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George Sam is a 70-years-old retired soldier. Now he lives his retired life with his wife Nany also known as Crazy Nany, a botanist, in his hometown Palmart. Even though he had celebrated his 70th birthday, George Sam looks still young, lives with a mind of a youngster. He is actively exploring both faces of life, goodness, and badness, so he will be in the scenes of love and lust. The age didn’t bother him in getting engaged in the thrill of life. Happily, he lives with the holiness of God and the dirtiness of Satan. His wife Nany also known as Crazy Nany is a strict orthodox devotee of God. While He roaming here and there and enjoying the fun of life, she spends most of her time in religious activities such as pray and social welfare along with her hobby of nursing plants (She is a botanist). But, Sam was not a fully dedicated devotee of God. Half of his life he gave God and the rest gave to Satan to enjoy the thrills of life. According to his principle, To lead a beautiful life, we must need the support of God and Satan. When God gives troubles, Satan will give happiness. When Satan gives troubles, God gives happiness. This was the principle of Mr. Sam. So, he established a companionship with God and Satan and enjoys the thrill of holiness and sin. This is Uncle Bull, the hero of this story series. The story of Uncle Bull’s fun and adventures continues...

Humor / Thriller
Sha K
Age Rating:

1 - A degree holder

Uncle Bull Series - 1

Viagra of devil

Chapter - 1

A degree holder

George Sam is a 70-years-old retired soldier who participated in many wars including the notorious Vietnam War and had won war medals of honor. Now he is in the thrills of his retired life, living peacefully with his wife Nany also known as Crazy Nany, an orthodox believer, and a botanist, in his hometown Palmart.

But, In fact, he is not living peacefully in his retired life, which means, it is not exactly peaceful as we think. Because there is something, that is the fun of this story..!

The hero, George Sam, also known as Uncle Bull, is a man of God and Satan…! So his life is the combination of goodness and badness..! In which, the troubles and peace are living together by fighting each other...

His wife Nany, the servant of God, can’t bear it. That is the is the story narrating here, the fun of Uncle Bull’s life..!

Yeah.., he is a funny character who wants to serve God and Satan to enjoy the thrills of life.

Recently he had celebrated his 70th birthday and went to Lover’s garden, a garden dedicated to lovers in the city, with his fellow friends.

Even though he passed his 70th birthday, George Sam lived with the mind of a youngster and actively involved in the fun of love and lust. He was healthy and smart. Age didn’t bother him in getting engaged in the thrill of life. Happily, he lived with the holiness of God and the dirtiness of Satan. His wife Nany is a strict orthodox devotee of God. She spent most of her time in worship and with the plants in her garden. But, Sam was not a fully dedicated devotee of God. Half of his life he gave God and the rest gave to Satan to enjoy the thrills of life. According to his principle, To lead a beautiful life, we must need the support of God and Satan. When God gives troubles, Satan will give happiness. When Satan gives troubles, God gives happiness. This was the principle of Mr. Sam. So, he established a companionship with God and Satan and enjoys the thrill of holiness and sin.

Nany was totally against his Satanic life. She always warned him and quarreled about his tendency to do sin. “You are an old idiot. Don’t you understand? Committing sins will lead you to the hell, the home fire.” When she shouts at him like this by mentioning the religious things, calmly he will reply with a pleasant smile.

“Don’t worry. Some of your priests will be there in the hell with the confession chamber, so, I can do my confession there to be a holy man.”

His such reply insulting the priest and God will irritate Nany and the intensity of the fight will increase. If their only one daughter Letisha there, she will mediate between them to let them calm down.

Sam’s interest in women and lust, made him a funny character in the town community. They gave him a beautiful nickname, Uncle Bull. He happily accepted this nickname as an honor of his fans and wanted to be known by this title. Everybody used this nickname to address him and eventually, he became Uncle Bull of the city.

Though he was a funnyman in the town, his activeness in life at that age was ideal for the town community, everybody liked that character and his fun. Because of his innocent nature and friendly attitude he became a hero in the town and got several friends including kids, youngsters, and adults.

On his birthday evening, when Uncle Bull was spending time in the lover’s park in the city, a funny thing happened.

He got an erection…! Wow...!

So what? Is it a big deal?

Of course not, but in his case, it is not a silly thing, because, he didn’t have this fun for the last several years. That is a surprising matter!

When this thing happened that evening, it amazed him like a performance in a magic show.

“Holy moly..! a miracle has happened.” Surprisingly he said. “Who blessed me, God or Satan? Is it a birthday gift for me?” He laughed.

Getting a perfect erection was his dream for the last several years. To achieve it, he used several medicines and therapies. But nothing happened. So, he was compelled to live like a saint. But his ambition to nibble the sweetness of lust didn’t allow him to stay calm.

Due to the erection problem, he was so disappointed. One day he thought and consoled himself. “I am an Ex-soldier carrying the curses of bloody wars. These are the sins of war, the curse of the humans who got killed by my shots. As I dreamed one day, the ghosts of cursing Vietnamese are still behind me. They cursed my dick to be inactive, which will be equal to death. I can still hear their mourning around me which I heard from the dark corridor of the tropical jungle.”

When he realized his erection issue, he made a club for gentlemen who have a similar problem. He named the club “The club of the sleeping boy.”

Few of his fellow warriors joined the club.

During their club gathering, they talked about their dream to achieve a 90-degree erection. Somebody tried to find out solutions to overtake this erection problem and explored some secret medicines like Penis tonic, dick ring, Pena therapy, etc. But they didn’t get a proper remedy to solve the issue.

But now the thing has changed by creating history! Uncle Bull, the great warrior, could realize the dream to possess the 90-degree erection.

