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Im just ur ordinary girl in the early 90's, I have my best friends and the CRAZY group of boys all the girls fall for.

Humor / Drama
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Monday September 5, 1991

It was the 2nd week of school and I already have a crush on someone. His name is Carter, when he smiles he lights up the whole room. He look like ur average surfer dude, blue-eyed blonde with the world's most perfect abs. So dreamy❤. Everytime he walks by he smells like fresh watermelon that has been kissed by the sun 100,000 times. But he is out of my league, he isn't popular ,he's not a jock, if anything he's more of a nerd, but im pretty sure anyone who doesn't spend their weekend getting plastic surgery is out of ur league. The only reason im getting plastic surgery is because from the time the bullying first started to now, 2nd grade- 10th grade, people always told me I was ugly and I needed the surgery. Of course my mom doesn't know about it only my friends know. People overheard and let me tell u word spreads fast in my school, so obviously Carter and his friends, Alex and Blake, know about it. After school I usually walk home and today Carter joined me and told me I didn't need plastic surgery. 🦋BUTTERFLIES🦋 He asked to hangout tomorrow after school at the Cafe in the mall. No duh, yes I agreed. 🦋🦋EVEN MORE BUTTERFLIES🦋🦋
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