Divine Purpose

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Chapter 11

Today was Easter and I could honestly say I loved this holy holiday. It couldn’t come at a better time. I needed some spiritual guidance. I prayed for my sanity; I prayed for strength because I knew Cal was nowhere near through with me. I still wasn’t sure what he was exactly but I did know one thing. He wanted to hurt me and possibly kill me in the end after he uses me for whatever he was planning. I really needed to figure out what he diabolical plan was.

But for now I needed to focus on the present. The whole family was over for dinner and it was the prefect distraction.

Right when I walked into the kitchen my mother had to ask, “Did you invite Cal to dinner?”

Uhh Noo. “He’s sick.”

“Aww,” she sympathized. “You should bring him leftovers or something.”

I shrugged. “Nah.”

Before she could chew me out for being a bad girlfriend to my fake boyfriend Caleb came jumping onto my lap. He was the cutest little thing ever.

“Laken, this week I learned about the Egyptians in school. Did you know they worshipped cats?” He used parenthesis marks when he said worshipped. “Cats! Why couldn’t they pick a cooler animal? Uwww like dinosaurs.”

I took his hand and lead him to the living room where my brothers and sister with their spouses were hanging out. All of them were on their phones. Like seriously, what was this world coming to.

“Baby I don’t even think dinosaurs existed then.”

Caleb rubbed his chin. “Well they should have.”

The door bell rang and I looked around the room. Everyone was here. Who could be at the door? I volunteerally opened the door since everyone else was absorbed in the cyber world.

I nearly died when I saw Cal casually standing on my porch. He smirked and I wanted to smack that smirk right off his beautiful face. I poked my head out and turned in random directions. My neighborhood was quiet and no one was about.

How does he even know where I live? “How did you find me? Stalker much?” This was totally creepy. Why was he here?

“Oh baby I always have my eyes on you.” He inched closer so I could get the message loud and clear. “Always.”

I don’t care how gorgeous this man was, this was getting weird. “Most girls wouldn’t mind being stalked by a sexy psycho but most of those girls end up dead.” That was not me.

His brow arched and I noticed his clean face. He didn’t have his lip piercing in. Why? I must wonder. Was he trying to make a good impression on my parents? Aww heck no. There was no way I was letting him in. I swung the door shut but my mother was behind me. I swear sometimes I believed she was a undercover ninja.

“Who is it Laken?”

Cal used his super strength to open the door and I groaned as he practically rammed the door into my side.

“Cal, is that you?” My mother batted her eyes.

Cal used his award winning Colgate smile and kissed my mother’s hand. Freaking cavanova. I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Yes Mrs. Reese. You look beautiful today.”

My mother actually blushed. This sickly gorgeous man actually made my own mother turn red...like a freaking lobster. Oh please, get it together mother.

“And here I thought Laken said you were sick.”

I waved my hand up. “It’s a miracle. He’s healed.” Doubtfully by Jesus.

“I’m feeling much better.” He lied.

My mother fell for it easily. She looped her arms around his and lead him into the house. “Well you’re just in time for dinner. Come on in.”

I have the devil in my house. This was going to be a very eventful evening. Inside the living room and at the sight of Cal my brothers tensed up. I could already tell they didn’t like him. I think this was going to be a good thing on my part. I was sure my brothers were going to integrate the crap out of him.

“Cat, was it?” Pierce stood up to shake Cal’s hand.

He was a few inches shorter than Cal. Which was scary because Pierce was already as tall as a tree at 6′6. Man why hadn’t I noticed how freakishly tall Call was before? Guess I don’t intimate easily.

“Close, it’s Cal. It’s good to see you again Stab.” Cal respectively shook his hand.

“It’s Pierce.” My brother smuggly said.

I wanted to laugh. Man Cal was playing with fire but I was ready to watch this play out. This was going to be fun.

“Right,” Cal then took my sister’s hand. “You look stunning today Miriam. Pregnancy suits you well.”

Miriam had no shame when she turned to me and said, “I like him. I like him a lot.” Then eyed him up and down.

I smacked my forehead, hard. Gabe got up. He was a little taller than Pierce so he matched Cal’s height perfectly.