“Eureka. Eureka. Yes, this is the degree that we dreamed.” While running, Uncle Bull roared. “I became a degree holder.”

As it was a miracle that happened after several years, Uncle Bull wants to show this surprise to his wife Crazy Nany being a great achievement. Often she mocked him during their quarrels by mentioning his erection problem.

One she told him. “You are an inorganic substance because you are the companion of Satan.”

“Today is the day that I am going to prove to this holy bitch that I am a powerful organic substance.” Happily Uncle Bull said himself. “I will challenge this her today for an erotic fight.”

Some of his roaming friends in the park saw Uncle Bull’s hard run of happiness. They thought he got some problems. They rushed behind him.

“Hey, Uncle Bull, what happened? Are you OK? Do you need any help?” Captain Randy, one of his friends and the club member, asked him.

“I think he got a physical problem?” another member who was coming behind him said.

The running Uncle Bull heard it and shouted them back. “Shut up you rascals. I don’t have any problem, I am celebrating a great achievement.”

“Great achievement..? Really..? what is that?” One friend asked. “Share it with us. We are your friends, we want to know the thing that made you happy.”

“I am a degree holder now.” Uncle Bulled laughed.

“What?” Eagerly Captain Randy asked. “Degree holder, what degree? What do you mean?”

“The degree of potency, understand?” laughing Uncle Bull turned towards them. “Look, this is the real thrill, the thrill of 90-degree performance. Finally, I could possess great 90-degree power.”

The people who were spending time in the park noticed Uncle Bull’s funny marathon run and his announcement of great achievement.

“What? Stop there. Let us know what happened.” Randy said.

They reached beside him. Uncle Bull stopped running and turned towards them.

“Nothing happened more than this” Uncle Bull showed them the erection that projecting inside his trouser. “Look, I have possessed a challenging achievement, the great 90-degree…!”

“Oh my God. He gained it..! fantastic! Well done my boy, well done. How you managed to make this horrible magic? “Captain Randy asked with a surprised expression. Others amazingly stared at it.

“A Mexican chick blessed me.” Uncle Bull told them. “You cats go and look for that holy ass roaming beside the pond.”

“Who is that bloody ass?” Randy asked.

“A Mexican chick having tinkling melons and gigantic buttock blessed me with a Satanic stimulation by showering the flowers of lust over me.”

“That is amazing news..! Then where is this holy chick?” Captain Randy asked.

“She might be near the pound by blessing some dicks. Go and get her. She will stimulate all of you terribly. Excuse me, I will be back soon.”

Uncle Bull ran quickly to his nearby house. In the meantime, others rushed to the pond-side to see that Mexican chick which energized Uncle Bull.

Uncle Bull entered the house and searched for his wife the Crazy Nany. She was in the backyard with some nuns, the visitors from the convent. As Nany is a botanist, she had a garden of varieties of plants, planting and nursing them was her hobby. While Nany introducing her newly planted tropical vegetable plants to the visitors, she heard Uncle Bull’s victory voice from the house. He called her loudly.

“Nany, the crazy spirit, where the hell are you? I am blessed by the holy Papa, the Satan. Come up here for the holy mass of salvation.”

“Who is that?” When heard the voice of Uncle Bull from the house, one of the nuns asked Nany.”

“This is the voice of Anti-Christ accompanying Satan. Don’t mind. Come on, let’s continue our business.”

Uncle Bull entered the kitchen. He heard Nany’s vanity voice and vulgar laughing from the backyard. He thought Nany was on the phone. So, suddenly, he opened the kitchen door and showed his great achievement by stripping the trouser a little down.

The gigantic view of his 90-degree magic that happened after several years, exposed in front of Nany and her visitors as a holy miracle..!

“Oh my God…!” Uncle Bull heard these words from different throats as different tones of amazement.

The holy virgins from the convent spending time with Nany in the courtyard watched that miracle appeared in front of them with a smile and enjoyed the show very well.

The Uncle Bull who made the performance, got upset and immediately turned back and quit the spot.

In the next moment, the poor hero, the Uncle Bull, lost his 90-degree achievement like a vanishing illusion.

“Oh my God.! What a shit all of these? I am fucked up.” He murmured.

He came to the reading room with a deep sigh of disappointment and sat down there silently. He didn’t care about the loss of 90-degree. Because, he had something more serious than this, facing the devil, the holy angel Nany..!

Uncle Bull said himself. “As she is the devotee of God, this incident will be a big sin for this bitch. So, I can expect a severe punishment like praying on the knee for hours or reading the bible the entire night or cleaning a sanitarium of the leprosy patients, etc…,”

Uncle Bull was waiting in the reading room for the call of the magistrate, the crazy Nany, for the trial and punishment.

Soon, he heard Nany’s voice. But that was not as rude as he expected.

“Honey…. I have made a cocktail for you.” A sweet voice…! He could not believe it.

“What is this? Is this a joke of this bitch? If so, the punishment will be so severe.” He said to himself and went down.

“Come here, I am here in the bedroom.” She called from the bedroom.

Still, Uncle Bull was in confusion. As he knows the nature of crazy Nany very well, he couldn’t believe in that romantic voice.

He entered the bedroom.

A pleasant smell welcomed him. Colorful candles were burning with aroma. She was in a red nighty having a look of romance.

“Honey, as you are celebrating your 70th birthday today, I have made a special cocktail of romance. Come on, let’s celebrate this day to be happy.” She said in a sweet voice.

“Oh my God, this bitch is ready for the Colombian circus. But now I don’t have the bullet to fire! My gun is empty. What I will do to save my ass from this piranha?” Uncle Bull said himself and called God and Satan together for help.

© Sha K 2017

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