La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 6

I gave the number to the telephone operator sitting out of the cabin. She dialed it and transferred to the cabin. I heard an unpleasant rough sound of my boss from the receiver.

“Hello sir, sorry for not answering your call, because I am in a hospital now. Some unfair things happened.” In a sad voice, I started to perform.

“Logan…, you still alive..? Praise the lord..! Finally, I could hear your holy voice..! My dear, what happened?” That was an angry voice. “I had called several times to your bloody phone. But it was turned off. What happened..? Where is your fucking mobile?”

“Mobile…. It is… Ah…, that is…” I hadn’t thought about that question. But one answer came quickly to my tongue. “Sir, it lost somewhere in the hospital. As I was in some emergency, I couldn’t take care of it, I have been searching for it.”

“What business do you have in the hospital?”

“I am assisting my friend who got an accident.”

“OK, but don’t forget to take care of the fucking meeting. Otherwise, I will be in the hospital.”

“Sure…, everything goes fine sir.”

“OK, tell me, what is the latest news about the meeting?”

“Meeting…, I am trying to postpone it for three days, because the situation is too critical.”

“What situation, what critical..? My friend what are you telling me..? I am not in the mood to enjoy the fun.”

“Sir my friend Aldrin got an accident. He is in the hospital in the critical care unit. I am with him. His condition is little series.”

“If you postpone the meeting, will he be OK? You are trying to put both of us in the critical care unit.”

“Sir, Nobody here to take care of him, I need to be with him till his family is here. They will be reached within a couple of days.”

“Doesn’t matter, take care of him, but don’t postpone the meeting. Just advise somebody in the hospital to take care of your friend until you finish the meeting. Even I can’t imagine losing this fucking contract. That will be worse than hell. Did you talk to the consultant? I hope you have done everything to win a better deal in the meeting, right?”

“Yes Sir, I have done everything. But please give me a couple of days. Now, I am in a horrible mood, maybe I can’t perfume well in the meeting. He is the man who saved my life. I have an obligation to him. This is the time to show that. Just two-three days, within that time his family will be here and I am free from all tensions.”

“My friend, do you want to postpone this fucking meeting for three days? Are you mad? We don’t have that much time to play. The other rats those roaming sniffing behind the contract, will come and snatch it. Don’t forget that these nasty fuckers are still behind us to take away this piece of bread from our hand.” His voice rose roughly. “I want you to do the fucking meeting tomorrow. This is the job of fucking millions, not a funny orgy for passing time. Am I right?”

“Yeah, it is a great deal. But sir, please try to understand the situation. He is on a ventilator, the condition is very bad. I need to stay with him. One time he had saved my life when I got an accident during trekking in the Arizona desert. He doesn’t have anybody here. I can postpone the meeting without any trouble, trust me. We will not lose this contract.”

“I am getting mad my dear. If I lose this damn deal, I will send you to a stripper club to shake.”

“No, no sir, we will not lose it.”

“Don’t allow me to sit scratching my nuts. That pimp, the consultant itself, does not trust us fully. If he gets any little reason, we will be kicked out of this contract. Did you get my point? So, don’t make any mistake to lose this fucking deal.”

“No sir, don’t be upset. We will win the deal. I can postpone the meeting without any trouble. Of course, they can understand the situation.”

The argument continued like a courtroom argument. The boss who got upset used the executive language of dirty words to be calm down. He showered the gospel of Satan over me. Nothing happened! Any of his penetrating words or the firing emotions of angry didn’t change me. The passion of lust protected me well. Finally, I could convince him and silently he approved my request to postpone the meeting for three days.

Now I am safe from my boss. I have three days for this bloody business. If I win the draw, I will be the man of the century. I can make a bloody retaliation and kick that bitch as a winner or be a martyr of the lust by losing everything..!

My next presentation was with my wife. She is also a dangerous fire that needs to handle carefully. I called her and explained the story with the voice of sympathy.

“Honey I was in the hospital that is why I couldn’t answer your call. Sorry for the inconvenience. My best friend Aldrin got an accident. He is in serious condition.”

“Where is your mobile?”

“I lost it in the hospital, still searching.”

“Who is this best friend Aldrin? You have never told me about this friend.” She asked me in a doubtful voice.

“Yeah, he is my childhood friend. One time he had saved my life during trekking in the Arizona desert. Yeah. So, this is the time to take care of him showing my obligation. His family will be here within a couple of days.”

“Is it true or are you somewhere in any cocktail party with any chicks?”

“Yes honey, it is true, I swear. Believe me, my darling.”

When I say these words, the lady staff standing outside of the cabin to monitor the phoning business, smiled with some funny gestures.

“So, what about your tomorrow’s meeting, will you be attending it?”

“I am going to postpone it for three days. I don’t have another choice, honey.”

She asked more questions like a doubtful investigator. I fabricated more stories of colorful lies with the help of Satan. That time, the queen the vampire, came down and noticed my conversation. She enjoyed my fiction and its presentation.

When I came out like a person who finished a big task, Queen said. “Telling lies is an art. The best one can create the best piece. As you have good creativity in this art, you can be a good philosopher.” She laughed loudly in her vulgar voice. “Write a fiction, it will be a best-seller.”

“If they call back to this number, then who will answer it?” I asked the queen.

“Angel will answer them.” She said it with a vulgar laugh and left. I turned face to the lady monitoring the calls.

“As this line shows busy, no call will come to this line.”

“This den is a real castle of Satan. The troubles are getting celebrated here..!” I expressed my feelings horribly with a gesture.

I went up and spent a little time in the library. At that time no slaves were found there. Everybody had returned to their room. I sat down on the chair with a book found on the table. But I didn’t have a mood to read, the mind was burning with the thoughts of reality and fantasy. On one side I found the roughness of real-life, the family, social status, job, dignity, etc... The other side was shining fascinated with the illusionistic pictures of lust & love.

Fighting started. The goodness and sin stood face to face with weapons of justifications to win the battle. I am the battleground fluttered in it. There was a lesson to learn that the desires that give hopes are often a trap diverting life to the darkness.

’Maybe, I have been leading to that destination by the desire that brought me here.’

I spent time in the library till 11 pm.

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