La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 7

As soon as I heard the bell sound of the wall clock rang eleven times, I closed the book and stepped out of the library. Everywhere was quiet calm in the silence of the night. The home of the lust seemed to be sleeping in that quietness. I walked along the corridor flashing gloomy light. In the mysterious pretension of the castle, some imagination grew up in my mind. The mythical characters live in the castle’s history came around me with the stories of lust and love. They, the countless ghosts of the ancestors, male and female in their attractive royal costume, showed gestures of fun and fear, sung songs of love and danced. An enthusiastic wild romp formed with the clashing sound of wine glasses. I ran way with all force seeking redress from that hellish celebration. My footfall echoed horribly in the passage.

When I reached the rooftop, the butler was waiting for me there with a bottle of champagne. I sat down by a round table that appeared to be an antique.

“Yes, this is a royal antique.” He could read the meaning of my glance. “Not only this, everything in this castle is the relic of the French royal tradition. You can smell that royal legacy on each corner of this castle.” Butler poured the champagne into the glasses.

“For the glory of the La Esmeralda, the enchanted beauty that seduced onetime the entire Paris.” Butler tossed gently and said.

“Yes, for the glory of that chick. Now, she has incarnated to suck the blood of lust.” I expressed my feeling.

“Yes, the beauty that having a lot of devotees.” He laughed loudly.

I tasted the wine and relaxed a little bit. “Ok, tell me what is going on here.”

“Well, as I said earlier, it is a business.” He smiled.

“A business? What type of business is this?”

“Selling pleasure.” He laughed. “Yes, we can define it like that. Selling a product or a service is business, right? That is what going on here, nothing strange.”

“But it is more than a business. Exploiting the weakness a man and trapping?”

“Every business is exploiting its customers, so that, nothing here as abnormal. Some businesses look strange because these are uncommon by doing in different ways. That is why this type of business seemed to be extraordinary, but these are also businesses based on the theory that, if there is a buyer for a product or service, there is a business. In this world, especially, in the new millennium, anything can be sold if it is marketed well. Here, the pleasure is the product being marketed, but differently, in an artistic manner. The idea attracts the customers and that turning into a business. That’s all.”

“Yeah, But this artistic manner is a trap.”

He laughed and continued. “As I said earlier, the business itself is a trap, the customers being trapped in it. But here the thing is different. Basically, this deal is not a trap. It is an approach to find out the inner face of the mysterious human mind. Let us say the mind has two faces, the upper face, and the inner face. The upper face shows a friendly look, but it only a show. The inner face is the real face of the mind, which will show the real nature of the person when the right time comes. Here, in this illusion, a person can show his inner face to fulfill his will by hiding the identity.”

“By exploiting the weakness?”

“Weakness is the thing getting exploited.” He laughed and continued. “When a thing gets restricted by certain rules, it getting noticed and accordingly its value increases, right?”


“Here this theory works well. Restricting things with some rules and letting its value to grow, a psychological strategy.”

“What is that..?”

“Offering sex with a celebrity and putting some rules to increase its value, a funny game for the wealthy characters spending huge money to fulfill their crazy ambitions.” He took a sip from the glass and continued. “Selling sex in various ways is not a new idea. The route of this business is coming from ancient times. We can find it in the well-known cultures such as the Roman, Greek, Assyrian, Babylonian, etc. Doing sex simply is not a thrilling thing. But when it performs with some funs like the game, it will be a thrilling fun. This theory implements here well to make business.”

“What bloody thrills are getting from this trapping game?”

“It is a thrilling game. That is why you are here..? Am I right?” He smiled showing teeth.

I didn’t answer, just pretended to enjoy the wine.

“Doing sex with a celebrity is a thrilling privilege for the creatures wishing to do some amazing fun in their lazy luxurious life. Of course, these types of fun are affordable for the rich rascals only, those throwing money without any limit. Don’t you observe their madness in doing some sort of fun by spending millions and billions for nothing other than for making a simple prestige or pleasure? Purchasing paintings and collections for millions, spending thousands for one night stay in a luxurious hotel, giving a bundle of cash to chicks for nothing are some sorts of funny things doing by these extraordinary creatures. They don’t care about money, because they are wealthy that much. God has been showering money over them, always!” He paused for a while then asked me. “Are you one of them, the craziest people blindly running behind the illusion of pleasure & prestige by spending limitless cash?”

“Of course not, I don’t have any illusion to fulfill. I believe in reality.”

“Then why are you here by paying this much and suffering all the trouble?”

“Ah, I believe, I trapped here.” Without giving a proper answer I made a sigh.

“My dear, you are trapped by your passion, not by this deal. This is the story of all of us. Primarily, we are getting trapped by our will and desires and becoming the victims of it. Am I correct? Here, you got trapped by yourself. Because you are free to quit the game anytime. Nobody is going to stop you. So, you can decide whether to stay in this illusion or not. It is totally up to you. Think and decide wisely.”

“Yeah, that is correct. I was blindly running behind an illusion. That chick fascinated me. Now I became mad. I have an urgent meeting tomorrow.”