“How long have you known each other?”

Here come the big brother questions. “We went over this last time Gabe.” My sister answered for him. She probably pitied Cal, going up against my brothers.

“What do you really know about him?” Gabe asked me.

“Well I know his favorite color is pink. He loves to cuddle while watching soap operas and oh yeah he knows how to knit.” I surprisingly kept a straight face through all of it.

Cal gave me a dirty look and Gabe coughed, “Gay.”

Cal put his arm around my shoulder and I tensed a little. Would he try anything in front of my family? I honestly couldn’t say. He was unpredictable.

“That’s what I love about her. Laken is so funny and sarcastic.” Cal then had the audacity to pinch my cheeks.

I was seriously debating on biting his fingers off.

“And annoying.” Rob said coming into the room and butting into our conservation.

Yeah at least he was talking. “And pretty,” I added.

“Ok everyone, dinner is ready.” My mother shouted from the dining room.

Never in my life would I have thought I would be having dinner with a fake boyfriend who literally wanted to tear my head off. I lived in one messed up world.

Cal sat besides me and my brothers sat in front of him. The death stares they were giving him were quite comforting. I was thankful for their protective nature.

“It’s nice of you to join us Cal.” My father smiled.

“Thank you for having me,” he replied.

“I think we should give the honors of saying grace to the guest.” I suggested.

The room went still and I avoided eye contact with Cal. I knew he wanted to murder me already, so why did it matter if I irritated him so more.

“That’s a great idea honey. What do you say Cal?”

He mumbled, “sure,” while sliding his hand over my thigh and squeezing it. I swear if he didn’t stop soon my thigh would go numb then purple.

“Dear heavenly father, we thank you for gathering us around this table today on this holy day. Thank you for resurrecting your only begotten son for our pathetic souls. We don’t deserve your pity but in the end you did forgive us. Bless this family for the kindness they have shown me. In your name we pray, amin.”

“Amins,” were whispered around the table.

I honestly thought he’d burst into flames or something for saying blessed and heavenly father in one sentence. Alas he didn’t. We ate in silence momentarily till my mother bombarded my boyfriend with personal questions.

“Do you have any brothers and sisters Cal? What do you parents think spending Easter with us? Perhaps you should have invited them.”

I was giving her that look, stop mother, stop right now. But of course she ignored it.

“My parents are dead.”

“Did you kill them?” I murdered under my breath. I’m positive he was the only one who heard.

Cal’s head tilted towards me. “They died of an incurable sickness.”

Was it insanity? “So that’s were you get it from.” He was the only one who understood my rant.

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Well you are always welcome to have dinner with us.” My mother was a sucker for a sob story.

Was he telling the truth or was he deliberately playing the pity card? I wasn’t sure.

“Thank you.”

“Do you have siblings?” My sister asked.

Now, I was curious.

“A brother that I rarely see.” Cal dug his fork into his steak like it offended him or something.

We all got the hint and dropped the subject. My brothers were surprisingly polite after Cal’s sad family confession.

“Momma used to make me mashed potatoes.” Caleb’s head slumped. “I wish my parents were here.”

I couldn’t count how many times I wished I could bring them back to him.

“But they are here. They watch over you everyday. They are your guardian angels. Everyone has them.” My mother explained.

“Really?” Caleb got excited.

“Mmhmmm,” my father answered. “We are blessed and have guardian angels that watch over our every move. They protect us from harm.”

I remember as a kid my parents telling me of the angels that watched over us. Since our family was always in danger our guardian angels were of the highest.

“Do we ever get to meet them?” I asked. I was curious to say the least.

Who was my guardian angel and why weren’t they shielding me from Cal? Maybe Cal wasn’t as dangerous as I was making him out to be. Maybe he was all talk and no action. And maybe my guardian angel knew that. My mind was racing with the possibilities.

“No. They never physically reveal themselves. Well there are no records of it occurring.“ My father clarified.

I noticed Cal focusing all of his attention to his food again. Perhaps the conversation wasn’t to his liking. Like I cared.

“I wouldn’t mind meeting mine.” I shrugged.

