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Divine Purpose

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Demons are real, so are angels. We forget this sometimes but I can't because I was chosen by God to defeat the plague of monsters taunting humankind. We all are chosen. Only we can change our future. What if we could see the evil creatures following us around? What if we could see the demons taunting us day in and day out? Those demons that install fear and anxiety into our minds. My family can. We are the blessed few chosen by God to destroy the evil beings dragging us to hell. We see things no one else should or could. I thought I could fight them off. I was raised to be the strongest but that crumbled when he came along. Cal was the nightmare that turned into a reality. He corners me in the darkest of places; twisting me into a cynical destructive world where nothing makes sense. I don't know how much more I can take before I erupt pieces of what could have been.

Humor / Thriller
Lavinia Bolog
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Chapter 1

Dark forces surround the corners of the earth like leeches attaching onto fresh blood. They are non-human energies who feed on the fears of the weak. The majority of the human race is weak. The world has evolved into a massive roller coaster of temptations. These temptations cause people to subdue to the sinful urges of the flesh and of the mind. Fears develop when the mind recognizes danger and determines whether to confront or run from it. Fear based emotions lead to an energetic opening where all those dark unimaginable spirits and entities can come to life. They surface through and if they are strong enough possess the bodies of humans.

Churches never capitalize on how much power these dark forces have but they grow quickly with each aspect of doubt. Demons are the product of our other side; that side of us that we try so hard to run from or suppress. Every living being has a demon. They latch onto us because we are their life force and when they are strong enough they can depart. Their departure can be the most lethal destruction to our existence. But that is where my family and I come in. We are the blessed and the protectors of human kind. Since birth I was trained to fight the demons of the dark, the followers of Lucifer.

For centuries preachers, pastors, apostles, and even church followers were equipped enough to sustain the negative dark forces and demons from overtaking the earth. That was Lucifer’s plan wasn’t it? Hell on earth. Fear and sin began to grow rapidly fast causing the balance of good and evil to tip. The longer the demons feed on the human emotions of pain, depression, addiction, anger, anxiety, and so on the stronger they develop. Eventually giving them power to morph into a solid form, no longer needing a host.

My church and congregation of Christ are called upon under the blessed saints. My family has been summoned for a divine purpose since birth. My brothers, sister, and I are not like ordinary humans. We are blessed to see all forms of dark negative energies whose intentions are to harm or control the human race.

My life has never been normal but at the moment I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I turned to my right where my brother, Gabe, was conspicuously hiding his new custom blade under his leather jacket. Our swords were carved with holy markings and scriptures that can ultimately kill any demonic forces when plunged into the heart. Gabe was way too excited to try out his new toy.

“Do you kiss her and tell her how much you love her?” I teased because I was sure he already named his blade.

Gabe furrowed his brows. “That’s why she stays so loyal to me.” He patted the end of it like a person would a baby. “I’m one with Eleanor and she understands me.”

I rolled my eyes. He was such a weirdo. “Sounds like a serious commitment. Does your fiancé know about her?”

Gabe’s wicked signature smile was beyond devious intent. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Said all divorced guys in the world.” My brothers were quickly making me believe all men were hopeless retards.

Gabe stopped just short of the office desk without responding with a witty comeback. Guess I won this round. The lady in scrubs filing her nails wouldn’t even look up. She was too absorbed in her manicure to even notice us. We were just passing through anyway. The hospital was dead quiet, then again what do you expect at 2 in the morning? Everyone should be sleeping.

There was just something so eerie about being in a plain white hospital hallway which smelt like hand sanitizer with absolutely no one in sight and in the dead of night. Don’t get me wrong I had seen some scary things but man did I hate hospitals.

“Are you sure this is the place?” I whispered because I didn’t want to wake anyone up.

Gabe gave me that annoyed look. “Yes, Pierce said that the boy died this morning. The dark shadow should still be here.”

