The Reid Brothers

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Chapter Three

Song: Slow Dance

By: Selena Gomez


“Reid! Ball!” I hear the coach yell at me and I quickly position myself.

I wait for the ball to be thrown at me which it does and I quickly start running with my lacrosse stick against me.

I can hear the cheerleaders practice, they’re all doing some kind of cheer that has my name in it, “Let’s Go! Reid Let’s Go!-” clap, clap-“Let’s Go! Christopher Reid!” I can feel the triumph smile on my face.

I swiftly around my teammates and quickly throw the ball making it into the goal.

Everyone cheers.

The cheerleaders are waving up in the air and doing some tricks.

“Alright, everyone’s practice is over. Hit the lockers. Oh, Reid! Good job as always,” Coach yells, and I send him a salute.

I walk with the guys into the locker rooms and quickly put my equipment away. I pull off my clothes and wrap a towel around my waist making sure it was tight. I head over to the showers and turn on the water, leaving the towel on the hanger that’s behind the showerhead.

The guys start showering too.

I wash all the sweat off me and quickly wash my hair.

“Hey, Reid I heard you’d been going around breaking up relationships. Veronica and Justin? I mean come on was it worth it?” I hear Fernando yell from the other side and I roll my eyes turning off the water.

I wrap the towel around my waist and run my fingers through my wet hair.

Yes, it is worth it. I need to win this bet.

I shrug, “Nothing personal, man. I needed a distraction and she was there. Besides. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she answered no.” I lie about the last part. She did tell me she had a boyfriend and not once did I feel guilty about it.

She was going to end up under or on top of me regardless.

I’m Christopher Reid.

“The great Christopher Reid is being a player now? What happened to ‘I only have sex with important people’.” Brad hollers and I chuckle lowly, “That reminds me...tell your mom I said hello. Oh, also Brad nice batman sheets.”

Everyone laughs and I could see his glare from where I’m standing.

I walk over to my locker and start changing into fresh clothes.

I’m putting on my shoes when I see blue heels in front of me. I look up to see a girl with a bob haircut, dark-skinned tone, and big blue eyes.

“Yes?” I ask raising an eyebrow, “Have you seen Brad? He and I have a tutoring session. He said to meet him here.”

She looks around holding onto math textbooks.

I smirk at her and when she’s done looking around her eyes widen when she looks at me.

I can see how stiff she is over the fact I’m smirking at her.

“Right, Brad is in the showers but aren’t you in my French class? Genni is it?” I ask her and she nods smiling showing the little dimple she has on her left bottom cheek.

“Oui, Je suis assis derrière toi.” She speaks with a crappy accent but all I care about is the fact she’s a junior.

“Look, I’m sure Brad is going to take forever in that shower. How about you cancel this one time? I promise it’ll be worth it. Let’s go to my place. I may or may not need a tutor for French.” I lie about the whole tutor thing.

I have an ‘A’ in that French class. My accent is very presentable and I speak it fluently.

She looks at me hesitantly.

I give her a small pout which I knew would work on her.

It works for everyone.

She nods and I let out a breath along with a laugh, “Great, I’ll meet you outside. I need to get my stuff.” I point behind me and she quickly starts walking outside to the parking lot.

Too easy.

I grab my duffle bag and quickly run to the showers.

“Brad, hope you don’t mind but I’m kidnapping your tutor for the day!” I yelled running out of there before Brad can say something.

I run outside and see Genni standing there beside my car. I give her a small wave and she smiles at me. I walk over to her pulling the keys out of the small pocket of the duffle bag and jingle them.

“Let’s go,” I say and unlock the Mustang before we both enter inside.

She puts her textbooks in the back seats with my duffle bag and other stuff.

I have a mess. I should clean my car just in case I can’t go home and the only choice would be is to park the car on the side of some road that no one drives through.

“Okay, how about on the way you give me some words in French and I’ll try to translate them?”

She says okay as she puts on her seatbelt. I put my seatbelt on too and drive out of the parking lot.

“Je m’appelle, Genni Rivera,” She says and I try so hard not to scoff, “ name is Genni Rivera?” I ask clearing my throat to throw down the scoff.

“Yes, perfect. Now, how about-” I cut her off when I say, “Tu es si belle, Genni.”

She looks at me with wide eyes and I chuckle, “Kill me for wanting an excuse to hang out with you.”

She sinks into her seat as she slightly covers her face with her shoulder.

“I just really been thinking about you for the past week and was hoping for us to hang out.” I let out a small chuckle and try to look between the road and her.

I park the car on the side of the road and turn off the engine, “Sorry, I just need to look at you. I think you’re really beautiful and just something about you makes me excited inside. I know I probably sound like a girl but it’s true.”

I look at her and move my body more to the side.

“Christopher...I just-I-” She shakes her head then presses her lips against mine.

I already know I’ve succeeded.

Our lips move in sync and we both pull away to take off our seatbelts.

I pull off my shirt and she runs a hand down my chest to my jeans. I look at her and she bites on her bottom lip pulling off her shirt. Surprisingly she has no bra. She crawls to me and she sits on my lap.

“I’ve never done this before...had sex in a car.” She lets out a breath nervously and I just look at her, “First time for everything, right?” I start kissing her neck and she hums.

Her hips start grinding against me and I can feel my erection touch my jeans.

“Are you sure?” I brush my lips with hers and she bites down her bottom lip down nodding.

Celui qui a dit que je n’avais pas besoin d’un tuteur.



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