Locked In Paradise

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February 20th, 2019

"nigga you heard they bringing Xander here?" One of my boys, jhavier, yelled, throwing the basketball at me. Is Xander getting sent here? What that nigga do. Jamal thought. He hasn't seen or heard from Xander since he got locked up. Yea, Xander helped him when his parents abandoned him, but their relationship didn't require them to speak every second of the day. They were the type of friends that even though they haven't seen each other in a long time, their relationship will still be as strong as they last spoke.

Jamal was excited to see him, Confused as to why Jhavier knew about him coming before anybody else did, but he brushed it off.

"Oh, yea? We gon see when he gets here," Jamal mumbled, dribbling the ball around Jhavier and heading towards the basket. He felt eyes on him, and he knew who it was. Hector and his goons were on the other side of the yard playing dominos.

"You think you can score that on me?" Jhavier laughed, pushing Jamal to the side with his broad shoulders, causing Jamal to almost trip over. He caught his balance; however, he lost his hold on the ball. He watched jhavier pick up the ball and groaned.

"Nigga fuck this game," Jamal huffed, resisting the urge to fold his hands on his chest and cock his hip.

"You're mad you can't win? Jamal tightens up. Xander will beat your ass if he sees you like this," Jhavier said with a teasing tone. Jamal rolled his eyes. Xander doesn't give a fuck about who Jamal was. He's the other living person except for his mother and Hector that knows who he is.

"I'll fight back, watch your mouth," Jamal said, slapping Jhavier on the back of his head.

"Yeaa nigga whatever," Jhavier laughed, picking up the ball and slamming it into the basket.

"Ight, thanks for letting me know; I'm about to head to my cell," Jamal said, dabbing up the taller man.

"Oh, yea, how is it like being cellies with that hick" Jhavier laughed; I didn't laugh, though.

"We cool; he stays on his side, and I stay on mine," Jamal lied with a shrug.

Now, if he knew, I'm always up under him. Jamal thought, laughing a little in his head.

"As it should be, I don't know what the warden was thinking putting yall niggas together shit. Look there he goes looking over here; I know you put him in his place cause he doesn't bother us no more" Jhavier laughed.

Jamal let out a dry chuckle, dapping Jhavier up again and heading back towards the gates. He saw the shot one of the guards by the gate a glance, and they opened the barbwire gates for him. he walked through, sending a head nod to the guard making his way back to his and Hector's cell. "Xander is coming here?" Jamal whispered with a smile on his face.

He missed the older man. He was excited to tell Hector; maybe they would be friends. The two most important people to him had to get along, right?

He made his way into his cell and walking to his bunker. She swiftly took off his jumper, leaving him in just his shorts and undershirt before laying down. "When would he get here," Jamal thought to himself, excitedly anticipating the next time he sees Xander. He was almost fast asleep when he heard Hector come in.

"Hey baby," Jamal smiled, turning his head to look at the taller man. Hector smiled, feeling his heart flutter. He gave Jamal a confident grin. He was Refraining from walking over to him because the cell door was still open.

The couple lounged around in their cell until they were able to close the cell door. Jamal sighed, pleased as he climbed up to Hector's bunk and laid on top of the taller man. Jamal wasted no time going in for a kiss.

The kiss was short and sweet; Jamal pulled away, grabbing Hector's beard. He examined the Light skin's face before licking Hector's closed lips to the tip of his nose.

"You like that nasty shit, don't you" Hector laughed, grabbing Jamal's ass.

"And what about it" Jamal laughed, still softly caressing Hector's face.

"Baby, I have some good news," Jamal smiled. "Xander, my friend from outside; I heard he's being transferred here," Jamal sighed happily. Hector, on the other hand, stiffened.

"He's what?" Hector scoffed. "why the fuck are you happy about that. you're mine, right?" Hector growled.

Jamal got taken aback by Hector's tone. He thought he would be excited along with him. "I'm yours? since when?" Jamal snapped back, letting go of the hector's beard, attempting to get off the taller man's bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" Hector asked, pulling Jamal closer to him, holding the dark skin man tight.

"Hector fuck you. Why would I not be excited? I already told you how important he is to me."

"And I said you're mine. Why are you excited for some bitch to come here? What yall had out there is just that. Out there. In here you're mine," Hector scoffed.

"We didn't have anything out there; hector, stop acting like a little bitch" Jamal said softly with a pout on his face.

'Watch that fucking word," Hector warned.

"I can't believe you; why can't you just be happy with me?"

"Why the fuck would I be happy when a next man got my boyfriend laughing and giggling and he ain't even here."

"I'm not your boyfriend, hector," Jamal whispered, looking away towards the metal door.

"you're not mine?" Hector asked, his grip on Jamal's waist tightened. Hector took the opportunity to thrust up into Jamal.

The shorter man bit his bottom lip to refrain from feeding Jamal the sounds he wanted.

"you haven't asked me, Da-." Jamal stopped himself from finishing his sentence, remembering that he's supposed to be angry at the light skin.

"I don't think I need to ask," Hector spoke, distaste clear in his tone.

"Yes, you do. I'm not yours. this--" Jamal pointed between him and Hector. "Is not official; you cant tell me what to do, especially if it involves Xander," Jamal scolded. His lips were upturned.

"Especially Xander? Jamal, don't get me angry. ill fuck you up." Hector whispered. Venom seething through his every word.

