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The snobby rich, the toxic ex, and the mysterious rude guy. What could actually go wrong with my senior year at Goodwill high?

Humor / Romance
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1. Rude.

Baby, how was your day?

Wrong no.

Oh Cameron, com’on honey, don’t be so rude.

Who tf r u

And stop with those stupid endearments.

let’s be real, if u knew me, u’d be too thinking of endearments for me.

Fuck off

Ugh, I’ll pretend i didn’t see that.

You still didn’t answer my question

how was your day.



Coz some crazy witch whom i don’t know fuck about is not stopping texting me.


Say something for me to reply to.

What about ‘fuck off or I’ll block you’

Well, that can help me continue the conversation.

But I don’t know what to reply.

Just stop texting.

Your eyes sparkle like the stars.

what tf

your laugh is the most wonderful.

u’know u sound creepy.


i thought i was complementing.

ur doing an awful job

<) )> ladies and gentlemen. / \

~( (~ uh oh oh uh
/ \

<) )> Cameron doesn’t like compliments
/ \

i m talking to a complete psycho.


So, are you a boob or butt guy?

you r literally a pervert.

always for you babe

who are you. some 30-year-old lonely woman?

So you’re not into older women?



i m a senior

jesus don’t say we r in the same school


i m moving

m i that repulsive?

you bet

babe this distaste will soon turn into love.

don’t even say that shit

stop texting me.

but i love you

u r that lonely gay guy whom no one talks to, rn’t u

is this ur way of asking if i am a girl or boy?

well don’t worry my love, i am a pretty girl.

fuck off.

be gentle to a girl

neither m i fucking u, now i m some non-irritable saint

just stop texting me

u r literally rude.

yeah, what gave it away?

hmm, rumors r true. ur rude af

but I’ll make u melt ur heart for me, babe.

udk how creepy that line sounded

babe u haven’t asked my name yet?

i don’t wanna know

coz u’d be dead the second ik ur name.

violent, hmp.

i like it.

why do you keep texting me?

don’t say that Cameron! we’re in love!

Roses are redViolets are blueYou are my loveAnd I love you


That rhymes hmm

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