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What happens to the goddesses that don't want to find love? Artemis, the daughter of a wolf goddess, is the first to defy the idea that all women should marry. She doesn't look for men. No, Artemis looks for game. She hunts and she heals. She doesn't need males, right? But some of them stumble upon her path anyway. --- by emptiful

Humor / Romance
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- Prologue

Leto’s POV

“I vow that Leto will not be able to give birth ANYWHERE THAT IS TIED TO THE EARTH!”

Anywhere that is tied to the Earth.

Funny how she pronounced it, as if to give way to an easy loophole.


My train of thoughts was broken as I groaned in pain -- I was about to give birth to twins!

Thank god for loopholes.

Here I was on the island of Delos, against Hera’s wishes, about to defy the queen of the gods herself by giving life to two children.


I had spent weeks looking for a place that was within Hera’s rules, and had just about given up when Poseidon tipped me off about a little island that he could temporarily rise from the ocean.

I’d never be able to repay him. Thanks to him, I’m going to become a mother.

Even if the father is, unfortunately, Zeus.

That ass of a man couldn’t even show up to his kids’ birth.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a spiking pain in my lower stomach. It was happening.

I was giving birth.

I screamed and screamed until it was finally over.

I looked back to a beautiful baby girl. What would I name her? Right from the first time I saw her, I noticed that she inherited my beauty and my bravery. I could see it in her.

I gazed into her eyes.

Her brown irises stared back at me. They were clouded by blurry spots of grays and greens, giving her eyes a misty effect. She reminded me of the moon.

The name fell out of my lips.


I would name her Artemis.


350 words ☠️


This book is a spinoff of Greek Mythology’s Artemis, from Artemis’s POV. This chapter is just to introduce you!

I know, the chapter was crazy short. The next ones are longer, I promise. This was just a prologue!

I will be updating every Sunday (I hope, I might get lazy). HAPPY READING!!

🖤Like & Comment & Whatever🖤

- Emptiful - :)

P.S. 🧐 <- best emoji ever.

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