Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 10


February 13, 2019

"Yo, Damion," Hector yelled, jogging after the light skin guard. The guard turned around to look at the Hispanic man.

"Wassup?" Damion's baritone voice vibrated in the small workout center.

Hector dapped him up when he got close to him with a bright smile on his face. The two men can be considered friends now; They've been venting to each other since Damion walked in on Hector and Jamal. Of course, Hector does not share much. However, Damion is always ready to vent about how difficult his job has become and about his fiance. "Can you get me some things for tomorrow nigga?" Damion smirked at Hector.

"You nasty nigga" His laugher boomed louder than intended, and Hector smirked, hitting his shoulder.

"Chill, it's my birthday tomorrow, you know." Their laughter calmed down, and Damion just smirked.

"ight tell me what you need. ill bring it to yall when we do morning roll call."

"I need condoms, lube. For real, that's about it." Hector cheesed at the guard. Damion looked at Hector with a teasing look on his face. He almost wanted to start cackling.

"Ight brother, I got it."

Hector dapped him up, thanking him. They parted ways, and Hector began jogging down to their cell. He wasn't sure where Jamal was, and he wasn't bothered to look for him because if he were outside the cell, they wouldn't be able to talk regardless.

Hector was too excited; his birthday was coming up. Over the days, he and Jamal spoke about going to the next step in their little relationship. They made strides in their relationship; Jamal was more confident and comfortable with him. The dark skin man showed a more vulnerable side to Hector. He even proposed going to check out if he could get pregnant; they plan to figure it out as soon as possible.

Apart from his relationship with Jamal, Hector was looking forward to speaking to his daughter. Hector made sure to set up a way to call his little girl with just minimum threatening and mean-mugging the warden. Hector ignored the people around him as he made his way to their cell door. It was surprisingly closed, he banged on the door twice, and the door soon opened the door it. Jamal saw that it was Hector and looked him up and down with a scowl on his face.

What the fuck did I do now, He thought.

H smiled at the shorter man and pushed his way past the dark skin man and into their cell. He began taking off his jumper as Jamal closed the cell door.

"How you mad at me and my birthday tomorrow?" Hector teased. He was not taking Jamal sternly because he knew that he didn't do anything wrong.

Jamal repeated nothing; he just looked at the light skin man up and down with a disgusted look on his face and walked to his bunker.

"Jamal, what the fuck" Hector asked now in his boxers and a tank top. He threw his jumper to the corner of the cell next to his closet.

"Hector, you think you're funny? Let this be the last time you let that bitch come near you like that again." He laid down and picked up his stress ball. Hector scratched the back of his head because he has no clue who Jamal was talking about.

"Hector, what? Man, stop playing" he rolled his eyes, making his way to Jamal's bunker and pushing him to the corner. Jamal shoved him off the moment he felt his bed dip. Hector fell on the floor; He let out a contagious laugh. Yea, Jamal was upset with him about something, but that only proves that Jamal feels him.

"Hector, stop laughing because I'm dead ass; if I see him touch you again ill beat you and him. It's bad enough you let him suck your dick in front of me. Now you got him hugging up on you. Play with me bitch" He ranted with a mug on his face.

"Watch that bitch word; I won't tell you again." Hector sternly said, getting up off the floor and making his way back on Jamal's bed; he received no resistance this time. "All you had to do was tell me you don't want him touching me; you don't have to be angry, baby."

Jamal looked away, rolling the ball in his hands. "well, I don't like it, so stop it." Hector laughed again, pulling the dark skin closer to his chest.

"Okay, now kiss me. we are not going into my birthday fighting over petty shit." Hector smiled, looking down at the sulking boy.

"it not petty," Jamal shyly mumbled, going up to kiss Hector. "Are you excited about your birthday, daddy?"

"Daddy?" Hector Smirked, pulling Jamal closer to his chest. "Say that again, and you not gon be walking out this cell."

"Stop threatening me, you weird-ass nigga. I asked you a question."

"And I answered, what about it?" Hector questioned. Jamal felt the rumble of Hector's voice.

"I'm excited about your birthday," Jamal confessed, looking up to Hector. He pulled on Hector's beard with a faint smile on his face.

