The Reid Brothers

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Chapter Four

Song: Wake Me Up

By: Avicii


I rolled my eyes and groaned putting the pillow over my head.

“What’s wrong?” I feel her fingertips run across my chest and I quickly grab her hand. She looks at me with wide eyes before I let go of her hand.

I stand up and start putting on my jeans, “You have to go. My dad has come home.” She quickly starts gathering her stuff.

Once she is fully clothed we walk out of my room and stop our tracks when we see Wyatt with some random girl.

The four of us exchanged looks before Wyatt and I give each other a curt nod.

“Go, go!” I slightly push Wyatt, his girl, and my girl towards the back door.

I watched as Wyatt took my girl and his girl out the door. His pace walked towards me and we both gave each other a relief look.

We walk downstairs, “He’s home early.” Wyatt mumbles and I scoff, “I wonder what happened this time,” I say and we laugh.

We walk into the living room I spot my older brother Jayden and my sister Diana.

I raise an eyebrow and everyone just looks at each other. I start walking towards Jayden and he looks at me with intense eyes. We end up giving each other a curt nod before smiles took over our faces.

I laugh and we pull each other into a hug, “Jayden, what are you doing here?” We pat each other’s backs and he chuckles, “Diana here wanted to come to visit, and since I take care of her boarding school...stuff.” We pull away from each other and I wrap my arm around Diana’s shoulders.

“What did little Miss Reid princess do now?” I look down at her with a smirk.

She makes a face rolling her eyes, “Some bi-girl was harassing me and I finally punched her in the face. It felt good to let out the anger.” She shrugs and I laugh shaking my head.

“Yeah, well that little anger of yours caused your suspension.” I hear dad’s voice behind me.

Everybody tenses and stands up straight. I even drop my arm from Diana’s shoulders to slide my hands into my pocket shorts.

Jayden brushed himself off while fixing the bottom of his suit. Diana tried to hide anything too revealing. And Wyatt put his hands behind his back like an elementary school student.

I can see the fake smile on all our faces starting to form on our lips.

The three of us turning around while mumbling, “Here we go.” and “The bastard is here.”

Wyatt is the first one to walk up to dad and he pulls off his coat putting it on the hangers.

“Dad.” We all say together and dad just gives us a low grunt.

He looks around and frowns, “Is that perfume I smell on the one you?” I widen my eyes taking a sniff at my chest.

Shit, it’s me.

“Yeah, I bought a new fragrance. You like?” Diana says and I shoot her a grateful look. She winks at me and dad just nods in response.

“Has your mother called since I’ve been gone?” He asks and I nod my head quickly, “Yeah, she wanted to see how we were doing and told me to tell you that to stop sending her money. She’s not accepting it,” I say and he just rolls his eyes.

“Your mother is stubborn as hell. Can’t she just see I want to help?” He pinches the bridge of his nose and I look at Jayden feeling my jaw clench. Jayden is already mouthing to me ’to calm down.

The only reason dad wants to “help” is so he can still keep tabs on mom. She knows this too and that’s why she won’t accept his money.

“How was your trip dad?” Jayden asks and dad just shrugs sitting on the couch pulling off his shoes.

“Christopher, you couldn’t put on a shirt before you came down?” He asks with an annoyed expression and I look at him with narrowed eyes, “My apologies is it not my house? I can’t walk freely without a shirt on?” He looks up at me and sends me a slight glare.

I know I should’ve ignored him, but sometimes he pushes my buttons.

Is myself not wearing a shirt bothering him in any kind of way? I don’t think so.

The good thing was dad chose to ignore my sarcasm. The bad thing was he moved on with a new subject that was worst than not wearing a shirt.

“So, where are the girl’s boys? Did you sneak them out the back door? Our neighbor Mrs. Kane has been calling me for the past week about seeing girls walk in and out of this house for the past two weeks.”

He looks between Wyatt and me.

Diana is laughing alongside Jayden. Both Wyatt and I send them a glare which they choose to ignore.

“We’re just having a little back-to-school fun dad,” Wyatt says and dad raises his eyebrows. He doesn’t even say anything else as if he only brought it up to embarrass us.

Dad mouths ‘okay’ and stands up, “If one of you end up with anything or even a girl pregnant those cars and expensive belongings you both have will be gone.” He points to both Wyatt and me.

I could feel myself get angry as it rises in my chest. The heat creeping up my neck and I could feel my hands slightly shaking.

The only reason I’m getting is that he has no faith in us. He thinks that we’ll end up just like him.

A young father.

“I need to go to my office. All four of you behave. I don’t want anything breaking like last time. I’m not buying a new television. Especially you, Chris. God knows you are the troublemaker here.” He points at me and stands up from the couch. He grabs his shoes and starts walking to his office.

We all wait until he enters his office and closes the door behind him to go off.

“I’m going to go crazy one day because of him. I’m always the person who’s at fault.” I mumble and Jayden pats my back, “Yeah, well out of all of us you have anger issues. Trust me, I’ve had my fair shares of your anger and it’s not a good place to be in.” I roll my eyes and start walking upstairs.

“Come on, Diana. You and Jayden will be here for a week. The least you can do is start playing video games with me,” I say and I hear Diana follow behind me.

Every time Diana gets suspended Jayden is expected to stay with her. Dad needs someone taking care of her and out of the three brothers he trusts Jayden the most, of course.

This also means dad is here for a week since he needs to supervise them.

This is awesome.



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