The Reid Brothers

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"If I sleep with the whole freshman class before summer starts I get your room. That Tesla that dad is going to get for you? Mine. Also, I get to be on dad's legacy board. If I lose you get to keep all those things and I'll give you my Audi that you always wanted," He excitedly says and I look at him cautiously. I'm wondering if he's being truthful. Yet, when I see the look in his eyes I know damn well he's telling the truth. "You're on little bro," I nod grinning a bit and I watch as his lips curve up. "When do we start?" I quickly grab my keys to my Lamborghini. "Right now." What did I get myself into? • Christopher and Wyatt Reid brothers by blood and friendship. Both brothers are mostly known for their reputation of being playboys. When blue-eyed younger brother Wyatt makes brown dark-eyed big brother Christopher a bet Christopher can't refuse. Now that's when the brother's game begins. They have until summer begins to sleep with their whole class in their grade. As Wyatt once said, "Let the games begin, brother." • STARTED: ENDED: (©mimisarai 2021) | Book 1-3 | The Christopher Reid Trilogy | Trilogy One Of The Dysfunctional Reid's Family Series | Current Status: Re-writing |

Humor / Romance
Mimi Martin
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Author's Note


Hi everyone, thank you so much for choosing to read this story. This is my third book!


Based on the true story of bromance brothers, friends, and my brother with ( few ) fictional characters and scenes.

You can send me covers if you want I’ll be sure to post on my Instagram.

Music playlists and Gifs will be included in this story.


This story contains strong language, smoking (drugs), and mature scenes.

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Young readers are advised this is a young adult book.

No hate is TOLERATED! Please if you have nothing nice or respectful to say keep it to yourself! Thank you!

My grammar may be off at times so please point it out!

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1. Charles Melton - Christopher Reid
2. Ross Butler - Wyatt Reid
3. Kaya Scodelario - Diana Reid
4. Adryan Hanson - Jayden Reid
5. Jon Bernthal - Edgar Reid
6. Jessica Szohr - Kayleigh Alcor
7. Chace Crawford - Caleb Scott


For Mama and Papa,

my five amazing siblings,

my childhood best friend Steven,

my middle school teachers who believed in me,

to all the boys who have their awesome bromances,


myself for putting up with restless days,

sleepless nights,

even school nights,

I am very proud of myself and this book.

Book One Playlist

Acquainted- The Weekend

Womanizer- Britney Spears

Often- The Weekend

bad guy- Billie Eillish

Wow.- Post-Malone

Taste- Tyga & Offset

Please Me- Cardi-B & Bruno Mars

Losers- The Weekend

No Limit- G-eazy

Confident- Justin Bieber

Good Life- Kanye West

California- Tupac

Location- Khalid

Keep The Family Close- Drake

Make daddy proud- Blackbear

a lot- 21 Savage

No Role Modelz- J.Cole

Bump, Bump, Bump- BK2, Diddy

Legend- G-eazy

Leviathan- G-eazy

American Teen- Khalid

Deadroses- Blackbear

chateau- Blackbear

Happy When I’m Sad- Jonas Brothers

Outside- The Weeknd

The Party & The After Party- The Weeknd

Views- Drake

Keep The Family Close- Drake

Know Yourself- Drake

Worst Behavior- Drake

Wake Up In The Sky- Bruno Mars

The Motto- Drake

I’m A Slave 4 U- Britney Spears

Not Afraid- Eminem

Confident- Justin Bieber

Games- Demi Lovato

Wave To Ya Boyfriend- Jacquees

Dallas- Jacquees

Sexyback- Justin Timberlake

Good Years- ZAYN

Easier- 5 Seconds Of Summer

Jumpin- Jeremiah

The Christopher Reid Trilogy

Book One

Trilogy One Of The Dysfunctional Reids Series



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