"Oh, Yea? why?" Hector inquired. Yea, Hector was excited. He gets to spend his birthday with Jamal and speak to his daughter. However, he didn't know why Jamal was excited.

"I just like seeing you happy," The dark skin man murmured. That caused Hector to smile.

"Thank you, baby; how are you feeling? about everything?" Hector asked, licking his lips. He was dozing off; Jamal playing with his beard was relaxing as hell.

"I feel okay," Jamal susurrated. Hector didn't believe it; though Jamal has been more expressive and open with him, He knew that the shorter man was still struggling with himself. He knew that Jamal had nightmares. Jamal never discloses what his demons were.

Hector said nothing; He gave Jamal the side-eye. Jamal felt the stare and sighed. "Hector, it's nothing. You shouldn't be worried about that. it's your big day tomorrow." Jamal stopped playing in Hector's beard, wanting to move on from the topic.

"I didn't say anything. but I will say that fuck if it's my birthday; sometimes it's okay to talk about your feelings. Haven't I been teaching you that?" The light-skinned man scolded.

"Hector, stop talking to me like that; I'm not a child. And I know, I understand, but I don't want to ruin your day. leave it alone."

Hector sucked his teeth as he removed his arms from Jamal's body and placed them on his face. He was a little irritated, but he understood what Jamal's restraints were, almost.

"Ight, I hear you. and to answer your question, I am excited, thinking about what we have planned, and I get to speak to my daughter." Hector removed his hands from his face and folded them, placing them behind his head so he could lay on them.

"About that.. baby, I don't think I'm ready," Jamal whispered with a dreary look on his face; Hector wasn't insulted or bothered. He just smiled. Hector pulled Jamal closer with one arm and kissed him on his forehead.

"That's okay, baby. Thank you for telling me." Hector said, pulling Jamal closer.

"You're okay with it? I know we spoke about it a lot, and I'm sorry to disappoint you." Jamal all but pouted. He snuggled deeper into Hector's chest.

"You know I'm not disappointed, But... But I need you to spend all day with me tomorrow, make me feel special," Hector winked, laughing at his joke; though it was lousy, Jamal laughed as well.

"You're so annoying." Jamal rolled his eyes, getting comfortable. "Of course, I'll be spending the day with you. Only if your family doesn't take you away."

"I got that handled, and I uhh asked Damion to bring me condoms and lube," Hector said, laughing. "He is bringing it in the morning; we could keep that safe for a special day."

"We could keep that for a special day," Jamal mocked, his voice dropping a few octaves to emulate Hectors. "You don't get tired of saying dumb shit?"

"Stop playing with me before I spank you." Hector stopped laughing with a scowl on his face.

"Spank who? Me? Jamal?"

"Yea, you, I'm supposed to be scared, beautiful?"

Jamal hid his face in Hector's chest, hiding his smile. Before he said anything, They heard their door open. Jamal panicked and quickly pushed Hector on the floor.

I'm tired of him pushing me. Hector thought. He played it off and tried to seem like he was doing push-ups. Damion walked into the room, looking at them weirdly, holding a bag in his hand.

"I'ma need yall to be careful," Damion mumbled, closing the door. "Y'all getting real suspect, I won't always be the one coming in here," He scolded the two. Jamal looked away, ashamed, and pretended to play with his ball.

"Here you go nigga, be responsible; I got it over my lunch break" he threw the bag at Hector, which he effortlessly caught. He smiled at Jamal and turned on his heels to leave.

As Damion shut the door, Jamal groaned. "This shit is so humiliating. You cant lay in my bed no more," Jamal's bottom lip poked out as he looked away.

"Stop playing with me," Jamal said, getting up off the floor. Placing the bag on top of his bed then dipping down to lay in Jamal's bed. "and stop pushing me, you finna give me back pains the fuck" he scolded, flicking Jamal on his forehead.

"Owee nigga" Jamal Whined, "see now if I didn't push you, your big ass would have still been in my bed looking stupid," Jamal ranted, folding his arms.

"You're fucking bold, ain't you?" Hector teased. He gripped the back of Jamal's head, bringing him down for a soft kiss. "Now stop sulking."
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