The Reid Brothers

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Chapter One

Song: Often

By: The Weekend



That’s the number of girls I’ve slept with.

My first time was with Cindy Mcallister, she was a senior and I was a freshman. She was the head cheerleader and always kept her grades on a ‘B’ average.

One night her boyfriend Daniel a football player who played alongside my brother, the captain, broke up with her because he wanted to date college girls. She wanted to get revenge so she had sex with me.

I was sitting down on the couch when she came up to me and started making out with me. She had somewhat heard about me since one of her friends was dating my older brother Jayden.

You can never turn down a Reid brother.

We’re legends, mostly known for being one of the hottest guys in school.

It’s a cliche we know. It’s been our title for years but we can’t change it now.

Cindy later that night told me what her plan was and I agreed. She took me upstairs making sure her ex-boyfriend saw and we had sex on his bed.

It was also her ex-boyfriend’s house which was even better.

I kept my cool and made sure we used protection.

He found us in the morning and tried to beat the shit out of me but I ended up beating him instead. Cindy kept yelling at me to stop but I kept going.

After that, I never saw Cindy again. I heard she’s back with Daniel but she never spoke to me again.

It didn’t bother me.

I ended up going on with the family legacy and became the lacrosse captain.

Next year will be my last year which means Wyatt is next and he’s already on the road to completing the Reid legacy.

Now that’s where I get here, standing here inside my dad’s office making a bet with my little brother.

“If I sleep with the whole freshman class before summer starts I get your room, that Tesla that dad is going to get for you, and I get to be in dad’s legacy board. If I lose you get to keep all those things and I’ll give you my Audi that you always wanted.” He says and I look at him wondering if he’s being serious.

His lips rise and his eyebrow raises. He only does that when he’s either being serious or mischievous.

Oh, he’s serious.

I think everything he just said over.

What he’s asking for is very dangerous. This bet can come out as a good outcome or a bad one.

The Tesla dad is going to get me before senior year starts is something I’ve been wanting since the beginning of Junior year. That Reid legacy board is very important to us Reid men. It tells the next generation of Reid’s what you’ve accomplished and what you failed at. Dad told us his grandpa made up the board but I have a theory that the Reid family has been doing this long before dad’s grandpa was born. Lastly, Audi is very important to me. Wyatt’s Audi is a sports car. It’s the Audi Sports Quattro and it was owned by our grandpa who passed away a few months ago. I always wanted the car since I was very close to Grandpa Reid. He ended leaving it to Wyatt. I wasn’t angry, but it made me disappointed since I was way closer to my grandpa than Wyatt.

So, if this bet helps me keep my Tesla, be on the Reid legacy board, and have the Audi I always wanted? Then I’m willing to risk it all.

“You’re on little bro.”

His eyes light up and I could see the excitement dance around. He even claps his hands together to show me he’s happy I agreed.

“When do we start?” I asked while grabbing my keys from the key holder.

“Right now.” He starts walking outside of dad’s office to the outside where my car is.

What did I get myself into?

“Which one? Lambo or Mustang?” Wyatt asks and I point to the Mustang.

He nods getting inside the passenger seat.

I get inside the car and of course, like every morning my phone starts going off. I quickly grab it and text messages from girls or the lacrosse team group chat are blowing up.

“So, I get the Junior class right?”

I start driving putting my phone back in my pocket.

He opens the sun visor mirror and starts fixing his hair, “Yes. I get the whole freshman class. Just like I said you have until summer begins to complete the bet. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to win because I’ll have every girl in the freshman class in weeks, brother.”

I can see his smirk from the corner of my right eye which makes my jaw clench.

I hope he doesn’t get his ego too confident. He should know by now that being the captain of the lacrosse team, having every teacher on my good side, and knowing everyone in the different grades gives me an advantage.

I look at the time on the radio and quickly start pressing on the gas pedal.

Wyatt quickly puts on his seatbelt which makes me laugh a little.

I put the limit to fifty and once I see the school I swerve inside the parking lot making everyone turn to us. I press on the breaks and park the car quickly.

I have a big smirk on my face and turn to Wyatt who’s just glaring at me.

“Asshole.” He mumbles before taking off his seatbelt and getting out of the car.

“I didn’t want us to be late, little brother!”

He twists his hand back and gives me the finger.

My laughter fills up the car as I watch him go to his friends which are lacrosse freshmen.