When a human dies most of the time it leaves its demon behind.

“Fingers crossed.” I was just ready to kick some demon butt and get out of here.

We rounded the corner when the lights started to flicker. I traced my fingertips over the hilt of my sword. My gut was telling me we were going to see some action very soon. We slowed our pace while cautiously looking over our shoulders. Then like straight out of the horror movies the lights completely turned off. The pitch black was easy to adjust to since we were both trained for any arising occasion.

“So I’m just gonna go on a limb and say this little boy was afraid of the dark.” Most children and some adults were. It was a common fear.

“Oh don’t tell me you’re going to wet your pants now?” Gabe was nowhere near funny.

I had gotten over my fear of darkness long ago. I didn’t know why he always brought it up but I was sure going to finish it.

“Nah it’s good. I’m wearing a pad.”

“Really?” He yelled out in disgust. “I don’t need to know about your lady situations.”

I snickered. He was practically asking for it. “Oh grow up. Your future wife is going to have a crime scene in her pants every month. Get used to it.”

Gabe cringed. Oh yeah, I scarred him for life. Payback was sweet.

At the end of the hall came a noise like nails scratching over a chalkboard. The worst sound imaginable. My ears were bleeding to near deafness. I tried blocking out the sound and pulled out my sword. Something was coming. I could feel it. The air was poisoned with dread and panic. Whatever demon or energy at the other end of the hall, it had to be pretty strong to leak a toxic as strong as this one.

Some demons had the ability to spread their venomous fear into their victims by a simple change in the weather. Once that fear latches on most are paralyzed to deal with such evilness.

The tortuous sound began to move closer in our direction. What the heck kind of boogie monster could this kid come up with? Children’s demons were mostly created through the imagination unless they were influenced by another source. The deep throaty breathing was just increasing his massiveness inside my head. Whatever it was had a huge body due to his air lung intake.

“He’s a big boy.” Gabe commented. At least we were on the same page.

A few feet away, came in view a tall and incredibly large hairy creature of hell. It only confirmed our earlier suspicion. This thing was hunched over but only because he was too tall and couldn’t fit in the hall. He was honestly the ugliest thing that could ever exist.

“Well aren’t you just the biggest hairiest beast I’ve ever seen?” My baby voice was perfection. “I bet Belle’s worried sick not knowing where you are.” My Disney joke was going to waste. No one in the room not even my brother knew what I was talking about. This was the way I entertained myself. I was funny without an audience.

The beast bared his sharp razor teeth and growled in our direction. Yes, he definitely looked and reminded me of the beast from beloved Beauty and the Beast. But I sincerely doubted this thing was a prince waiting to be released from captivity.

“Uh oh, I think he wants to huff, and puff, and blow your house down Gabe.”

Gabe swung his sword into the crisp air. “Not by the edge of my Eleanor blade.”

I shook my head. “That was lame and it didn’t even rhyme.”

Gabe shrugged. “You won’t be complaining when she saves our lives.”

As big brother he always claimed he saved the day. I of course didn’t do much. I guess I was just here for my good looks. I snickered.

The beast was getting impatient and charged towards us. The clicking buzz in my ear was due to his hooved feet stampeding. He was so rambunctious with his massive size that I even felt the floor trembling at my feet. The weird looking snout on his face was releasing smoke from his nostrils. It was just an overly steroid bull who miraculously could stand on two legs and had morphed into a carnivore. These creatures wanted nothing more than to cause harm and sometime eat the rotten flesh from our corpses.

I should write a book about all the strange creatures I had seen in my life. Some people wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if they knew the things I did.

My heart was drumming with adrenaline. I took a deep breath and was ready. “Come and get it big boy.”

Gabe took a few steps forward and plunged his sword into its stomach. I bent down and went for the legs. Its loud menacing cry of pain was sure to wake up the whole building. We had to hurry. Its clawed hand tried pulling my hair but I thrust my blade up and chopped off his whole hand.

