La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 5

After giving the rules of the game and confirming my participation, the queen left.

The manager and two staff of the castle came to me for the next procedure. They took my details & payment. I paid 500 Euros for the current day by credit card. A lady from housekeeping took me to my room on the same floor.

The room was like an executive suite of a five-star hotel with all amenities including a minibar filled with drinks and chocolates. After a relaxing drink and shower, I came out. An old elevator making a sobbing sound took me down.

I went to the shop for supplies and made small shopping that required for my stay and moved to the food court located on the same floor.

The food court located on the ground floor looked like a beautifully arranged and decorated banquet hall of a royal court. Several food trays of delicious foods had been put up in the hall. Sweet music grabbed my mind. I found some of the slaves silently enjoying their food in the hall without any expressions or talking to each other.

“What pretty fools are these, including me! The senseless rascals who became devoted slaves for the lust, the wildness of the human being..!” I said to myself.

One fatty butler came to my table and welcomed me in French.

“Can you speak English?” I asked him.

“Of course, I can. We are serving here people from all over the world.” He smiled by showing his teeth.

“What is going on here? Everything looks quite strange?”

“Well…,” He smiled. “It is a business, nothing strange in it?”

“What types of business is this? Trapping people and squeezing them, right?”

“All sorts of business are a kind of trap. Isn’t it? Because the people or customers those blindly fascinated are coming behind it and getting cheated fully or partially?”

“Could you stop this joking and tell me what is exactly going on here? Who is this girl who brought me here? She says that she is the daughter of the president of France. Is that correct?”

“Yes, that is correct, but not the daughter of the current president, the daughter of the former president Mr. Dlisas Mithron. He passed away four years back.”

“So why she is here, I mean in this Ghost castle with such a bloody game to trap people?”

“I think you have a lot of questions. Now I am extremely busy. So, I can’t spare much time with you. Do one thing, I invite you for champagne with me tonight, after 11 pm. Come to the rooftop, I will be there, right?”


He served some delicious French dishes with a vulgar laugh. “These are the junk food of the French paradox who usually eat the food contains much oil and fat and consume enough red wine. So, all of the unsaturated fats are getting saturated. Red wine is the secret of these jumbo people's health.”

He poured wine into the glass. I enjoyed the fragrance of the wine coming from a dark cellar.

“I want to do a telephone call.”

“You can go to the ‘The cabin of lies’ that located on this floor.” He smiled.

“The cabin of lies, is this the chamber of confession for the damn liars?”

“It is a beautiful name only. We all are liars. Nobody can live here without saying a lie, because the lie is the savior giving ways & solutions to move.”

After the food, I went to the ‘Cabin of lies’, which was the setup, a telephone booth in a room, for making telephone calls for the slaves staying there.

Few slaves were waiting there for telling lies, I joined in the queue.

Exactly it was a cabin of lies. Those entering the booth said marvelous stories of lies with different types of funny expressions like a comedian or villain performing in the movie or stage. Interestingly I watched it and enjoyed the various faces of the lies. Sometimes the talking, the sound of lies to convince, came out with the tune of angry, sadness and request, etc.,

“Poor slaves, they are suffering much to be a martyr of the lust.” While enjoying the fun I whispered. “What a fun game is this..! I said to myself. I am also one of these funny characters telling holy lies for bloody fun. The pleasure of dark lust, the so-called sin, is a fruit grown in the thorny bush. Those wishes to get it to need to shed blood by suffering the pain of troubles such as the humiliation, losses, etc.’

I made a sigh of nervousness and impatiently waited for my term. Varies types of performance took place in the cabin by the slaves, the fiction of lies generated. Finally, after waiting for more than an hour, my term came.

I entered the cabin to perform.

While sitting in front of the cabin, I had created a story to tell my boss and wife.

First I called my boss who is the prime person who can’t tolerate this fun. He may have called several times and became mad.

I took a few moments with a deep breath to calm down.

My story was to get permission to postpone the meeting for three days. Within those three days, the queen will get her period and there will be a draw. Hopefully, I will be the winner of the draw, I dreamed so. If the dream gets realized, I can fulfill my ambition and go back to my business. I hoped that everything will happen as I desired. But now, I need permission to stay three days in this bloody hell. The meeting is tomorrow. Getting permission from the boss to postpone the meeting for three days seemed to be difficult, but I was confident in my tragic story.

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