. Otherwise, either you need to stay or you will go as a loser.”

“Sorry. I didn’t get it. What do you mean?”

“Be patient. You will be explained everything that you need to know about the game.”

Anxiousness strung me well. She took me to another room like an office.

While sitting there, she explained the things related to the game.

“Let me explain to you the rules first. As you have seen, many participants are staying here with the ambition to come to the chamber of the lust for the game. But this is a game, so everybody can’t be the winner, only one can achieve it. The rest needs to play again. And how a person becoming the winner..? It is not determining by the skill of the player, it is only by the luck, which means the winner of the game will be selected by a draw.”

“A draw…? What hell is that?”

“Again, just listen to me, don’t ask any question. Let me continue the explanation about the rules of the game. The following are the rules.

1)You are not permitted to talk to anybody who stays here as a participant of the game like you, I mean the slaves. You are only allowed to talk to me and the servants of this castle. There are several monitoring cameras here to closely monitor the slaves.

2)Nobody permitted here to use a mobile phone. We will keep everybody’s phone with us until the game is finished. During this period the mobile phones will be turned off. But participants can call anywhere using our facility by paying. This facility, named ‘The cabin of lies’ is located on the ground floor.

3)When you make a telephone call to anyone, you are not permitted to speak anything about me, about the game, or this castle. All outgoing calls will be monitored. If anyone violet the rule, the next moment he will be expelled from the castle.

4)The next rule is that you are in a queue like other participants to get your term to enter the game, which means, entering the chamber of lust. The persons whom you met in the library are the slaves waiting for their term. Each of them came here with the ambition to play the game. The current number of those persons staying here is 20, including you. Patiently, silently, they are waiting for their term to come to the chamber of lust. So, like others, you have to wait for your term to play the game.”

“Waiting? I became anxious. “Waiting for what?

“Shut up you Dick, listen to me.” She shouted. “All of the slaves who entered the game need to wait for their term, how long they have to wait? The answer is until their term comes by a draw. Some of them are waiting here for a few days, somebody waiting for a month, somebody two months, somebody four months and more. But, patiently they are waiting for their term without any stress. They are not worried about anything other than fulfilling their goal, playing the game. And of course, Most of them are VIPs; you can find writers, executives, billionaires, ambassadors, CEOs, Ministers, philosophers among them. Like them, those waiting for their term, you should wait till comes your term.”

“What are they waiting for, what term?”

“You the slave have no right to ask questions. Do you want me to say this again and again?” She shouted like a barking dog and continued. “The term means the chance to come to the chamber of lust for the game, which will be decided by a draw once in a month. Got it?”

“No, I didn’t get it.”

“Every month, when I am having my period, I mean the menses. I will select one slave from this waiting row to come to my chamber by a draw. The slave who wins the draw will get the chance to stay with me for three days in the chamber of lust for the game. During that time he will play the secret game The White Night of La Esmeralda with me. But, every month only one will get this chance by the draw. Others need to wait for the next draw taking place in the next month, I mean when I am having my next period. So this is the main rule of the game that you need to understand. If you are ready to accept it, you can be a participant or just leave silently. The main thing is you should strictly keep all of the laws and be patient until your term comes by the draw. Nobody can predict when your term will be coming, maybe soon or later. It depends on your luck.”

“How many days I have to wait for this bloody draw?”

“Every month one draw will be taking place and one will get the chance to play. The others need to wait for the next month for the next draw. Based on the draw, the winner will be coming in and the loser will be waiting outside for the next month. This process will continue. So if you are so lucky, you will win the next draw. The next draw will be within one or two days when I am getting my period. It will happen probably today or tomorrow. Then the draw will be conducted. If you win the draw, you can play the game soon. If you don’t win, you have to wait for next month’s draw to check your luck. I hope you got the rules well?”

“Why don’t you tell me about these stupid rules before I come here?” Angrily I asked.

