The Reid Brothers

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Chapter Five

Song: Something Big

By: Shawn Mendes


“Wake up!” I hear Diana’s voice and quickly groan pushing her away.

“Let me sleep it’s a Saturday.”

Suddenly I already know she’s pouting. It’s what she does when she doesn’t get what she wants.

I peek through my eye and of course, I knew I was right.

“Fine, fine.” I get up and watch as she starts clapping her hands.

“You little brat,” I mumble as I grab a new shirt and she throws a pillow at me.

“Heard that asshole.” She yells.

I turn to look at her and she’s laying down on her back. She’s looking back at me and tries to throw another pillow at me.

I pick up the pillows and start fixing my bed once she stands up.

“So, how’d you sleep?” I ask and she shrugs, “Better than the whole year I’ve been at boarding school. The beds are awful. Everything is always scattered or thrown onto the floor. The girl’s rooms are always messy.”

Diana was sent to boarding school for her junior year because her mom was tired of Diana getting into trouble at her old school. Her mom spoke to our dad and he agreed.

Sometimes I act like Diana is my fraternal twin because we were born four months apart. As I said before dad was having an affair for two years. He had a one-night stand and Diana’s mom ended up pregnant. Mom was five months pregnant with me when it all happened.

I just have no idea how my dad kept all this going for two years. When Jayden told me all this I knew that the person I used to look up to was just an asshole with money and no respect for his wife. He lost my love and trust that day I was told to.

It mostly sucked for Jayden because he was four years old at the time and he had to go through all this. He had the responsibility to take care of us since dad was always off on “business trips”. It was all up to Jayden to take care of us, especially since Wyatt and I always fight.

The housemaids would sign our field trip slips or help up with anything we needed when dad wasn’t home.

“Yeah well, you’re going to go back on Friday so my bed would not be going with you. I need it for myself.” I give her a quick wink and she rolls her eyes.

Whenever Diana came to visit she would sleep alongside me on my bed. She says that her room is haunted and my bed is way comfier than hers.

I don’t mind at all.

I just remind her to stay on her side and keep her feet out of my face.

“Yeah well about’s the thing I may or may not got expelled.” She bites down on her bottom lip and I widen my eyes before laughing.

“I’m not surprised. What did you do this time?” I ask and she smacks me for laughing, “I broke into the pool after hours and got drunk on the roof. My friends thought everyone was asleep, but we ended up waking the whole place.”

I burst out laughing and she laughs with me, “Stop! Jayden told me that he’ll tell him to-” She was cut off when we hear Dad call Diana’s name and we both look at each other.

“Yeah, good luck.” I chuckle and she takes a deep breath before walking out of my bedroom.

I follow right behind her. I mean who wouldn’t want to see dad yell at his perfect little girl.

We walk down the stairs and by now we already know what’s going to happen.

We stand in front of him and he’s glaring hard at Diana.

“Your mother specifically told me to keep you in that school, Diana. You know how your mother gets when she doesn’t get what she wants. And what she wants is for you is to stay in boarding school. You had one simple task. Just stay in school and that’s all. So, why the hell is Jayden telling me that you’re expelled?”

He’s yelling angrily and I can see Diana playing with her fingers. She’s looking down at her feet and shrugging her shoulders.

Oh, this girl is good. Miss Reid princess might just get away with this. I’m sure dad won’t even make her fake her way past the begging stage. He hates it when Diana cries.

“You know how many times I had to call the school to give you another chance? About five times, by the third strike you should’ve been out.”

“I’m sorry, dad but girls over there bully me and everyone hates me.” She covers her face “crying”.

Jayden and I look to give each other a look. We both roll our eyes knowing she’s pulling out the ‘princess’ card.

“They always tell me that I’m ugly and I’m going to be like mom a-a-” He cuts her off when he clears his throat, “Okay, okay fine. I’ll talk to your mother about letting you go back to your old school or at least your brother’s school.” He mumbles and goes over to her hugging her. He kisses her on the head as she hugs him back.

Miss Reid princess got away with this once again.

He lets go of her and mumbles, “Your mother is going to kill me.”

He walks past me and I scoff looking at Diana

She stops crying once we hear dad’s office door close.

She turns around and has a big smile on her face. I look at Jayden and he’s rubbing his forehead.

I shake my head and hold back a laugh.

I hear Wyatt’s footsteps and we all look up to see him with messy hair and in his superman pj’s.

“What did I miss?” He asks and we all look at each other before laughing.

It didn’t take long for Diana’s mom to get the news of Diana getting expelled.

She was already at our house a little after we ate breakfast.

I’ve never seen Diana’s mom so angry. She came in here with a ‘killer’ look on her face and she didn’t even acknowledge any of us.

She simply went into dad’s office and has been in there for the past three hours.

The first hour we heard yelling, the second hour more yelling, and the third well it’s quiet which made everyone in the living room concerned.

He’s probably drinking I suggested to Jayden and he said he’s probably being discrete now. Diana said he’s probably dead from dealing with her mom.

Finally, they both came out of the office.

The both of them seemed stressed and tired from all the yelling.

Diana was told to walk her mom to her car which Diana did.

Dad gave us a look that made us uncomfortable knowing what it’s like to deal with a women’s stubbornness.

They do not like to be told they’re wrong.

Diana comes back in and she stares at dad nervously.

“Your mother agreed to let you go to the boy’s school. She also said it was fine for you to move in here. So, I suggest Jayden and you go back to boarding school and gather your things. You’re now living here.”

Dad gives Diana and a small smile before going upstairs to his room.

We all looked at each other and decided to celebrate Diana’s official move-in by doing what we do best.

Going crazy in our own home and breaking stuff.



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