Oh heck no. You do not pull a girl’s hair. It was bad enough it took me an hour to straighten.

The beast was pissed now. It thrashed around and knocked us both against a wall. Gabe groaned and I muffled a bad word. My shoulder was going to bruise tomorrow. We got up as quickly as we could and watched as the beast grew back another hand. Son of a biscuit. That was fast. We had to end this now. I took out my thick, kind of like fishing wire, string out and handed the end piece to Gabe. He knew what to do.

“One, two, three...” On three we charged towards it. Once we were close enough we split sides and slid. The string knocked the ugly sucker onto his stomach. Both Gabe and I rushed to pierce the beast’s heart first. It was a competition and the winner got to rub it in the loser’s face. Unfortunately it was a tie. The beast squealed for a few seconds then burst into ash and smoke. The dark hallway flickered to life again and there was light.

Footsteps were heard coming right at us. I was too lazy to even hide, plus my shoulder was killing me. I bet that nasty sucker popped it out of place. The lady from the office desk that was doing her nails came running our direction.

“What are you two doing here? This is a hospital and a recovery center. You can’t be here.” This lady was pointing a finger at us like we were three and just stole some cookies from the cookie jar.

“You’re telling me this isn’t the library?” Gabe gave her his best shocked face. With our lifestyle we had to learn to be professional actors.

What we did wasn’t a secret. It was just hard to explain to people who couldn’t see the things we did. If we gave her our honest answer she would probably think we were crazy and try sending us to an insane asylum. The world wasn’t ready to see or hear about the things we did.

The nurse gave us a strange look. Who would need to go to the library at 2 in the morning?

I patted Gabe’s shoulder. “He has a final paper due tomorrow.”

Her snobby eye roll made me want to smack her. “Try the internet next time.”

I couldn’t hold my tongue. “Try a salon next time. Your nails look like crap.”

Gabe muffled a laugh and we walked away. Why were girls so annoying? As we reached the lobby Pierce, my oldest brother, finally showed up. He was decked out in his usual superhero batman attire, all black and ready for action.

“What did I miss?”

“The dancing unicorns.” Gabe said sarcastically.

“I don’t get why you even come anymore. You miss all the action but show up at the end and try to claim all the credit.” I wasn’t mad or anything. Gabe and I could usually handle any situation.

Pierce frowned. “I have a life and a normal job besides this.”

I signed. “I know.” We didn’t choose this life but we were stuck with it anyway.

We walked through the automatic doors like a bunch of heroines out of a movie, slow motion and everything. If only the world knew how badass we were. If only, I thought.

Pierce fiddled with the top of my head, messing my hair up even more.

I smacked his hand. “Do you want to die?! The last thing to touch my hair had their hand chopped off.”

Pierce laughed. “Did someone get into a cat fight?”

I tugged my coat tighter. “Oh yeah. The claws came out...literally.”

“Well the night is still young.” Gabe added. We were used to working all night. That was the thing with evil energies and demons. They never sleep and they were everywhere.

“Is Rob coming?”

Pierce shook his head. Rob, our little brother was still in school. We always cut him some slack because his dream was always to be an engineer. In a sense we wanted him to have a dream since we didn’t really get to.

“Before we party with the dark creepers of the night do you mind putting my shoulder back in place?”

I had popped my shoulder out of its socket five other times but this was the worst. I was trained to deal with the pain though and as soon as Pierce jerked it back it was already just a memory. We were stronger and more equipped than most humans.

Pierce and Gabe stood in front of me, forming a circle. It was a ritual we always did before going out and fighting the dark side.

With our heads bowed we began, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. Now and forever. Amen.”

I had a feeling this was going to be a long restless night.

“Fun’s just waiting for us on the other side.” The dark side but that was Pierce’s saying. Fun for us was kicking some demonic spirits’ butt. Oh yes, a long night indeed.


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