Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 4

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Jamal's P.O.V

I stormed to the cell bumping into people. They knew not to fuck with me so nobody said anything. Im so embarrassed. Our cell door was open along with all the others and everybody was making their way to their respectable cell rooms. i threw my bucket in the corner near my metal closet and went to lay back down. I heard hector come in before the loud noise letting us know the doors are about to shut. i turned around with my back facing him.

"I really don't fuck with the way you're acting. I've let you rock for too long. Turn the fuck around" he growled. As usual my stomach did back flips and my dick twitched. I turned around with a mean mug on my face. I attempted to punch him in his dick since it's the closest thing to me however he grabbed my arm and yanked it pulling me closer to his body. My face got shoved in his dick area and my mouth watered.

Subconsciously i whimpered and moved my head up a little so i could look him in the eyes. he had a smirk on his face. he looked so smug i wanted to punch him in his face but my body wasn't on the same page as my mind.

"i knew it" he laughed his hand held the back of my heard to keep me in place. "You want it?" He teased with a smug look on his face. My eyes fluttered closed and I moved my head around a little rubbing my lips on his clothed dick. "I asked you a question do you want it? If you don't answer I'm smacking the shit outta you". I felt my stomach tighten, this is why I would always hate him. He had so much control over me. He had everything I ever wanted.

"Yes" a breathy moan left my form. He let go of my head and moved to take off his jumper. His dick flopped right out and I stared at it in want and amazement.

"Come here" he stepped back and pointed in front of him.

"I'm not getting on my knees Hector" I looked away. I'm holding on to a small thread of my masculinity and I won't get on my knees for no nigga. No Matter how bad I wanted to taste him.

He rolled his eyes and walked closer to the bed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed. I landed right on the floor. He stepped closer to me and gripped his dick. "You said you wanted it right? It's all yours now show me how much" his scent had my knees trembling. I don't know how to suck dick. I never gave into the temptation when I was out. I didn't want to embarrass myself but I wanted to taste him so bad.

"Jamal, I know you heard what I said or you want me to take it out for you" he teased letting go of his grip on my head. He did as he said and took his jumper off completely leaving his dick all out in the open in front of me. Seeing it made my dick jump.

"Hector I—umm I can't do this" I whispered with my eyes trained on it.

" you can't what?" He cocked his brow staring down at me. His dick twitched and I felt the knot in my stomach.

I gripped the base of his dick and kissed the tip. "I don't think I can do this." I was so tempted but scared as hell. I want to make him feel good but I don't know how.

"You can't what baby? You can't suck my dick?" He asked as he gently tipped my head backwards so I was looking in his eyes. I shook my head yes and all he did was smirk. "Ight then lemme give you head get up" I let go of his dick and got up. He's still a few inches taller than me he leaned down and kissed me his hands gripped my waist and pulled my body flat on his Body. His hard dick was in between our stomachs and I felt my knees get week.

I pulled back gasping. His hand went lower to grab my ass while he bit his lip. I couldn't break eye contact, almost as if I was being hypnotized. "Take that shit off lemme see you baby" his voice was hoarse and it did something to me. My stomach tightened and I couldn't help the moan that slipped past my lips. His grip loosened on me and he stepped back. I wasted no time in taking off my jumper and my white tee. I did not have anything under it so my dick was out on display. "That little thing cute as hell" he laughed.

I looked away embarrassed and clutched it with my hands to hide it from his view. "Oh baby, lo siento. I did it again didn't I" he whispered stepping closer. He lifted my chin up and pecked me on my lips before pecking me forehead. "I promise you, you look so good. Don't worry about that" he whispered. "Are you clean baby?". I'm always clean. I know I'm too scared to take dick but I always make sure I'm clean you just never know.

I nodded my head and he smirked. "Good go lay down on your bed for me face the wall make sure your ass is up and your back is arched" he pecked my lips one last time and I did as told I made sure my back arched I heard noises in the back. I felt his presence behind me. My hole twitched in anticipation. I felt him grab my right cheek then he kissed on my puckered hole.

"Hurry" I whimpered biting my bottom lip.

"Be patient" he kissed my back down to my ass.

He moved down and kissed my hole again. Next I felt his tongue enter my hole. "Mhhm" I moaned pushing backwards on him. My hips faltered as I rotated my hips.

Hector started tongue fucking me. I bit down on the back of my hand attempting to prevent my moaning. The squelching noise added to the atmosphere and I started cumming. "He-Hec-tor mmmmh" I felt so relieved.

He slapped my right cheek and pulled back. I laid there with my back still arched almost falling down in my cum. I can't believe I messed up my bed. "You liked that beautiful?"

I sighed and turned around. Ignoring the cum soaking up my back. "Yes I liked that so much" I uttered looking up at him. My muscles twitched from exhaustion and he just smiled down at me.

"What are we going to do babe? You fucked up your bed and you can't change the sheets till tomorrow" he teased and I looked away embarrassed.

"Sleep with you?" I asked in a whisper and he laughed.

"Así es, cariño" he mumbled tracing my abs.

"Okay get up Jamal let's get you cleaned up". Shakily I got up off the bed feeling icky. He went to the sink with one of his tops and wet it. He came back over and cleaned off my dick and my back.

"Thank you for cleaning me up" I whispered looking away from him. It's the fact that I'm acting like a little bitch.

"You're welcome beautiful" he kissed my forehead.

"I like it when you kiss on me" I mumbled soaking up his presence.

"Oh yea? Come to bed and I'll give you more" he stated throwing his soaked shirt on my soiled bed and going up to his bunk.

"I'm naked."

"So what? so am I. Hurry up and come" he said laying down on his bunk. I climbed the stairs and went up to his bunk. The beds are so small I don't know how this will work. We're both big men. I got in the bed practically laying on top of him.

"If we don't wake up early and they open the gates everybody will see us" I mumbled slowly laying my head on his chest.

He didn't say anything. He just hummed. I felt his hand go down go squeeze my ass. I whimpered thrusting my hips a bit causing my dick to rub on his thigh. "You're so sensitive" he mumbled looking up at the ceiling.

"Hector we can't do this again." I rushed out.

"Look at me" he growled and I picked up my head to look at him like some obedient bitch. "Fuck you mean we can't do that again?" He asked sternly looking at me straight in the eyes.

"I just don't feel it's right to continue with whatever this is because it won't end well" I mumbled still looking at him.

"It's going to end with me 10 inches deep in you 4 times a week. I think that's a good ending to me." That honestly made me laugh. I laid back down on his chest and sighed.

"Go to sleep Hector" I mumbled putting most of my body on top of his.
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