“That means, you are on a business trip? And now you are sacrificing your life in a murky castle for the illusion that fascinated you?”

“Yes my dear, I am sacrificing myself. Could you tell me what I supposed to do? Stay here for this fun or quit soon?”

“The people who are staying here are under the pressure of their desire to achieve this amazing fun. They think that this deal is worth the time and money that they are spending here. This fact allowing them to be here until they fulfill their dream. They are well educated, genius, royal dudes belong to the ruling dynasty, writers, high ranking government officials like ambassadors, ministers, justices, etc. are staying here for days and months to get the privilege a foolish fun which they consider as a great ambition, means, doing sex with a prestigious chick. For them, it is an achievement of great honor. If you feel it would be an amazing achievement for you, it is worth spending money and time here, or you may leave this funny business as soon as possible. As I am an employee of this venture, I can’t disclose or suggest anything more than this.” He stared at my silence and laughed.

“Life is a fascination.” He took a sip from the glass and told. “We have been getting fascinated throughout our life and desires are forming. Then, we start to run to fulfill these desires, which will be the so-called life. The run seeking fun sometimes leads us the tragedies, in which we are getting finished or diverting to another pole of life.” He showed his expression with eyes. “Living without desires is peaceful, but nobody can live without desires, because the desires are life. See the horrible trap set by God for us..!”

‘Yes the God is the great player, not Satan. Maybe this game will be a twist in my life, the twist leading me to the darkness.’ I said.

He laughed again. “Don’t stay in the darkness, which is the home of Satan.”

I thought that funny laughing is a warning for me, the warning of a great tragedy. I spent a little time with him. He spoke about sex and lust related to the French tradition and culture.

“We don’t have any restriction or moralities that keep us away from the beauty of life. Enjoying sex, selling sex is part of our life. Like ancient Greek and Romans, sex is not a sin for us. This is the pleasure of life, as an energy that inducing us to live actively.”

The meeting lasted till midnight. Under the cozy drunkenness of the champagne, I slept silently in my room of that murky castle. The La Esmeralda of Paris came in the dream with her seducing gypsy dance. I joined the dance along with other slaves. While the dance getting wild, she changed into a vampire showing horrible teethes. We all the slaves tried to escape through the darkened street, but the street was sealed with a big spider net. I tried to break the net and got trapped in it.

By a big screaming, I woke up from sleep. During that time I heard a sound like the barking of a dog. I got up from the bed and came out of the room. The sound was from the upper floor.

“What hell is going on there?” I asked a cleaning servant found in the corridor.

“This is the fun of Pharaoh.” She smiled.


“A funny game for the players staying here.”

“A funny game for the players? I want to see that. I am also staying here to play the game.”

“You will not get permission to watch it. Those who are staying here more than three months will get permission to play, it is only for them.”

I didn’t mind that warning. I walked in the direction I heard the sound, which led me upstairs. The noise was coming from a hall. Two guards were standing at the door. I approached them and asked. “Dears, could you please tell me what is going on here?”

“Sir, it is a parade of loyalty with the queen Cleopatra, a game to relax.” One answered with a smile.

“I wish to have a look, please.”

“Come on. You can watch, but not allowed to participate. It is only for the seniors staying here for more than three months.” One invited and opened the door slightly.

I peeped into the hall. The sight seen inside was so marvelous..!

The queen was sitting in a royal chair with the costume and the golden thorn of Cleopatra, the creeping slaves on their knees around her barked like a dog. Enjoying the fun, the queen gave her foot to those loyal dogs to lick and kiss.

She asked them to bark loudly, they happily barked and licked the foot of the queen. After a while, the queen stood up and walked slowly through the hall. The creepy dogs, the slaves, followed the queen and expressed their loyalty by barking.

“It is so funny! Can I participate in this game?” I asked the guards.

“No sir, you can’t. To become eligible to participate in this game, you have to stay here for a period of a minimum of three months by paying forty-five thousand Euros.”

“Is there any other bloody game like this here for the idiot slaves?”

“Yes sir, there are other games too here for the people who stayed for more than a month.”

“This is a game of the hell giving humiliation and torturing.”

“No sir, this is a game of happiness. Look at those people playing with Cleopatra. They are happy in the game. They don’t feel any humiliation or harassment, they are enjoying the game. The things that give happiness and peace will not be humiliation or torture. That is the theory of these games.”

“Is there any game for the newcomers?”

“Yes sir, you can wash the innerwear of the lady servants of the castle, a pretty good job.” They laughed.

While standing there, I heard the shouting of the queen loudly.

“Dogs, the pets of the hell, bark up, bark up, make it loudly.”

The loudly barking sound of the dogs echoed in the corridor like the fun of Satan.

I left the spot with a sigh of madness and said to myself. “What a strange world is this! Anything can sell here, anything can be a gentle job here, anything can be a fun and game here in the world of humans the genius and anybody can do anything here, anything..! Nature doesn’t have either sin or holiness. That is the nature of nature leading us. For nature, everything is the motion that making incidents that are part of the universal motion. Our life is also part of it. We make motions to create the incidents to fulfill the business of God. All of these damn things are part of this phenomenon.”

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