"Yes, I said, especially Xander," Jamal repeated, folding his arms on his chest.

"Get off me. Go lay on Xander when he gets here since you don't play about him" Hector laughed bitterly.

"Hector, are you being for real right now?" Jamal gasped in disbelieve.

"I'm serious. Get off me. Now"

"Hector?" Jamal asked; yes, he was about to cry.

"I don't like repeating myself." Hector's voice held no emotion, and that caused hector's eyes to sting harder.

"Baby, stop," Jamal pouted, refusing to blink, afraid he was going to cry. He held unto Hector's head, sliding down his body to place a kiss on his lips. Hector didn't welcome the kiss./ He turned his head to the side, causing the kiss to land on his jaw.

Jamal blinked, letting the tears escape. "Hector, if I get off this bed now, I promise you, you won't ever get the chance to talk to me again," Jamal mumbled. Hector said nothing. He clenched his jaw.

Jamal nodded, about to get off the taller man until he felt Hector's hands grip his waist in a tight hold.

Jamal sniffled, pleased that Hector came around. The two sat in awkwardness, waiting for one to speak first.

"I'm sorry" Hector swallowed his pride. He traced his hands along Jamal's sides, sending shivers through the dark skin on top of him. "I hate how you speak on that grown-ass man," Hector continued causing Jamal to frown.

"He's so important to me, though. You know this. He saved my life if you think about it," Jamal confessed. A pout on his plump lips. Hector swallowed the jealousy. He felt afraid it would be too obvious.

"When and if he does get moved here, I have a feeling I won't be getting your attention anymore," Hector Admitted, his right hand firmly gripping Jamal's ass and his left holding his waist. Jamal wiped his face and leaned down to place a soft kiss on Hector's lips.

Hector accepted the kiss this time around. The innocent kiss slowly turned heated as Jamal began gyrating his hips on Hector's clothed dick. Jamal whimpered, breaking the kiss as he started tracing kisses along Hector's jaw down to his neck, still softly moving his hips. Hector groaned morning, his hand from Jamal's waist and placing it on his ass. Jamal's back was arched perfectly as he kissed and sucked on Hector's neck. Hector knew he had to be leaving marks.

Caught up in the ecstasy, Hector maneuvered his hands into Jamal's shorts, slowly squeezing his cheeks then pulling them apart to access his hole. Jamal whimpered, gradually losing the power to continue leaving hickeys on Hector. "Daddy," Jamal moaned, giving up as he just placed his head in Hector's neck panting. "You'll always have my attention," Jamal whimpered. His plum lips grazing Hector's neck as he spoke

Hector groaned, pleased as Jamal continued moving his hips to give his dick some friction. Hector traced his pointer finger around the ring of Jamal's hole, desperately wanting to push in. His dick was on brick, and there's no hiding that he was pent up. If it weren't for Jamal, he would have been fucking Alejandro. He's never gone months without fucking before, and it's getting to him. As Hector zoned out, Jamal began getting impatient. He needed Hector to push in.

"Can I?" Hector desperately asked. Jamal quickly nodded his head arching his back further. Hector smirked, moving one hand from Jamal's shorts, and hastily pushed it under his pillow, searching for the bag of condoms and lube Damion gave him for his birthday. When he felt it, he quickly pulled it out, ripping the bag open with his teeth and his free hand. The condoms fell on the bed, and some landed on the floor. He made a mental note to worry about that later the lube fell close to the ends of the bed, but Hector caught it.

Jamal continued moving his hips to try and get some form of relief. "Hurry, please," Jamal groaned. Hector popped the lube open and poured some on his finger. He used his free hand to push Jamal's shorts, so they fell under the curve of his ass. Hector put some of the lube around Jamal's hole. He slowly moved in his pointer finger. Jamal whimpered, his hands going to his mouth to stop himself from making too much noise.

"You know better than to cover your mouth puss," Hector warned as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

"Mmmn," Jamal whimpered, biting onto his lips.

" I told you I don't like repeating myself move your hand. Now" Hector warned, adding a second finger. Jamal quickly moved his hand from his mouth as he gasped loudly at the new stretch. "You like that shit?" Hector asked, a proud grin on his face.

"I love it-t" Jamal moaned. His voice was dripping in arousal, and he knew he was close to releasing "Baby, I want-mm."

Hector understood what he meant and pulled out his fingers. Jamal wined angry at the lightskin man. Hector just gave him an even grin. He pulled up Jamal's shorts and brought his fingers to his lips, licking them. Jamal laid they're stuck, horny, and angry.

"Get Xander to make you Cum." Hector smiled evilly at the dark skin. They were both still hard, but Hector wanted to play games. Jamal laughed and nodded. Two can play at that game.

"Maybe I will......daddy," Jamal teased.

"What do I have to do for you to admit that you're mine?" Hector asked, maneuvering his hand under Jamal so he could fix his bulge.

"You can start by asking me first, Hector," Jamal laughed. He felt a little shy. He couldn't stop smiling. Hector hummed, wrapping his arms around Jamal and laying him flat on his chest.

"Jamal, will you be my boyfriend?" Hector asked.

"Yes!" Jamal replied, leaning down to place a kiss on Hector's nose.

Hector grinned, his straight teeth on display.

"Oh ight, I thought so."

"Nigga shut up," Jamal laughed, smushing Hector's face. "No, get up and give me what I want."

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