The Reid Brothers

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Chapter Two

Song: All Night

By: Jody Breeze


She looked at me with such pleasurable eyes and I stared back with boring ones.

I felt myself finish and rolled off her laying on the bed panting.

I blew a big breath and looked up at her wall.

The fifth girl this week.

I seriously need to ask the guys in the lacrosse team which girls they’ve had sex with and see if they’re good. I’ll get the virgins and bad ones out the way first.

Saving the best for last.

This girl next to me was alright.

Her name is Veronica.

This was her second time having sex with a guy.

She’s in my P.E class and it didn’t take much convincing to get her into the bed like some other two girls I had sex with a few days ago.

Veronica has long blond hair, she’s not curvy but she got something. She wears glasses but makeup.

She talks a lot. That was the only bad thing about her, it was she just talks a lot. I mean a lot.

“That was amazing. God, how are you so good at sex? Like Justin was never like that. He wouldn’t even bring me close to an actual orgasm. You made me come for the first time. That was amazing too. I felt everything in me scream and-” I cut her off by pressing my lips against hers.

She’s also cheating on her boyfriend with me at this moment, the first girl to do this. Girls with the prettiest face have an evil side to them.

She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me back on top of her.

Does this girl think she’s getting another round?

I give her one last kiss before pulling myself off her.

I grab my jeans putting them on before grabbing my shirt.

“I have to go. My brother must be waiting for me at the house. I told him I’ll help him with his project.” I lie and she just watches me pulling the sheets closer to her.

“Call me? I had a nice time and please don’t tell Justin. He’ll be super sad like oh my gosh, my parents would kill me. They kind of made this an arranged relationship,” She says and I give her a thumbs up walking out of her room.

Never calling her again.

I open the door putting my shirt on and I see a guy with curly brown hair.

I’m guessing this guy is Justin?

He’s holding flowers in one hand and a Bath And Body Works bag in the other.

I smirk looking down laughing.

I pat his shoulder, “Dump her, dude. She wasn’t worth it.” He just stares at me sighing like he knew this was going to happen.

I walk to my car and get inside.

I need to take a shower once I get home.

I start the engine and roar my engine. I turn my head to the side a bit and watch as Justin points outside from Veronica’s window. She’s just covering her face.

I just laugh to myself thinking that’s one way to shut her up.

I drive out of the neighborhood going straight to my house.

Once I got home I just wanted to go upstairs to my shower and wash the smell of this girl off me.

I open the door to my house and once I entered the restroom I regretted it so much.

I quickly turn away from a girl who is on top of Wyatt moaning his name.

How the fuck did I not hear them?

My brother must have a small-“Christopher! Shit!” I hear Wyatt say and I give a small wave.

“Sorry, didn’t know no one was home. I thought you’d be in detention and since dad is still on his business I said didn’t expect you to be home,” I say as I hear shuffling.

Wyatt and some freshmen walk past me. He kisses her on the lips before they both say goodbye to each other.

When he closes the door he turns around with a big grin on his face. He even wiggles his eyebrows and I chuckle, “She was that good?” I ask and he nods biting his lip before smirking.

“Went two rounds with her. Well, you just saw us going on a third one but you interrupted. Cockblocker.” He slaps my back before sitting down on the couch. I walk over to him standing next to the television.

I’m never sitting on that couch again.


“Dahlia, she’s-well was a virgin. Virgins surprise the hell out of me. Calling her after I win this bet.” He smirks at me and now I’m laughing loud, “Oh brother, you’re not as cool as me. I have girls on the schedule.” I walk over to him and pat his shoulder.

“It’s okay tho, no worries. I’ll be the one with that Audi of yours.”

I run upstairs not bothering to see his reaction. I go into my room and start taking off my clothes. I leave them scattered around my room. I quickly run into the bathroom and turn on the water, quickly get inside.

I’m so ready to wash myself off from annoying girl sex.

I grab my shampoo scrubbing it all over my hair.

I could use a haircut but don’t feel like cutting it. Girls seem to like tugging on my hair or running their fingers through it. If it makes me win this damn deal then totally worth growing it out.

Once I was finished I hopped out and wrapped a towel around my waist. I brushed my teeth scrubbing well since we did do a lot of kissing. It was mostly me trying to shut her up. She might have woken up the whole neighborhood with her loud vocals.

I stared at myself in the mirror and moved my head from side to side.

People say I look like my dad, Wyatt looks like our mom, Jayden looks like our grandpa, and Diana looks like her mom.

There are four of us in general. Diana is our half-sister.

Dad had an affair with her mom a long time ago. She found out while she was pregnant with Wyatt. The affair was going on for two years and they had a daughter. We accepted her of course but mom didn’t stick around before she can even meet her.

Mom left for Washington state where she’s now happily married to some pretty cool guy. His name is Joey. He has a hippie vibe but other than that she’s happy.

The three Reid brothers always visit her when we can, we haven’t seen her much since Jayden has been working at dad’s company in Chicago.

I remember dad trying everything to get mom back but she kept rejecting him saying every time, “We just don’t love each other anymore, Edgar. You noticed it before since you cheated. Next time just divorce don’t cheat.”

Before she left all you can see in her eyes was full of pain. We all hugged her and made sure she knew we loved her. We couldn’t go with her since she needed time for herself.

Wyatt at the time was only a few months old. She had no energy to take care of a baby so Jayden and I raised him. We don’t blame her, dad was a dick for what he did.

When Wyatt was little he’s been nagging us and dad about visiting mom every chance he got. Sometimes we’d let him go but other times no because Jayden and I want to go with him.

Dad was never the same after she left. He’s been a cold-hearted asshole and always pushing us brothers around. Whenever Diana came to visit from the boarding school he would act as if the day before he didn’t just tell Jayden, Wyatt, and me that we are worthless.

We never let it affect us, of course. We got why he always said that. He misses our mom.

Wyatt and I once snuck into his office when we were younger and saw him crying while drinking whiskey. He was looking down at the picture of his wedding with mom.

Maybe he does have a heart but ever since that night we’d never seen dad cry or have a smile on his face.

I would do anything to see my dad happy again like he was with mom. I tried asking him why’d he cheated but I was too scared besides never was a good time. My dad would always be in his office and all you would hear is screaming.

Now you see why Wyatt also wants to put himself on dad’s legacy board.

He just wants to make our father proud.

I look at my almond-shaped eyes and rolled my eyes.

I do look like my dad, the only difference is my eyes. I have mom’s beautiful brown eyes.

I go outside to my room and walk over to the whiteboard marker that I have on the left side of my room. I got it since sometimes I need to be reminded of doing something my siblings ever ask me to do.

I put a tally mark and just stare at the board. By the end of the school year, this board will be filled with the many tally marks of girls I’ve slept with. Which will be the whole Junior class, I promise you that.

I’m not going down without a fight.

That’s for sure.



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