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Locked In Paradise

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The story where rival gang leaders explore each other's insecurities, Where they build together to create the love story of the century. Contains Mpreg. * Updated Every Saturday * *

Humor / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Omniscient P.O.V


Jamal felt the weight of the handcuff and the chains around his ankles every step he took. banging and Screams bounced off the walls. Jamal knew he wasn't well-liked. However, he was respected due to his influence as well as the fact that he was the leader of the second dangerous gang in Iornpoint Max Security Prison. His Gang went by the name "Black Spades" it was the majority of black folks in there with a hand full of white people and a few Asians.

The most feared group though goes by the name "El Alma" the gang is run by Hector Sanchez. Jamal and Hector hated each other. Jamal Hated the hector because the hector was the man he wished he would be. Hector was naturally aggressive, extremely calculated, and handsome. Yes, handsome, Jamal had conflicting feelings about Hector. On one hand, Jamal found him extremely attractive from his appearance to his behavior and on the other hand he was jealous of the man. He chooses to show his hatred more frequently because it was clear as day that the hector hated the ground that Jamal walked on.

Jamal has been locked up for 5 years now and with 25 more to go, he's up for parole in 4 years. He was slapped with Manslaughter 1st degree and felony murder. He's been locked up since the age of 19. He's 24 now and still feels no remorse.

He felt a stick poke his back pushing him to walk faster; though it irritated him he complied. He wasn't trying to get sent to solitary again it's only been 15 minutes since he's been out of his one month stay. Jamal was sent to solitary because he was caught beating up an inmate in the showers. He always liked showering alone and everybody knew that including the warden and the guards but tory, Jamal's stalker decided to join him. Jamal doesn't shower alone because he's scared of others, far from that. He showers alone because he's ashamed.

Jamal wasn't well endowed he was far from it. Lucky for him the warden was a man that loved to please others. with only a few threats Jamal was able to convince the warden to allow him to shower at a different time than everybody else. This privilege added to his intimidation tactics persuaded the other inmates to believe that he was a well-feared man. Jamal didn't regret beating tory to a pulp, not at all. He's been tired of the small man's stalking and constant quaking.

"Yo Clark walks faster, you got new cellmate" one of the guards urged he grunted and decided to step up my pace. His old cellmate and he never met eye to eye. he was a member of El Alma and Jamal knew he would always report back to Hector. Jamal made sure to let his gang know to handle him, this was a month ago before he had that altercation with Tory. The fact that he's received a new cellmate lets him know that they did a good job.

After a few minutes of constantly being poked in his back to speed up, he was standing in front of his cell. The door was closed so he wasn't sure who the new occupant was. Jamal heard keys rattling he looked down to see one of the guards unlocking the cuffs, the other unlocking the chains around his ankles. He sighed heavily, he was ready to get back in his cell and sleep on his semi comfy bed. "Alright you missed supper, you got 10 minutes to settle back in till roll-call" one of the guards grunted out as the other opened his cell. He nodded at them and walked in rubbing his wrist. He heard the heavy metal door shut behind him and a clink letting him know the door is locked.

Jamal P.O.V

I walked in and sighed I was so ready to lay down and sleep for a bit. I walked further into the cell to see that the hector was sleeping on my bunk. First of all why the fuck is this yellow ass nigga in my cell, to begin with, and why the fuck did he decide to sleep in my bunk. "What the fuck are you doing in here" I snarled at him. He had his hand covering his face as he laid there. he didn't move his hand from his face but I saw his mouth twitch into a slight smirk.

"Watch your tone." is all he said completely ignoring my question. I hate how good he looks right now. His answer got me so upset.

"Man who the hell do you think you're speaking to!? I asked you a question." my voice boomed. He moved his arm from his face and slowly stood up. I was so angry I could feel my body vibrating. He walked closer to me with a scroll on his face I stood my ground. If he wants a fight I'll give him that. I just wanted to lay down but he's just ruining everything for me.

He stood right in front of me and growled "And I said watch your fucking tone. Do not let me repeat myself puta." His accent is thicker. Hector was maybe 3 or 4 inches taller than me, but I am bigger than him, in terms of muscle. Without thinking I punched him right in his jaw. His head snapped to the right as he groaned. at that moment I heard the alarm and our cell opening. I guess it was roll-call. "Perra de Culo débil. That's all you got?" he mumbled. Next thing I knew he was sending blows to my stomach. I hunched over in an attempt to get away from his blows but I was too tired. that's what I get for punching him, to begin with. I coughed struggling to getaway. when I got some space between us I weakly punched him in his face again. at this point, he has a busted lip and I'm winded. The next thing I knew I heard a guard calling out our last names.

"Clark and Sanchez" The guard called out before I knew it he pulled me towards him and placed his arm over my shoulder. My brow cocked, why is he touching me when he just beat the fuck out of me.

"We here," he said cheesing at the guard. Fuck he smells so good. The guard looked at us with a funny look before he turned around to leave.

"Fuck was that?" I huffed pushing myself away from him. I grilled him and he licked his lips flinching a little as his tongue swept over the open cut on his lip.

"You tryna get sent to solitary again? because that is what would happen if they see us fighting in here." He shrugged.

"I don't need your help" I brushed past him walking to the sink to wash my hands. I felt his stare on me as I walked, it kind of made me feel good. "Are you looking at my ass?"

"Yes" was his curt reply. That took me off guard, I did not expect him to be so blunt.

"well stop fucking looking I don't roll that way" I cringed at myself. look at me lying through my teeth. I turned the sink on to rinse my mouth and wash my face. I heard him mumble something but I didn't catch it. I turned around taking off my jumper and my vest. I walked to the metallic wardrobe in the corner of our cell to pull out some boxers. I couldn't help myself as I flexed a bit. I still felt him looking at me. I just wanted to change and I didn't want him to see the sad excuse of a dick in between my legs.

"Yo stop looking at me dead ass. fuck is wrong with you" I turned around grilling him he didn't say anything at all and decided to turn towards the sink area. I took this opportunity to quickly pull off my jumper and boxers and pull the new ones on. I put my jumpsuit in the word-rope and balled up my boxers and put it in a small plastic bag. I walked to the bunk and laid on the bottom bunk. I covered my eyes and sighed. what the hell were they thinking when they decided to put him in my cell. I heard movement so I peeked through my fingers. All I saw was his dick hanging. I was shocked as hell it looked so full and it certainly wasn't short either. "Why are you butt naked," I asked in fake disgust.

"I sleep like this. get used to it." That is all he said as he continued to climb up the bunk. my mouth watered as I watched that thing disappear.

What the hell am I going to do.
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