Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 3

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Jamal's P.O.V


I saw him wipe his dick, then put it back in his joggers and washed his hand and face. He gave me one glance before he climbed up to his bunk. I wonder what's running through his mind right now. I decided to take a nap. I don't like how I'm feeling right now, and a distraction is much needed.

I laid restless in the bed till the loud rings were heard again as I listened to the guards yelling roll call. Not long after, a guard came in here and checked to see if we were both in the room. He grilled us a bit before he checked us off. After he left a couple of minutes later, the loud ringing from the alarm was heard again, and our cell door began closing. Once the door was sealed, shut, I heard Hector getting up and coming down to my bunker.

"move over," is all he said, and I quickly complied. I moved over a bit, and he got in my bunk, completely forgetting that he's naked. "What's good with you? I don't like how you were acting earlier." I felt a little offended and attempted to turn away from him. "Stop fucking turning away from me. I asked you a question. what happened to your mean ass?" He questioned the complete irritation displayed on his face.

'Leave me alone, hector, please." There that weak ass voice goes again. He just continued to stare at me. I felt him grab my chin roughly and forced me to look at him.

"When I speak, you listen" a whimper escaped my lips involuntarily. My eyes widened due to shock, and I swiftly pushed him off me, and he fell back onto the floor. Where did that noise come from? And why was I acting so fucking weak?

"Jamal" The way he said my name was so deadly. He got up and walked over to my bed again.

"Hector, leave me alone, bro. What the fuck" I glared at him.

Please leave.

He grabbed my chin again and pulled my face closer to him. my eyes trailed down to his lips, and I shifted a little. He was so close to my face I felt the shadow of his lips on mine. I do not like this. I looked up into his eyes, and it looked like he was studying me. I bit my lip to stop any more foreign sounds from escaping.

I came to my senses and pushed him off again. this time, he didn't fall off the bed, but he was close to me. He didn't say a word. He just simply got up and went to his bed.

I huffed again and laid in the bed. I pulled the thin ass blanket to cover my face. Why am I acting like this? I just want to lay up under him. It's like I become so fucking vulnerable around him. I knew this; this is why I disliked him so much. Why does he get to be so dominating? Why can't I? I spent the majority of my time working out to gain muscles. I was always a "womanizer," yet I never slept with any of them. I was too ashamed.

Don't get me started on the third leg he has. Why can't I have that?

Why can't I have him?


Its been ten days since The incident in our cell. I've been more violent towards hector; unintentionally, it's like I'm subconsciously trying to prove myself. We fought our cell while the door was open because he accidentally bumped into me, and I punched him. Yes, I know. Stupid of me to do that. We also got into it because he was standing in front of the sink for too long, and I just pushed him out the way. Hector has also been shamelessly flirting with me, touching on me, leading to most of our fights. We still have so much tension between us, especially when we're outside our cell room.

Currently, I was getting ready to go for my shower. It was leisure time for everybody else; Hector was out of the cell doing whatever he usually does. I had my soap and sponge along with a towel in a little bucket. I gave a quick head nod to the guard standing by the shower. He knew the deal.

I walked into one of the shower stalls and put my bucket down. The stalls weren't too small; it didn't have a door either. None of the stalls did. I shed my clothes put them up on the wall, and turned on the shower. This shit feels so good. The shower is usually my time to let go..let go of all the responsibility. The way the water hit my skin made me moan a little.

"I like the sound of that baby." Hector? What the fuck is he doing in here.

"Hector, bro, get the fuck out," I groaned as I covered my dick.

"I'm tired of the way you speak to me, yo." I heard him growl. I love when his voice gets so deep, and his accent gets so thick.

Get your mind out of the gutter, Jamal.

I felt his presence behind me, and I cupped my dick some more. Who the hell let this man in here. I can't escape. I fell his arms snake over mine. I felt his dick on my ass, and I swear I almost melted.

"Hector, leave me the fuck alone. what do you not understand?" I groaned. His hands made their way over to my hands and attempted to pry my hands off my dick. " Hector, stop." My voice boomed louder than I wanted. He let go of me. I sighed of relief, but he turned me around next thing I knew, he grabbed hold of my chin.

"Move your hand," he whispered, leaning down to kiss my ear. I whimpered and squeezed my arm around my dick. Ain't no way I'm letting him laugh at my lack of manhood.

"Fuck. You don't understand how much I love that sound." he leaned down, and his lips ghosted over mine. He moved his head a little, and I subconsciously chased his lips. "You want it?" he asked, and I shook my head no.

"No?" He asked, and I nodded my head yes. He let go of my chin and stepped back. "Ok, Bebe."

Did he step back?

I moved my hand to grab unto him to pull him back.

"Thought you said no?" He smirked, looking down. "So this what you've been hiding? No Estoy sorprendido" He chuckled. I'm not sure what he said, and that made me feel even worse.

Is he making fun of me?

I couldn't help myself; I felt hurt. I let go of him and went back to grab my dick. I turned around with my ass facing him. I turned the shower off. I guess I won't be showering today. "Aye, what's wrong," he asked, grabbing my arm.

"Don't touch me, hector," I mumbled.

"What's wrong?" he asked again more sternly.

"You laughed at me," I said, looking down at my hand gripping my dick.

"no, I didn't," he said, shocked. I shook my head and snatched my arm from him. I pulled the towel from my bucket dried myself off, ignoring the fact that my 'dick' was out in the open. I pulled my jumper off the wall and roughly put it on."Jamal," he said in a warning tone.

"Hector, leave me al-" I was interrupted by the loud ringing, letting me know leisure time was over. I looked at his naked form again, picked up my bucket, and rushed out. I fixed my face putting on a tough act as I followed down to my cell.

Fuck him.
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