Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 14

The next morning

Jamal woke up earlier than Hector the next day. That was entirely out of the ordinary; he never wakes up early, at least not earlier than Hector.

Jamal shrugged it off and snuggled his head further into Hector's neck. He forgot that he needed to go to the nurse with Hector. Jamal honestly did not care; He figured that everything would be fine if he never saw that nurse again. Hector moved a little under Jamal, causing the blanket covering them to shift down. Jamal caught his eyes dart to Hector's dick. The dark skin boy bit his lip and looked back at the ceiling. Should he?

The thought that the door could open any second for role-call scared him, but this is the first time since their first time doing anything sexual that he felt the need to give Hector head. It was a surprise to him, but he decided not to push away the feeling. He looked back down at the tent under the blanket and pulled it off slowly. He pushed himself down until he was face to face with Hector's third leg. Hector is light skin; however, his dick is much darker, with a creamy mushroom head. His dick was standing tall with violent veins scattered around.

Jamal swallowed the lump in his throat and looked up to see if Hector was awake. He noticed that the taller man was still sleeping; he smiled and looked back down to his treat.

Jamal licked the mushroom tip, practically drooling. He was really about to do this. Never mind the fact that he's never given head before, but he'll do anything for Hector. Go to war and all the above. He gripped the base of Hector's dick and licked on one of the veins.

Hector groaned, waking up. He looked down to see Jamal with his back arched, licking his dick. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming again.

"Fuck," He whispered, licking his. Jamal looked up, smiling. He didn't say anything. However, he held contact with Hector as he placed Hector's mushroom tip in his mouth. Without warning, Jamal pushed back and started going down on Hector's dick and fighting everything to keep his teeth covered with his lips and to get more than half of Hector's dick in his mouth. Jamal knew that he didn't have a gag reflex, but he was scared he was taking it slow for now.

The gasps Hector was letting out gave Jamal all the ammunition he needed. he used his other hand to hold onto Hector's balls he moaned on his dick, and began pushing further down.

"Fuck baby," Hector groaned, gripping Jamals head. He couldn't believe what was happening right now. What got into Jamal? He couldn't help himself. He used his hand to push Jamal's head down further; Jamal was surprised; however, he hallowed his throat and allowed Hector further in his mouth.

There was no way Jamal could push all of it down his throat today, but he will settle for halfway. Jamal was on a different type of high. He loved having Hector in his mouth. Jamals movements were getting sloppy as Hector began thrusting up into his mouth. Spit traced down to the base of Hector's dick. Jamal was using his other hand as a form of suction for the part that couldn't fit in his mouth. Hector felt his stomach tighten.

"puss, I'm--fuck" he couldn't finish his sentence before he felt empty out into Jamal's mouth. It's been months since he's gotten head. He couldn't help it. Jamal loved the feeling. He swallowed everything. Jamal slowly pulled off, licking and kissing the tip of Hector's dick while he came down from his high.

"Good morning, Daddy," Jamal smiled, his face glistening with his previous activities."come here" Hector opened his arms; Jamal slowly crawled up, laying his body on top of Hector. Hectors dick twitching by Jamal's thigh.

"What did I do to deserve all that? you did so well had me stuttering." Hector confessed to using their blanket to wipe Jamal's face.

"Nothing, I just um appreciate you," Jamal whispered, leaning down to kiss Hector then his neck tats. Before anything. Else could happen the loud ringing blared through their cell.

Jamal cursed, rushing off Hector. The light skin man was no help. He laid back and watched Jamal scurry back to his bed. Jamal got under his blankets just in time before the door opened. The guard from the last nite walked in with a smirk on his face.

"Hey Shawty," he smirked, looking down at Jamal with his clip in his hands.

"I told you don't call me that, 'll smack you," Jamal retorted. Adonis did not care. He looked up at Hector and gave him a nod. Hector scoffed and clenched his knuckles. He wanted to make sure Adonis wasn't breathing. Jamal was his, and he did not tolerate any of that disrespect.

"Y'all are good. showers are open." Adonis smirked before winking at Jamal then walked out. "Entertain another man in my face again," Hector warned, getting out his bunker, not caring that the door was open and his dick was out.

Jamal couldn't do anything but moan. The anger in his boyfriend's voice was doing something to him.

"What time do you go in to shower? I'm coming with you." Hector asked. This was indeed the first time they've spoken with the door open like this.

"in an hour," Jamal announced, pointing to his closet. Hector understood. he walked to Jamal's closet and pulled out boxers for the short man. He threw it at Jamal, and he quickly put them on. As Jamal was turning to lay back down, he heard his name being called. He knew that voice; he couldn't help his smile as he jumped out of his bed. Xander walked into his cell with two men next to him. Jamal laughed, walking over to Xander, completely ignoring everybody and everything. He hugged the large man.

Xander was finally here, and Hector was fuming.
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