Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 12


February 28th

Jamal and Hector have now been together for eight long days. their relationship blossoms daily as they continue to learn what makes each other tick. Keeping their relationship a secret has been more complicated than they thought. They were now in the honeymoon phase and hated to be apart from each other for too long, Especially Jamal. For some reason, Damion hasn't been the one to check role-call for them for the past week and a half, so they either had to sleep in their own assigned bunker, or Hector had to start waking up early.

Of course, Hector insisted he will wake up early. However, he was always tired. The warden asked him to work in his office instead of the gym. He did that on top of studying for his GED.

On the other hand, Jamal was never an early riser, so it was out of the question for him to attempt to wake up earlier. His mind has also been occupied with Xander coming, which he's confirmed should be in the next two days, as well as finding a way to get one of the nurses to double-check for him if he could get pregnant. He didn't share this information with Hector. Not yet, at least.

He was currently sitting outside the warden's office shamelessly flirting with the boy at the front desk so he would look away in case he heard something he shouldn't. He felt as if he was back in high school, sitting outside the principles office looking clueless on his surroundings. The warden piqued his head out to look at Jamal.

Jamal quickly stopped smiling at the lights boy by the front desk. "Jamal," the warden gave a curt nod to him, indicating that he could come in. Jamal slowly got up and walked into the office, not without flashing the petite boy his world-renown grin. "Warden, wassup, "Jamal smiled, sitting down in the chair opposite the bald white man.

"I assume you were told why I want to meet up with you?" Jamal asked.

"No, I wasn't. Why wassup. you need a special favor again?" He asked with a bored expression plastered on his face.

"Well, yes. I need a nurse." Jamal just said his head held high shoulders straight. He looks confident, threatening.

"Nurse for what? You dying?" The warden questioned.

"Nigga I might be. Are you going to help or not" Jamal asked, his voice dripping with unidentified anger.

"Calm down, Jamal. You're asking me for a favor. I can't just give it to you without knowing what the fuck you need one for. You're not outside. everything I give you I need to account for in the books." The warden stressed, an attempt to avoid conflict.

Jamal looked away, conflicted. Should he be honest, or should he lie?

"Listen. I need some tests done, I haven't been feeling well, and I remember my moms told me my pops had some hereditary disease," Jamal whispered, attempting to seem scared. "I think either you give me my nurse to run tests on me, or you let them take me to the hospital."

"I'll give you this. They can run tests on you here. But I get to know everything," the warden stressed as he sat back in his chair, arms crossed. "Ight whatever," Jamal whispered, a smirk attempting to cross his face. Yea, he always gets whatever the fuck he wants in here.

"We done?" The warden asked.

"Yea, I need them to do it today. And don't think I don't know what you are doing putting Hector in my cell. You aren't slick. You're lucky that nigga apologized because I would have come in here for a different purpose." I laughed, getting up off the seat.

Jamal P.O.V

the warden looked up, shooing me away. "Be in the infirmary by 6. it'll be roll call, so I'll get a guard to come get you." I smiled, feeling accomplished as I made my way out of the office. Six is only three hours away. This has to be good. I walked out, gave the little light skin boy another smile, and left. Now, if he goes out and tells people I was smiling in his face Hector is most definitely going to have a fit. That's a story for another day.

I walked, well jogged, backed to the yard to see Hector cheesing in that little boy's face. The same boy I told him I don't feel comfortable with him being with. I looked at them for a second, halting in my steps. I will beat his ass. I looked away from them and made my way back to sit. When Xander comes, and I smile on his face, I don't want to hear him complaining.

I felt myself smiling; His karma is coming. I almost fell asleep basking in the sun before I heard the loud blaring woke me up. It's nearly six. I made my way to my cell with the intent of ignoring Hector. I got to the dorm before him and just rolled my eyes. I hope they come to contact me before he comes in here.

I went to my section and checked myself in the mirror. If I'm honest with myself, I'm nervous about this. Why am I doing this in the first place? It's not like I'm ready to take our relationship to the next level. I sighed, stepping away from the mirror.

Not too long after, I heard loud banging. On cue, the door opened, showcasing the guard who I'm assuming is supposed to be my escort.

"Infirmary, right," He asked with an indifferent expression on his face. I nodded and followed him out of the cell right in time because I saw Hector making his way down the hall. The walk to the infirmary was silent and dreadful, but when we eventually got there, the new guard leads me inside. and made sure I was seated before leaving to stand outside the door.

"Hey! Jamal? Can I call you that?" the nurse asked; she was a cute girl—dark skin with long dreads and burgundy scrubs.

"Call me whatever you want" I winked at her. "Yeah, uh, I need a favor" This is going to be embarrassing.

"this a little embarrassing, but I think there's something in my stomach. yall got an ultrasound machine?"

"Yes, we do. Why wassup?" She asked, getting closer.

"Before we get this started, ima need you to reassure me that you can keep a secret. this something serious." I warned, and she rolled her eyes.

"Okay, Jamal, you have my word."

"Ight, well, I need to know if I can get pregnant. I never tested it out, but I remember my mother saying I could." I confessed to her, and her mouth went agape.

"W-ow umm yea we certainly can. I'll have to do an Ultrasound scan. normally we would put it inside the vagina, but ill have to put the probe in your butt. is that something you're okay with?"

"Uh?" hell no, I don't wanna do this anymore. No.



"Alright. I'm going to bring out the machine, and I need you to strip and lay down on the table." the nurse left swiftly after, and I did as told. I stripped down from my jumpsuit and shorts and laid down on the makeshift—examination table. I laid on my back and covered my dick to hide away that unfortunate part of my anatomy. I closed my eyes, waiting. My eyes popped open when I felt a cold hand on my thigh.

"I'm going to need you to spread your legs a little wider," she said, placing a sort of rubber on the sizeable white probe and lubing it. I closed my eyes, and she just slowly pushed the object inside slowly. There was no pleasure from this. It wasn't like when Hector would touch me. This was uncomfortable.

The nurse just kept moving that big ass thing inside of me until she gasped. I looked at her then at the screen she was looking at.

"l-look right there!" her pointer finger landed on a large mass on the screen.

"you can have your baby!?" she whisper yelled low enough that the guard would not hear. I don't know why I started crying.

I can have my baby.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Use this space to leave your thoughts! I hope yall are all safe. See you Saturday.
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