La Esmeralda of Paris

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Chapter 9

“Sir, I have bad news.” I started in a shivering voice.

“Oh, You the holy dick still alive? I thought you have ascended to the paradise-like Jesus.”

“Sir, I am in a bad situation now, a tragedy happened.”

“Of course, the pleasure, giving by Satan will be a tragedy later. Anyhow, would you tell me, what is the tragedy that came behind you, my dear?”

“Sir, I have been kidnapped by somebody.”

“Holy moly…! You have been kidnapped by somebody? Who are those fools who kidnaped a useless dick like you? Who did it? Columbian drug lords or Russians underworld or Italian mafia, who, who did it?”

“Sir, I am not joking. I have been kidnapped, believe me. Now I am in an unknown place that looks like an old castle. They want 25 million US dollars. But don’t worry. I am negotiating with this gang to get out of their custody without paying anything, I can do that. But maybe it will take a little time, a few weeks or a month. Though I am detained in a dark castle, I have enough confidence to get out of this hell soon. Please pray for me and I want you to deposit some money in my account.”

“You want me to deposit some money, how much?”

When I heard that question, I became cheered up. I thought he believed me. I made a sigh of relief.

“How much money do you want me to deposit.” This time his voice raised little.

“Yeah, maybe, Ah, Fifty thousand Euros?”

“Is that enough for your fucking business?” His sound rose more. “You are in the custody of kidnappers? And they want fucking 25 million? Let me ask you a question, do you think that you the nasty dick have this much value to be kidnapped for millions? Sorry, I was not aware of it, that your great nuts have this much value..!” He stopped joking and shouted in a horrible voice. “I know you the dirty dick were roaming behind a Parisian ass by throwing my business on the street, right? Don’t try to play in front of me as a saint. I am also a great fucker with the wild dick that explored many lands. I could see your street romance online. Now, these photos are viral on social media with thousands of likes and comments. Congratulations on your great performance. What a fucking melodrama is this..! Selling books on the street, cleaning the stall, running behind a chick by carrying her bag..! Wow… marvelous job, well done, wonderful performance…! Keep it up.”

“Very best..! The doomsday has come. The secret has been revealed to finish me..!” I said to myself. I confirmed that the thing I was afraid of has happened.

“What pictures sir?” I tried to get up pretending calmness. I realized that the tragedy has been swallowed me already.

“Shut up and get lost. I am shaming and regretting trusting a pathetic rascal like you. Go to a stripper club to be a performer and show your fancy dick.

“Sir, I afraid you got a mistake?”

“Yes, I got a mistake for choosing you the filthy dick to handle my business. Pretending to be honest? Continue a partnership business with that bitch. You can be a good pimp.” He roared wildly. “I have sent these photos of golden moments to your wife to let her know that now you are the custodian of a Parisian ass, right? You the bloody fucker destroyed my business to run behind a nasty chick. You are fired.”

“Sir please tries to understand me, those things only fun.”

“Get lost, get lost to the hell.” He disconnected the phone.

Like a thunderbolt, I heard those words along with the laughing of Satan.

I started to melt like a burning candle. A whispering came from my sobbing mind. “Yes, the game is over, I am the fool who has become a refugee who doesn’t have anything. Now I can live in the emptiness of the illusion.

I took a deep breath and tried to cry like a little child. But that was not the end of the scene. The real climax of the story had to come.

I called my wife. She had received the photos of my great deal which was shared by my boss. But I tried to present the kidnapping story with little hope.

“Yeah, I know who kidnapped you.” Angrily she said. “But who is that bitch?”

“Honey, what, what are you talking about?”

“The fucking lady was seen in the photo..?” She barked.

“What photo honey?”

“Shut up you nasty rascal. Don’t try to be smart to foolish me. You get lost and stay with that bitch. I can’t trust you anymore.”

I realized that the game is over and everything has been perished without keeping anything to survive. Now, what can I do..? Only one thing, just be a guard in the den of the Satan and serve him.

As I feared earlier, things have happened exactly..! My romantic moment with the queen on the street has been reached to the net. I gave thanks to the art lover or lovers who took these moments from the street and published them online to make me a hero. Now I am the hero being celebrated globally. What a fantastic achievement.., Great man..!

I found those scenes being celebrated online, in my mind. The moments of the great romance are opening on the screen. I am the humble devotee serving the goddess of love, performing the sale on the street like a joker, cleaning her stall happily, bringing coffee for her like a darling, carrying her trolley and running behind like servant, she the goddess of the love, continue the game by shouting and insulting. Wow…, what marvelous scenes…! Lovely, enchanted…, thrilling. Though I lost the game, let people be happy.

“I have seen your great performance of romance online.” The harsh voice of my wife penetrated the ear. “You the fraud cheated me. I believe, now you are under the custody of this bitch. Anyhow, enjoy your romance. We are getting divorced.”

“But honey, it was only fun.”

“Shut up and get lost…”

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