¿The Cheese?

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It’s about cheese. In here lies the cheesy adventures of Mozza , Rella, and Muenster. On their way to Pasta city, the three wee cheeselets need to avoid the danger that appears ahead of them. Whoa Mozza, don’t get burned in the hot valley of the Pan stretch. Oh no Mozza, don’t wake the slumbering, dairy loving DEVIL EGGS. Stay cheesy folks (and let’s hope our dear Mozza doesn’t get into more trouble....)!

Humor / Adventure
Justin C
Age Rating:

1. Nightmares

They heard it again.
“— Chink chink, SKRRRT —” could be heard in the distance.
“I shouldn’t have stayed late this time....”
Panicked, they started to walk a little faster. Even that was no use, whoever or whatever it was...... it was getting closer.
“Chink........ Chink...... Chink.... Chink.. Chink Chink CHINK CHINK CHINKCHINK ——“
Dead silence.
Whatever it was it stopped...
They glanced over their shoulder. All they could see was the poorly lit street.
The lights flickered.
Their heart started beating faster and faster.

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