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Humor / Adventure
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#1- The Haunted House

Rahul hit a six and the ball flew over the wall. It was an old ruined building. As Rahul went to get the ball he saw that the ball had gone in the house number 9 which was located on the third floor. He got frightened by only seeing the dusty door of the house. He ran immediately to the ground floor and called his two more friends Rohan and Vivek. All the three friends were really very scared to open that door. The ball had actually entered the house through the broken window which was located in the house. As soon as they opened the door they heard a noise, “Eeeeeeeeeeeek!” The door’s hinges were rusty therefore such a sound was produced. They entered the house. It was all dark and a perfect set for a horror movie! They were able to fetch their ball. But, as soon as they were going to leave two men appeared in front of them. They two had not let them go. The children got to know by the surrounding environment in the house, that those people were smugglers. They all were staying on the Andaman And Nicobar Islands in India. The two smugglers smuggled sea cucumbers from the Jollyboy Island which was quite illegal. The children had a phone with them so they called up the police. The smugglers got to know about this and that instant they took the children and ran from their. The children could not tell the police about this because the smugglers didn’t let them speak and hanged up the phone call. But they forgot to switch off their phone. The police knew that something was fishy. They tracked the live location of the children through the sim card and then the police followed them. The police was on a rush. They caught the smugglers. They travelled here and there on the island through a small boat they had. Soon, the children narrated the whole incident to the police and the two smugglers got a jail of 10 years because of doing smuggling which was illegal. But, what about the ball ? The police rewarded the children a cricket set because they helped the police to catch the smugglers.

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