I quickly turn off the engine getting out of the car. I grab my duffle bag and backpack. I look around to see everyone looking at me.

Girls nudging and whispering to each other. The boys trying to either get their girlfriend’s attention back to them or holding their heads up high to look bold.

I close the door of my car and run my fingers through my hair with a smirk on my face.

I start walking towards the lacrosse boys.

Everyone is staring, watching my every move.

Nothing new. We all just came back from winter break and I’m pretty sure every girl here missed me.

“Hey, Chris!” I hear her high-pitched voice and I could feel any type of excitement of being back at school leave me.

I turn to see Mila walking towards me with a giant smile on her face. She’s trying to not fall from walking too fast in heels.

Apart from my wishes, she would just tell me she missed me while the other part of me wishes she’d trip and fall.

Mila Jean, once I had sex with her and she’s been obsessed with me since. She wasn’t even that good at all she did was dig her fingers in my chest which was painful, her nails were sharp.

“What do you want, Mila?” I put on a fake smile and she looks up at me fluttering her eyelashes, “I was wondering if we co-” She doesn’t finish the sentence because I’m already walking away.

“My answer as always is no,” I yell and walk over to the guys.

The same question and the same answer from me.

I never have sex with the same girl twice unless she was really good. It’s rare for me to let a girl get lucky with me twice.

I fist-bump the guys while holding onto my stuff.

“We have to practice today, man. I’ve been havin’ signs of heart attacks. My arm keeps hurting.” Lucas says and the guys snort, “Dude, you aren’t having a heart attack it’s probably from all the jerking-off you do since the girl you’re dating doesn’t put out.” Declan says laughing and everyone oh’s or lets out horsed laughs.

“Whatever, man. Jessie just wants to wait. She’ll have sex with me when she wants to besides you actin’ like I’m a virgin. I did lose it before my boy Christopher here.” He puts his arm onto my shoulders and I roll my eyes, “Actually, Cindy and I started five minutes before you did. I lost it first.”

He makes a face removing his arm from my shoulders.

The only reason I know that he lost it that same day because the guys and I kind of talked about our first times.

The only person who hasn’t lost it was Estefan. He’s saving himself until marriage and at first, we thought he was gay but his parents explained the religious beliefs.

The bell rings and the guys start heading inside.

I look around for Wyatt.

I see him I’m about to call him over but I see what he’s doing. He’s walking inside the school with a freshman by his side.

That little---He winks at me and smirks before going inside.

I’m seriously going to---deep breaths Reid, don’t let the anger control you.

Oh, man fuck it.

I quickly run to Jenna. A girl in my math class.

“Hey, Jenna...right? I was wondering if we can sit together today my partner kind of is a disease carrier,” I say and she just stops her tracks which makes me stop mine too.

I raise an eyebrow and she just stares at me shocked, “ I um...sure. Yeah, I’ll um...I’ll ask Maddie if she’ll sw-” She stops speaking when I frown at her and she just waves it off.

I smile at her feeling successful, “Great, come on we don’t want to be late. We both know how Mr. Danes acts.” I take the hold of her hand and I can see the flush in her cheeks go redder by the second.

Virgins...they never know how to act.

We walk into the school and everyone stays quiet, looking at us.

Jenna’s hands start shaking and I whisper in her ear, “Hey, don’t mind them. It’ll be over once we get to class.” She nods and takes a deep breath.

Jenna is a curvy girl. She has the lightest brown eyes and her hair is so curly.

It’s cute, I like it. Nothing seems to be bad about her.

We get inside the class and sit together in the front where she sits. Her friend got the idea when she walked inside and saw us. She ended up sitting in my seat where Carlos seemed grateful for because he’s already starting to flirt with her.

“So after school, I have lacrosse practice but how about we hang out after? My place, I have a theatre? We can watch a movie. Your choice of course.” I grin at her and she bites her lower lip probably debating if she should go.

“We don’t have to we can just go somewhere else or-” She cuts me off when she shakes her head and says, “No, no. I’m okay with the whole movie thing and yes I’ll just sit on the bleachers waiting for you.”

Victory surrounds me.

“Perfect,” I whisper in a husky tone and she bites her lower lip.

I’m watching her every move. She knows I’m watching her every move.

The teacher starts talking and I quickly turn my head straight.

The Reid brother's bet has officially begun.



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