I have a few things I’d like to bring to the light.

“The only way to make that possible would probably be the cause of your near death. Angels don’t interfere unless your life is hanging by a thread.” Cal finally spoke up.

Well that was random. “How would you know?”

Cal shrugged, picking at his food. “I just assume. It makes sense.”

Oddly it did. An hour later the guys sat outside around the bonfire while my sister, mother, and I cleared the table.

“He’s been through a lot,” my mother said handing me a wet dish to dry.

“How would you know?” All I saw in Cal was trouble.

“I can see it in his eyes. Go easy on him dear and don’t give up on him, no matter how hard he tries to push you away.”

“Wise advice mother.” What if he pushes me off a cliff? There’s no coming back from that.

“I like him too.” My sister added taking the dish from my hands. “Go hang out with him.”

Do I have to? I bit my lip and went towards the back patio. My brothers and father we in a deep conversation by the fire while Cal sat a little farther away. He didn’t look interested in the conversation and was gazing up at the sky. It was getting dark and the stars were popping out.

I decided to be bold and snuggle up to Cal’s glorious body. Hey if he could taunt me the least I could do was take advantage of these small moments. Again, I hope he doesn’t try anything stupid around my family. I snaked my arms around his rock solid torso and rested my head on his pecks. He stiffened a bit but eventually relaxed. Oh yeah this felt nice.

“What do you think you’re doing pumpkin?”

I raised my head and nuzzled my nose against his like those ridiculous love struck couples do. I knew it would get on his nerves.

“Keeping my boyfriend warm and cozy. Is it working sugarlips?”

He chuckled and engulfed me in his massively warm embrace. Mmm he was quite comfortable.

“You do know I can literally squeeze you to death?”

Like a python. “I can imagine.” I took a deep big whiff of his diesel cologne. It was melting my insides. “It’s kind of romantic thou. Dying in your supposed lover’s arms. Psychotically romantic.”

“You’re attracted to crazy aren’t you?”

I thought about it. Was I? It certainly seemed like it. I was always in a stupid crazy situation. Maybe I was attracted to it or...

“I think it’s attracted to me.” I ran my lips up and down his jaw, the way he usually teased me. “Don’t you agree?”

Cal was all types of crazy and for some strange reason he wanted me. He might want to kill me but the sexual attraction was there. There was no denying it. There was a small fraction of him that wanted me. His seductive teasing was evidence enough because a killer didn’t have to flirt with his victims.

His hand cupped my face and he swept back pieces of my hair. He was holding me so gently and the way he was looking into my soul with his baby blues gave me chills. In that moment I felt so vulnerable.

“Yes you’re beautiful but your strive for survival is most appealing to me.”

His flawless face was only an inch from mine. “So you enjoy the game?”

“Most of the crazy ones consider themselves predators. Watching you squirm and fight to live is the best part.”

I still didn’t get it. What did I ever do to him? “Why do you want to kill me so bad?”

He dropped his gaze to my lips. “I can’t tell you.”

I honestly believed if he wasn’t so bent up on killing me that maybe, just maybe we could have been a compatible couple. It was strange but we kind of got each other. In this sick twisted way we matched each other.

I shut my eyes. “Why does it have to be this way?”

“You wouldn’t want to be with me anyway. I’m beyond repair.” He pulled me closer into his chest.

“Aren’t we all?” We all have issues.

I froze when I felt his lips place a kiss on my forehead. My imagination went wild and my hormones wanted to so badly take advantage of his lips on mine.

“Perhaps in a different life.”

I shook my head. It didn’t really have to be like this. I just needed to find out what he wanted from me, like really wanted. Because I knew he could be a proper being with some humanity to him. He was extremely polite and human acting during dinner. I had almost forgotten he wanted to hurt me.

“How many lives have you lived?” I gave in.

“You really don’t want to know.”

But I did. “Have you ever been in love?”

He chuckled probably wanting to toss my question to the wind. It was conversation thou and I wanted to get to know him. Maybe he wasn’t as bad as he played himself out to be.

“No. Who could love a monster?”

He wasn’t taking me seriously. “I’m sure you weren’t always a monster.”


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