La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 8

The next day morning, while I was having my coffee in the garden with some other slaves, I saw the queen going out for her street business. Without wishing or minding any slaves, she passed by us with her trolley and got on the decorated royal horse cart. Like a Vanishing Beauty in fairy tales, quickly queen disappeared. We the slaves, who were in the garden, lazily watched the grand procession of the queen. The horse, pulling the cart, snarled and loped forward. We heard the lashing of the horseman in the silence of the garden.

One luxurious day passed royally. There were so many things to enjoy there including delicious food and wine, garden entertainment, swimming pool fun, golf, movies, etc. I watched adult movies, and read erotic literature to keep the mood of the game well.

In the night, the queen came back with a new slave, a prey. She introduced him to us.

“He is the new slave who wants to play the game like all of you. He is a prince.”

She explained the rules of the castle to him. He silently heard and confirmed his willingness to stay there until his term comes.

When he joined the waiting row, the number of the player or the orbiting planet around the queen became 21. I could observe the blinking angry in everybody’s eyes because one more person has come to the waiting list to possess the opportunity. I also got upset. But, there was no way to react. We are slaves with no rights. Just suffer the fun of the game and be silent.

The next day the same story repeated. One more person came along with the queen. He was a mafia don. But besides the queen, he seemed to be an obeying silent kid.

As I didn’t have anything to do, I explored the castle fully and found its glorious beauty. The dark chambers telling the erotic stories of loves, the corridors of the ghosts, the ballrooms of lust, everywhere I could see the signs of a glorious legacy mourning about its past

On the third day of my stay, the queen declared her period like a royal announcement.

That night was the night of the celebration. Wearing a reddish lovely gown, the queen came to the banquet hall which was decorated with fresh flowers and balloons, for the celebration.

She addressed the slaves.

“The salves of the castle of lust, the day of the celebration has come. Today, a reddish spring has bloomed on me to kick off the bloody game The white night of La Esmeralda, a Pompeii fun of the ultimate pleasure that will eliminate all the sadness to give the salvation of peace. Join me on this great occasion to celebrate this lovely day of the reddish spring. The Papa of the hell, the Satan, has blessed us. Come on… let us enjoy the thrill of the reddish spring.”

Queen kicked off the celebration by opening a champagne bottle.

The clinking sound of the champagne glasses created rhythmic music in the hall. The Chamber orchestra played ballroom music for the dancers. Queen danced with every slave. Then the celebration feast was served royally.

One of the attractions of the celebration was the dancing maids and butlers at the feast. They served the guests by putting in lovely steps of the ballet. They magically tossed the champagne bottles and wine glass and poured wine funny into glasses.

By the end of the celebration at midnight, the draw took place to find out the winner entering the queen’s chamber for the game.

The winner was a 48-year-old ambassador.

He danced and laughed like a mad man and proclaimed. “For the last three months, I have been waiting here for this bloody fun like a fasting monk. Finally, my term has come. Let me dig the ruby from the reddish mine”

“You dirty dick, carry me to my chamber,” Queen shouted him.

He carried her in the hand like his darling and gave goodbye by waving a hand to the slaves looking at him jealously.

We the other slaves, the losers, stared at him angrily. Since nobody has any right to react or comment, no voice of anger or sadness was heard there. The slaves including me silently returned to everybody’s den to wait for the next draw that taking place in the next month.

I became upset and depressed. Now, I have to wait for a month to get a chance to know whether in or out. That night was sleepless. I was with my burning thoughts. Drunk much and smoked endless to pass the horror of that night.

What decision should I take? Stay under the detention of lust or leave as a loser? I asked myself.

Finally, that vampire living in the mind compelled me to stay in the castle. I couldn’t get out of her enchanted sedation that swallowed me fully. The next task was to fabricate another story for my boss and wife. Since I need more time, I had to create a marvelous story like a fiction, suspense thriller..!

The next day I fully dedicated myself to create a fascinating story for my boss and wife to let them allow me to stay there one more month silently.

The three days that I asked for the game finished quickly like the lightning. The next day, I was supposed to do the meeting, but I stayed in the castle with the hope to stay one more month to check my luck one more time.

To find relief from the nervousness that affected me, I spent time in the solitude of the garden, sat down alone in the canopy of the trees having calmness, walked along the walkways like a murmuring poet, spent time in the darkened corner of the castle like a madman and laid on the royal bed that having the smell of the bloody lust.

By the evening, I woke up from the bed and went to the Cabin of Lies to call my boss with a strong will to stay there. The horror of the real-life waiting for me didn’t bother me. I was in the fascinating illusion of the lust offered by the queen.

I entered the cabin and called my boss with enough confidence to present the story that I had created for them.

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