Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 6

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February /1/2019

"There's not much to know about me Hector" Jamal mumbled looking up at the bottom of hectors bed. Hector sucked his teeth and pulled Jamal closer to him. "You like touching me?" Jamal laughed. Every time jamal and Hector were alone Hector always needs to have Jamal in his arms. They've been cell mates for almost 2 months and they honestly don't know each other that well. They haven't passed the surface.

"If you're not tryna open up let me go first." Hector mumbled looking down at the large male laying on his chest. "i inherited El Alma when i was about 18 from my pops. He got locked up a few months after, i'm 30 birthday is February 14th uhh" Hector laughed a little stumped.

"I'm 24 and my birthday is March 12, i didn't know you were 30. Your birthday is right around the corner." Jamal grabbed unto Hector's beard admiring his face. "Why are you locked up? how long have you been here? when do you get out?" Jamal gave in asking the important questions. Well, important questions to him.

"yea, its right around the corner, you want to get me a gift? and I've been here for seven and a half I got fifteen more to go and Manslaughter" Hector mumbled pulling Jamal closer to him.

"Oh yea? shit me too" Jamal laughed causing hector to raise his right brow.

"Oh? who?" Hector asked causing jamal to groan.

"My Stepdad" Jamal confessed. That peaked hectors interest. "H-he was very abusive to me and he didn't like how i was. He's part of the reason wh—" Jamal stopped talking looking up. He shifted a little almost taking his head off Hectors chest. Hector didn't move or say anything.

He felt anger. That's the only emotion that registered into Hector as he held Jamal.

"He beat me all the time since I turned 10 because according to him I was too feminine. My mom watched him beat me too and she didn't help. She told me it was character building. When I turned 15 I stopped going home as much and stupidly followed one of my friends. He's the one that brought me into the life." Hector listened as Jamal decided to open up to him. He pulled jamals body closer to him so Jamal was practically laying on top of him.

"After they beat my ass" Jamal continued laughing "I realized I need to start working out more because I didn't want them to come to the same conclusion as my step father. From then on I started building my weight gaining muscles. At this point I wasn't fucking with my family at all. I was slowly moving out of their home and to my friends home. He lived by himself he was much older than me."

Hector didn't like the mention of the older man taking care of Jamal but he let it go. He hummed to let Jamal know he was still listening. "When I turned 18 I thought that they would have changed. My friend convinced me to invite them to my graduation so I did just that. I thought they wouldn't come. my mom came by herself and she seemed so proud and happy to see me. She invited me home. My dumb ass, I went along with her and I saw that man drunk sitting in the living room. He started yelling at my mom and manhandling her. I realized then that he was beating her." Jamal took a break sighing. He didn't realize that he was crying. Hector said nothing and pulled him even closer to his chest squishing Jamals face causing the bigger male to laugh.

"Hector stop are you trying to kill me" Jamal joked wiping his tears on Hectors jumper.

"Nothing like that I'm just listening." Hector chuckled letting go of Jamal a little.

"But yes I just lost control I blacked out and started fighting him. When I came to my mom was in the corner crying scared with her phone in her hand and that abuser laying on the floor his head busted."

"But yea my mom called the cops on me," Jamal said playing with one of the buttons on hectors jumper.

"That bitch is crazy" Hector gasped causing Jamal to hit him.

"Nigga that's my mom."

"I'm sorry baby," Hector groaned. He didn't realize how hard Jamal's life was. "How come you got a gang in here though?"

"Well it's just niggas from the outside that got locked up. The friend that helped me out became head and I was his right hand. All of the people in here that are my 'gang' know me from outside and respect me."

"Hmm. I'm sorry you had to go through that but for real Jamal I like you the way you are now and when you're outside these doors." Hector confessed. Jamal felt his heart skip a beat.

He likes me. He thought. Jamal couldn't help the big smile that creeped on this face.

"Whatever Hector."

"Well, let's continue with our game." Hector mumbled. "I have a daughter"

Jamal gasped shocked. 'Really?! How old is she?"

"She's 10."

"I love kids. I never knew that" Jamal pouted.

"Yea her moms and I aren't on good terms right now so she doesn't bring her around but I speak to her on the phone frequently." Jamal shook his head. It's sad but situations like that are way too common.

"I'm sorry about that. But I know you and the mom will make up."

"It's my turn right?" Jamal asked and hector nodded. "I think i can carry" jamal mumbled. Hector had no idea what he was trying to say.

"Carry? bebé how are you gonna carry a gun in Prison" Hector asked with his face scrunched up.

"No you dumb ass" Jamal laughed loudly lifting his head off the light skin's chest. "Carry as in get pregnant, as in birth my own baby if i want one" Jamal clarified. To say Hector was speechless was an understatement.

"You can do that for real?" He asked, confused. Yes he heard that its possible but hes never met anybody that could.

"I think I can. I vaguely remember my mom saying something like that to my step dad during one of the arguments. she tried to say thats why i'm so different from other boys because my hormones aren't the same as them." Jamal uttered . Hector was intrigued, also scared to think of them having sex because he didn't want to risk Jamal possibly getting pregnant especially locked in here. Unless they got condoms of course but who was he going to get them from.

"Thats phenomenal baby," Hector gasped out. They'll cross the road when they get there. at least now he knows to be careful with the shorter man.

"I have one more secret."

"What is it?"

"The warden put me in your cell because he was tired of us fighting" Hector laughed.

"I hate that weak ass bitch. He's too much of a people pleaser" Jamal huffed. Hector didn't appreciate the way he spoke of the warden so he used his free hand to slap Jamal's ass harshly.

"Hmm" Jamal moaned. He liked the sensation. "Sorry."

"Tomorrow let's continue this game. I know you have more secrets up your sleeve," Hector mumbled. He was tired and it was already lights out.

"I'm not so sure about that," jamal laughed nuzzling his head further into Jamal's neck.

"Mhm," the tan skinned male laughed. "Alright go to sleep" Hector ordered causing Jamal the to scoff.

"Don't tell me what to do bitch."

"Do you want to try that again?" Hector asked in a warning tone. The dark skinned male laying on top of him cowered away.

"No," he whimpered closing his eyes.

"Good. Goodnight beautiful"

"Hector stop calling me that please," the shorter male felt like his masculinity was holding on by a thread.

"I'll think about it. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Hector."
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