“I told you very clearly that the rules of the game are the secret of the game, which cannot reveal outside of its arena, the castle of lust. Hence, these rules will be informed in the castle only. But don’t worry, if you are not willing to take it, you can go back anytime. I will arrange a car for you to reach the railway station.”

“What a nasty tragedy is this?” I said to myself. “It is not funny and as easy as I thought. This bitch is a trap to perish me. I have to wait here for days or weeks sometimes months to play this fucking game. What a wonderful game is this! What I have to do? Quit immediately and go back or be a slave and live here patiently like the other idiots doing?”

“What do you say?” She asked.

“Do I need to wait this much time for a bloody fun? I mean days, weeks, or months?”

“Yes, of course. This is the rule that will be subjected to all participants of the game. So you should obey the rules to be a participant in the game.”

“Be a participant by suffering all of these hells?”

“Yes, if you want to achieve a great privilege, sometimes you should suffer some difficulties.”

“What is that great privilege? Doing sex with a footpath bookseller? That wouldn’t be a privilege for me?”

“Doesn’t matter, whether she is a street vendor or an executive of a governing body of a country, just consider her value. Doing sex with the daughter of the former president of France is not a privilege for you? If not, you can leave the game.

As I was totally confused, I kept silent.

“Don’t you like to kiss this rosebud? Don’t you have any passion to nibble my cherry? Look at others. They are willing to wait for weeks and months to gain these prestigious moments, doing sex with the President’s daughter is a great thrill and an achievement of great honor for them. That is why they are patiently waiting here. Don’t you feel that it would a great thing for you?”

I didn’t comment. I was burning in my hot thoughts.

“If you think it is not a great deal, you may go now, don’t waste your time here. Just go to the street and find out some filthy bitch having the rotten smell of the street lust.”

Immediately I couldn’t say anything. She continued the explanation.

“Let me continue, the other about the rules which you need to keep…,

5)You are not permitted to go out of this compound until you finish the game.

6)You will get five-star facilities here, room to stay with service, delicious food, library, garden, golf, cinema, tennis, billiard, swimming pool, and many more facilities. For those facilities and your stay, you have to pay per day 500 Euros here. This money you have to pay every day morning before 9 AM. If you are not able to pay it in time, you will be expelled from the castle.”

“Daily 500 fucking Euros I have to spend on this nasty game…? That will be the more thrilling fun!” I whispered. I was getting mad. She continued her speech.

“As I said, you are not permitted to go out of the compound of this castle. Once you go out, you will not get access to the castle again. So be vigilant.”

“That means I am in detention now?”

“Yes, as per the game, you are under the detention of the game. But you will not feel any boring here. You will have lots of entertainment here which will keep you happy. Keep in mind that does not violate any of these rules as long as you stay here or you will go out as a loser. To stay here, you are spending big money, suffering lots of troubles and finally, you shouldn’t be a loser.”

“What a horrible fate is this? I will be the martyr of this fucking game.” I said to myself.

“These are the rules of the game that you must have to comply or you can’t be a player in the game. Ok, dick? Is it clear?”

“Yeah,” I confirmed.

“So, what is your decision, continuing the game or leaving? I need your confirmation now.”

“Yes, maybe I can stay here for the next draw.” By looking at her melon, I said it automatically. My plan was just to stay there for one or two days till the next draw taking place which will be within one or two days, as the queen said. So there is a chance to check the luck soon. But I need three days minimum for this bloody game. How to gain three days from this blood, busy business deal that assigned by my company..?

Quickly I got an idea, a colorful lie..! Just create a convincible story of a tragedy and present it with a sentimental tune to capture the sympathy of my boss. If it works well, then permission to postpone the meeting for three days will be granted.

“So what is your decision, continue or quit?” She asked.

“Yes, till the next draw.”

“Ok, welcome, wishing you all the best in the game.” Queen laughed horribly as a warning of the coming tragedy.

“To stay here, I need dresses and other supplies for my daily needs.”

“There is a shop on the ground floor supplying everything including dress, groceries, medicine & cosmetics, etc., you can buy your stuff from there.”

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