Divine Purpose

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Chapter 10

Gabe and Paige were back from their blissful honeymoon and it was time for her church blessing. All church will come together and pray for Paige. It was up to God if she could be one of us and see what we do. If she had the will to survive and fight than it was all under his control.

She was calm and collective as we seated ourselves in the front of the altar. The pastor always said a passage from the bible before we begin. Today’s message was about David and Galiath. David was a average man who was a follower of God; he was representative of us. We the followers go up against the mighty enemy, Galiath. With God’s help we can conquer.

“Psst Laken,” I heard my mother whisper while nudging my shoulder.

Maybe if I pretend to really concentrate on the sermon she leave me alone.

“Laken!” She whisper yelled.

I sighed. Of course not. “What?”

“Where’s Cal? Why didn’t you bring him with you today? He seems like such a sweetheart.”

I half rolled my eyes. “He’d sweetly eat my heart out.” She gave me a strange look and I changed my answer. “He’s working.”

“Well invite him over later for dinner.”

Let’s not and say we did. There was no way I was inviting that creep over besides I didn’t even have his number. Did he even own a phone?

“Sure.” I lied.

“Caleb is coming tomorrow.”

I had totally forgotten. Caleb was my 7 year old cousin. His parents died in a tragic accident. We weren’t sure what caused it but we believed it had to do with some evil spirits. Caleb now stayed with my grandparents because we thought it was too dangerous raising a kid around the practice we do. Caleb was like a little brother to me. We all try to visit him as much as possible but it gets hard with our crazy schedules.

“I’ll have to take him out for ice cream or something.”

“He’d like that. Service should be over soon. All there’s left to do is to pray over Paige with the whole congregation.”

When it was all over I had the itching tendency to talk to Rob. We hadn’t said a word since that day at the coffee shop.

“Hey,” I nudged him. “I’m sorry about the other day.”

“It’s fine.”

He wouldn’t even look at me. “Rob-”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Then he walked off.

Well that went lovely. But he was right thou. He wasn’t like us. It was always a harder struggle for him to adjust to.

“What’s his problem? He’s been snappy lately.” Pierce came up behind me.

I sighed. “School’s tough on him and he feels pressured...by us too.”

“Hmmmm. We never meant to pressure him. That sucks.”

I nodded. “I tried tell him we have his back either way but he is way too stubborn. Kind of runs in the family.”

Pierce laughed. “Unfortunately it does.”

“We’re having dinner at home.” Mom announced to the family.

“I’ll be a little late. I want to patrol the city a bit.”

“Want me to come?” Pierce volunteered.

He liked slashing into through demons just as much as I did. Honestly I just wanted to get some air and think.

“Nah. I’m taking my motorcycle anyway. But if I don’t come back in an hour you have permission to find me.”

He smirked. “Deal.”

“Where are you going?” Gabe interrupted.

I knew Gabe. He would get jealous too but he couldn’t come. His duties were to stay with the family. After all it was his wife we were celebrating.

“To check the premises. You know, superhero stuff. You wouldn’t technically know. You don’t have any special powers.” I teased.

But of course he answered idiotically. “That you know of.” He raised his brow evilly.

“Speaking retard doesn’t count.” Pierce fired back and I laughed my head off before giving him a high five.

Pierce always had my back...well most of the time.

“Neither is picking your nose.” Gabe dismissed our banter. “Whatever. I’ll show you a really superhero tomorrow night.”

I pulled my helmet over my head. “Alright. I’ll meet up with you guys in a little bit.”

I roared my beautiful motorcycle engine to life. It was like music to my soul. I loved fast things and I’ve always had a weakness for them. Day light savings time most be close. I noticed it was completely dark and only 7pm. The city lights kind of looked like stars in the night. It was pretty cool and romantic...if I had a boyfriend to share this moment with.

We would be riding on a motorcycle, with me on the back. I hold on to him tight and totally feel up his abs. Wow. I need a life and a boyfriend. I was lonely and turning desperate. Pathetically desperate.

I was in the heart of the city when I rode up to a stop light. Another motorcyclist came up next to me and my curiosity got the best of me. I turned to see my fellow bike lover. I stomach literally dropped and quenched. I would recognize those haunting baby blue eyes anywhere. Cal smirked at me while roaring his engine possibly in a challenge.

I had a strong feeling he wanted to race. I was a sucker for making boys cry. There was no way I was letting him win. It was time to wound his ego and hopefully put him in his place. I answered his challenge by pressing the gas. Waiting for the light to turn green was more nerve raking than waiting to get your teeth pulled in the dentist’s office. But as soon as it did we were quicker than the wind. It was crazy how stupid fast our motorcycles could go.

We raced passed several cars, swishing through lanes. I mentally debated whether to run a red light but that decision was made when my conscience told me to beat him. It was scary as hell but thank God I didn’t get hit by anything. Soon we were exiting the city and venturing through parts I’ve never really been to. We swayed left and right on old dusty roads leading up a random hill/mountain thing. I couldn’t stop now.

I had to admit this man knew how to drive. He was only a few inches from me and my adrenaline was at its peak. Then last minute he pulled right and I tried to follow. It was such a sharp turn and once I saw the drop off of the cliff, I knew why he turned to rapidly. He knew there was the end of the cliff. Luckily I barely made it in time to stop my bike and myself from falling to the obyss of unknown. My heart was racing with the adrenaline of death. That was such a close one. I dropped my bike to the ground and threw off my helmet.

Did that really just happen? From the corner of my eyes I saw him stop and he was looking at me now. What an A-whole. I bet he was enjoying the show too.

