Locked In Paradise

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Chapter 7

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February /2/2019

The next morning wasn't as pleasant as the pair expected. Hector overslept and wasn't able to get out of Jamal's bunker before the alarm went off for morning role call. Jamal was laid up on Hector completely. their legs tangled together and his head in Hectors neck. Hector has his right hand on Jamal's ass and and his left folded over his face. They were too caught up in the pleaser of being laid up with somebody, They missed the loud blaring of the alarm and the door opening. Jamal snuggled deeper into Hectors body completely aloof to what is going on around him.

Lucky for the two boys the person that came in for role call was one of Hectors friends. not friends per say however one of the guards that Hector knew from outside. They were acquainted. The guard, Damion, slowly walked out the room and signaled to the other guard controlling the doors that he took role call and their door can be closed. Damion knew he would bring this up later.

The couple laid in serenity. A few minutes after the cell door shut Hector's eyes opened. He looked down on his chest to see the large male sleeping soundly. Hector laid there staring up at the bottom of his bunk. All he could do was reflect on what happened the night before, He could not fathom the life Jamal had to go through. Confused and saddened by the notion that the younger man had to grow up by himself.

He understood why the shorter man was quick to distrust him. He also reflected on him confessing about his daughter to Jamal. He see's his daughter once every two months, not so much as of late since he's been acting up lately causing him to lose his visitations. He does get to speak to her though. Hector has not disclosed the secret of his family to anybody, not even the boys he call family in here. He surprised himself, He shouldn't be because he trusts Jamal with everything in me. Maybe before they spoke the attraction he felt for Jamal was purely physical. However, now he fells something he knows he shouldn't be feeling; Especially not in the place they are in.

The taller man still could not wrap his head around the fact that Jamal could get pregnant. Yes he see's himself with Jamal for a long period but does he want kids? Hell yea he does. but not in here. He doesn't feel comfortable having sex with Jamal without knowing if he could have children of his own for real and if they find out that he could they would need to find a way to get condoms. He figured that the prison might have record of Jamal's health history, He knows the warden is a people pleaser so he will use that to his advantage.

Hector let out a heavy sigh as he moved his hands from Jamal's ass. He began caressing every part of the shorter man. Nothing sexual, he just wanted to engrave this moment into his mind. He had a feeling something like this will not happen often. Hector's study was cut short when he felt Jamal begin to wake up. He couldn't fight the smile that crept its way on his lips.

"Good morning beautiful" Hector uttered.

"Hector I told you stop calling me that," Jamal whispered snuggling further into the light skin man.

"And what did I tell you after you said that?" Hector questioned an amused grin plastered on his face.

"mmm I don't remember, stop talking." Hector ignored him and tapped on his thigh to let him know he needs to get up. Hector felt that They've already slept in for far too long and he was suspicious why the door wasn't open.

Jamal sighed getting up to stretch. Hector watched his movements biting his bottom lip. Jamal ignored him and walked over to the sink to brush his teeth and wash his face. After he finished Hector took his place in-front of the mirror to do his hygiene as well.

The cell was awkwardly silent, Jamal thought about what happened last night and he almost felt relieved that he was able to speak to somebody else other that his childhood friend about the situation with his family. He felt good having somebody else to speak to. However, he didn't want know if he wanted that to continue. Jamal didn't want to fall deeper for Hector, he didn't want Hector to bring out any more unusual behavior.

"About last night.." He traced off turning to look at hector's sculpted body. "We should not continue what ever this is Hector. I realize that I sound like a broken record but," He looked down as he noticed Hector's smile drop into a scowl.

"Hm?" Hector asked, yes he felt angry, depleted but what was he to do? He stared at Jamal before muttering a "Okay." It's fuck everything that happened last night, fuck the secrets they shared, fuck the kisses, fuck everything.

Hector turned his attention back to the mirror still with a deep scowl on his face. He lo--, Hmm no. He has strong feelings for Jamal not to respect his wishes after he's stressed twice that he wanted their situation-ship to end.

Jamal played with his thumbs and and looked up at Hector.


"Yea Jamal, Okay."

"Are you going back to that hispanic twink?" Jamal caught himself asking with a mug on his face.

"Jamal fuck do you want me to do? you don't want me to be with you and you getting mad at the thought of me being with somebody else. what do you want?" Hector's voice echoed through their cell. Jamal looked down biting his lip embarrassed. He didn't know what he wanted much less what to say.

"I-I-I umm."

"You what? Man stop talking to me" Hector scoffed walking past Jamal, making sure their shoulders bumped aggressively. His accent thick with aggression.

"Hector please relax," Jamal pleaded his voice weak with anxiety.

"I'm fucking calm" The taller man mumbled. he climbed up to his bunk and laid there. Stiff, silent. What was there to be said really.

Jamal made his way toward the bunks almost about to climb up. "Don't climb up in here with your undeceive ass. all you're about to do is lay on me and 'we should not continue this' right?" he ranted mimicking Jamal's words. Almost mockingly.

Jamal held on to the the ladder with a tight grip. He bit his lip and let go, Hector was right. He walked over to his bunk and laid down. the cell silent and cold.

February /4/2019

"Jamal, Yo" Jamal heard his name being called, he zoned out staring at Hector and that skinny bitch that gave him head. Hector wasn't flirting with him but they were certainly too close for his liking.

"Hmm?" Jamal asked still staring in Hectors direction.

"Nigga, why are you staring them down like that, you look like you're ready to kill. I thought you said we need to chill off them," Jamal wasn't even sure who was speaking to him at the moment but he nodded his head and tried to look away from Hector. he saw the boy get closer to Hector. He felt his eyes sting with unshed tears. He made eye contact with Hector and he bit his lip to fight the tears threatening to escape.

Hector hasn't been paying attention to Jamal these past 2 days. He hasn't spoken to Jamal unless needed. He was hurting, he was not angry but he was heartbroken. He noticed how distressed the boy was and fought his instincts to walk over to his table and pull him close to his chest.

He's had his eyes out for Jamal for years. yes they had their fights but that didn't diminish the fact that he was attracted to the dark skin man. After the time they had together he caught himself falling harder. He should have known better though.

Lucky for Hector he had Damion to speak to. The guard approached Him the day after the fight between He and Jamal to let him know that he saw what was going on between the two. He ended up venting to the short brown skin man about the argument he had with Jamal.

Damion advised him to be patient and wait. If Jamal was for him then he'll come back. Hector was willing to wait.
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