Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 2

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Hector's P.O.V


When I was asked to be cellmates with Jamal, I thought the idea was terrible. I was confused as to why the warden would even suggest something like this. Jamal and I always fought. Always. Every time I look into his pretty ass eyes and realize that I can't have him and the realization that he hates me, I get heated. It also doesn't help that his short little ass also has a short temper and wants to scrap every time he sees me. I know I had one of my boys keeping tabs on him, so when word came to me that Jamal's boys beat up mine to the point where they had to transfer him to the hospital, all hell broke loose. Sadly Jamal didn't get to experience it since they put him in solitary for fucking up tory.

He ain't get to see the fights that broke out in the yard nor the showers, but I made sure his boys knew I am not one to play with. The warden was tired of all the fights as well as prior incidents with Jamal. He gave me a proposal to be the new cellmate and mend over our problems, or else he's locking me in solitary for a year.

I don't know why the fuck he puts all the blame on me. However, I've wanted to mend shit with him for the longest. It's not because I'm pussy and want to stop fighting, but it's because I don't like hurting him. Yes, I got a soft spot for him, and it infuriates me because I see that he doesn't give a fuck about me.

Living in a tight space with him has been so challenging. Looking at him, his movements, everything has gotten me so sexually frustrated. In the yard, I can't help myself but stare at him. His boys are starting to notice, and I can tell they view my constant stares as threats. I don't give a fuck, though.

Currently, we're in the cafeteria. My usual table is on the opposite side of where Jamal's table is. The diner was loud as hell; the boys kept laughing at the dumbest shit. I sat at a spot where it was clear for Jamal to see me. I had my legs spread with my shoulders leaning behind me, resting on the table.

We made contact. He held it for a few, and fuck, his pretty ass eyes shouldn't affect me this much, but I felt my dick twitch. I licked my lip. I saw his stare falter for a bit, making me smirk. I turned around to face the boys. "Héctor, ¿por qué sigues Mirando a ese chico?" Josh, one of my boys, asked. Josh is my right-hand man, but this isn't something I could share. They know he's my cellmate, but they don't know about the proposal the warden gave me.

"Se ha Estado moviendo diferente, así que solo estoy vigilando" was my curt reply before we heard the loud rings and the guards letting us know it's time to get back in our cells for leisure time. "Joshua did a tu compañero de celda Que se reúna Conmigo en J19. Necesito algo de Cabeza." The boys laughed.

"Estas reprimed, eh," one of them yelled, laughing. I grunted, ignoring their cackles, and got up. I followed the line of people.

"Simplemente decirle que venga." I yelled back to them. Josh's cellmate, Alejandro, is a short feminine boy. He and two other people are the only ones I've fucked since being in this prison. I've been here for seven years. aI let him know that I wanted no feelings attached, and he understood. after all, he's in love with Josh.

Once I got to our cell, I saw that Jamal was already there lying down in bed, throwing a small ball up to hit the bottom of my bunk.

"Aye can you leave out the room for a bit?" he asked as I started taking my arms out of my jumper and tying it around my waist. I saw his eyes swiftly examine me. His eyes snapped back to give me eye contact.

"I'm not going anywhere the fuck. This is also my room, too nigga" he said, sitting up on the bed. "and why are you telling me to leave? I don't have to listen to you."

"Bro, watch how you speak to me. I ain't come at you disrespectfully. You've been saying slick shit since I moved in here. It's been a month move on." I ain't catch myself yelling, but I guess I was utterly fed up. His face formed into a scrawl. Before he said anything, a cough was heard.

"Hector," I heard Alejandro's soft voice spoke up. He had a strong Cuban accent, and that added to his beauty. If you look at him, you wouldn't be able to tell he caught a body. I looked over at him and beckoned him forward with my pointer finger. He walked over to me and smiled. He waved to Jamal, and all he did was scoff. He turned and laid back in bed. Fuck him.

"Hey baby," I smiled down at Alejandro.

Jamal P.O.V

He just called that little twink 'baby.' I don't know why that caused a pinch of pain in my chest. I just tried to look away. However, I couldn't help my self but to turn and look at them. I saw him kissing on that boy's neck and gripping his ass. That little bitch was moaning, and I just wanted to fuck him up.

"ight baby gives me head," Hector grumbled. The little Spanish bitch kissed MY MAN.

Your man? I asked myself

The reality of it all is this month we've been sharing the same space doesn't help how I feel towards him. It's making me so angry that I just want to lay up under him, but he hates me. Look at him now about to get head in front of me. I cant accept the fact that this man makes me so submissive.

Hector took his jumper off and pulled out that big ass dick of his. my mouth watered, staring at it. The boy whose name slipped my mind went on his knees with no thought that I'm also in the room, and the door is wide open. He swallowed Hector's dick. I couldn't watch them anymore. I turned around and faced the wall. I was shaking with anger and jealousy as I heard them moaning. Fuck I hate this so much.

This went on for some time till I heard a long grunt. I'm guessing it's over. I listened to some more movement than a small 'bye.'

"My fault, but I told you to step out." I heard him say. I decided to take the pillow off my head and turn towards him.

"I understand."

Now, why the fuck does my voice sound so weak. Jamal, get your shit together.

I cleared my throat " Uhm, yeah, I got you." He just stared at me with his dick all out. He just stood there and stared. The next thing I knew, he was walking over to me. He reached out to touch me, but then something clicked, and he stopped. He just looked at me one more time then walked away to the sink. I let out a loud huff then laid back in bed.
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