“Really?” I shouted in rage. I could feel my cheeks heating up too.

“Well that would have been nasty.” He said while taking off his helmet and releasing his spiked hair due.

He was kidding right, except I wasn’t finding any of this funny. “You deliberately wanted me to fall to my death.”

He scratched the stubble on his jaw. “It was a nice thought.”

I stuttered right in front of him. He was leaning on his bike and I was honestly surprised his huge body wasn’t tipping it over.

“What is wrong with you? Why do you hate me so much? I don’t even know you. Did I kill one of your distant demonic cousins or something? Are you seeking revenge cause I’m ready to end your misery and send you to your death?”

His crooked evil smile was crazy attractive. It was so twisted that I felt like sinning just enjoying the chills his features were giving me. Dang my girlish hormones.

“Not exactly pumpkin. You’re just a pawn in my game of chess.” He raised his long finger to curl the ends of my hair. “And soon my use for you will be gone.”

What was he talking about? “What do you need me for? What do you want?”

“I want you to stop asking questions because I won’t answer them.”

I stared into his cool blue eyes. They were colder than ice. “You’re going to kill me. At least that what you plan to do.”

I was good at reading people. I guess that’s why I’ve always had trust issues. But there was no way I was going to let him kill me. I ate demons and creepy crawlies for breakfast. There was no way some mythical imaginary person was going to end my life. Nope. Not going to happen.

His fingers dug into my scalp somewhat uncomfortably as he leaned in. His ridiculous peppermint breath was drifting my mind to a different realm. A realm where we aren’t fighting and kissing wouldn’t destroy me.

“Precisely,” was all he said.

Cal teasingly pressed his lips to my temple and I stupidly closed my eyes. Why was I such a sucker? This would not happen if I already had a boyfriend.

“I don’t get you. You’re not demonic but evil, that’s for sure. You hate me yet you’re holding me like you want me or possibly need me.”

“Need you,” he chuckled and it tickled my face. “I want to feel your beating heart in the palm of my hand.”

I decided to be really smart and bold about it and give him what he wanted. I took his hand and placed his palm right above where my heart was supposed to be. I composed my face from any blushing. I had never had a man touch me so closely.

“Happy?” I challenged.

He smirked. Then I felt his other hand wrap around my back and press my body closer to him. Okay stupid, stupid, stupid idea. This was a bad move.

“You really like it don’t you? Having me this close, the thrill of pleasure you get when we touch. Can you imagine what a kiss would be like?”

I tried covering up a gulp. “Sure. Every time I want to threw up I envision it in my head.”

He trailed his lips down to my cheek and a lump in my throat formed. How do I get out of this now?

“You dream of kissing me?” He low whisper was so close to my ear.

He was way too close. This was wrong.

“What else do we do in your dreams? Want to act them out?” He was beyond teasing me.

I shook my head. My nerves were everywhere. I couldn’t let him see he was getting to me.

“You know thinking about me in such naughty ways is a sin. Do you know you’re sinning little girl?”

“How do you know I’m thinking about you in a naughty way?” He didn’t.

I felt his hand run past my shirt and tickle the skin on my chest. I was burning up. I know I should have stopped him but for some reason I was frozen in place.

“You’re flushed sweetcheeks. You’re literally turning into a cherry at the simple touch of my caress. I’m more than certain I’m in your fantasies.”

I couldn’t just stand here and let him win. No, no, no. “Lust is a terrible sin. Something you seem to know a lot about.”

“Yes. I like to indulge in what I can. After all I’m not the innocent church girl surpassing myself from worldly things.” His lips placed a kiss on my jaw.

Why did I suddenly want to melt in his arms? I was not this weak. I seriously needed to get my act together.

“I’m the temptation that is going to break you down.” He said ever so confidently.

Keep it together Laken. Keep it together. His statement honestly pissed me off. I was better than this. I seductively traced my fingers up his massive muscular arm. Man those were some scary guns. He seemed to enjoy my reaction. Oh he was in for a big surprise.

“And I’m the girl who’s going to kick your butt.” I grabbed his arm and used all my strength to twist it around.

I was really good at dislocating bones. I heard and even felt his shoulder pop and boy was I satisfied. He cringed a bit but other than that he didn’t even utter a sound. He had to be some kind of supernatural to survive that without crying.

“Oh cupcake you just know how to tickle me pink. You really do.” He gritted his teeth while popping it back in place like it was nothing.

Freak. “What are you?” I was freaking out.

“Someone special, someone you’ll never forget.”

He used some kind of super power to quickly swirl me around and press my back into his chest. His biceps were against my throat, strangling me. This was not good.

“If you ever try that again just remember I bite.” His incredibly unnatural sharp teeth grazed the base of my neck.

“Are you a vampire?” At this point I’ve seen a lot of crazy things. If vampires were real then that would not surprise me.

He chuckled. “Silly rabbit, vampires don’t exist.”

I was just plain confused.

“You’re mortal and human. You’re a sinner, not any better than anyone else.”

Where was he going with this? “Your point?”

“I’m dragging you to hell.” He kissed my neck and I got chills. “But I see you’re almost already there.”

My mind went numb. “I never claimed to be perfect.”

“You’re right. You’re perfectly imperfect.”

He let me go and tossed his leg around his bike. I was just a little shaky. He was going to drag me to hell. Now that sounded like a promise.

“I’ll see you around sugar lips.” He floored it and dust went everywhere.

In the smoke of debris I lost myself to the realization that maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe, just maybe he was the devil himself.

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