All About Parenting

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Parenting is an art given by God to nurture little angels . We come to know about it at the moment we become parents.. Our new born baby at our hand is the very first chapter of the book called"Parenthood ".

Humor / Children
Sharon D'silva
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All About Parenting.

They say kids are God. Yeah I truly believe in it. The moment we hold our baby for the very first time we start learning, guarding and caring.

A baby becomes more than a teacher who teach us to be calm, patient, and value the importance of time. We learn how to manage things, work and all the daily chores of our life.

Time management and Responsibilities are the two main things in a normal human being's life but... After a baby we learn the brief concept of Time management and responsibilities.

The moment I hold my baby, I reaslied that this life is worth living for. Everyday every moment I learn something, I let go many things, and the main thing I live every moment.
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