Divine Purpose

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Chapter 12

I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if I was in some strange reality. Maybe I ate something rotten making my mind fathom up a ridiculous paradox of the old world. Somehow I was standing in front of women dressed up in big fluffy gowns, no doubt strangled by corsets, and men wearing tight slacks and way too flamboyant flannel shirts. I was in a completely different century. By the looks of it I had landed in the Middle Ages, medieval possibly. I was walking aimlessly down the dirt road but it was like no one could see me. I was invisible, that was how I figured I was in a weird dream.

The town houses and brick complexes were closely attached to each other. People were huddled about the streets talking frantically to one another. They spoke a foreign language; French I think. Even thou I couldn’t understand them I knew they were scared and panicked. The thick fear in the air was nothing new to me. I understood too well that feeling.

I just didn’t understand why I was here. If this was a dream, what the heck did I eat to make me dream up something like this? Honestly I never remember my dreams. I just didn’t get it. And I don’t recall watching a movie or documentary lately on the Middle Ages. This was just weird.

Staring at the sidewalk in front of me I saw a small boy, no older than four. He was barefoot and dirty like the mess of his blond hair that was turning brown from the debris. My heart literally broke just gazing into his haunted blue eyes. He was hurting and most likely lost. My instincts forced me forward to reach the boy. I wasn’t sure what to do but it seemed as if he could see me too. But as soon as I got close enough he ran away, I followed.

He lead me through the small alleyways till finally he stopped in front of the most horrific scene I had ever witnessed. Half the town was on fire and I could hear the victims who were still caught in it, screaming to their deaths. It was bloody horror screams that would forever haunt me.

“All suffrage ends when light appears and God interferes.”

I turned to that familiar deep voice. Let’s just say I was extremely shocked to see Cal in my dreams like this. So shocked I had to confirm he was really there.


I wanted to believe it was him but there was something strangely different about him. His hair was a dirty blond and the familiar yet creepy blue eyes I grew accustomed to were now green. A evergreen color that were too sad and full of emotion to actually be my dark cynical imaginary friend stalker.

The Cal lookalike smiled warmly at me. It was actually a sweet genuine smile that I knew Cal could never pull off with me.

“No. My name is Matthias. I am Callias’ twin brother.”

Callias? Who was th- lightbulb. This Callias must be Cal. What the? He did mention he had a brother, but never would I have thought twin brother. Matthias looked exactly like him, in every shape, way, and form. From his facial bone structure to his impression body muscle mass. Everything was the same besides their hair and eye color. It gave me chills. Was this brother a jerk too? Was I on his hit list as well?

“It is nice to finally meet you...in the flesh.” He took a step closer towards me.

He was in all white. His simple plain t shirt and spotless slacks gave him a special glow. Maybe I was going crazy because it honestly looked like he was a human glow stick. Where were these tiny rays of sun coming from? Like he even needed the extra attention. These twins were the most beautiful creatures I had ever feasted my eyes upon.

“What do you mean in the flesh?”

I guess I was so dazzled by his existence that I hadn’t realized everything around me was in ice mode. The people and fire were frozen, and I could no longer hear their cries of pain.

“I have been watching over you for a very long time Laken.”

I shook my head. Could my life be any more complicated or weird? How could I, simple Laken, have two gorgeous beings stalk me? I mean, really? What was going on?

“Why?” Now I wanted answers.

“I am your guardian angel,” his velvet voice spoke.

My mouth dropped. He had to be joking. Seriously? But by the look of his intent stare I knew he was telling me the truth.

“You? You’re my guardian angel?” I laughed. This was just wonderful. “And you just so happen to be the brother of the thing slash creature trying to kill me?”

His green eyes grew somber. “I don’t think it is by coincidence.”

“Then what is it? What does he really want?” I was desperate.

“I’m not sure Laken. It has been a century since I had last spoken to my brother.”

“How is this happening? How is this,” I waved towards his body, “even possible?”

“Technically you can’t see me or know I exist. It defeats the purpose of faith and believing in the unseen. You just need to know I am always there for you. I couldn’t come to you in my true form so manipulating your dreams was the only way to communicate.”

My mind was swirling in the depths of a world known as “how the heck did my life turn into the crapper”. I seriously needed to wake up from this serial killer nightmare. This wasn’t normal. Normal people don’t have their lives threatened by their guardian angels’ twin brother. Then really thinking about it when was my life normal. I destroy and hunt evil demons for a living. Nope, nothing was normal about my life except for my sad, pathetic love life.

“You don’t know why he wants to kill me?” I said helplessly.

Matthias cupped my face and I felt tingles, like those stupid tingles I get when Cal touches me. It made me shiver in return.

“No,” he said softly.

I could see it hurt him not knowing. Maybe he really did want to help me; after all isn’t that what guardian angels do? Protect.

“I don’t but I won’t let him hurt you. I will protect you as much as I can.” His eyes melted with positivity and integrity.

“I believe.” I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. “What now?”

“I want to show you things about Callias. He puts on a big front but don’t let him fool you. He is a master of manipulating and intimidation. Maybe if I show you part of his past you can use it to protect yourself.”

I nodded. It was worth a shot.

“We were only boys when this fire happened,” Mathais stated.

Then those green eyes flashed back to me and I turned to stare at the little boy. He was beautifully frozen and gazing into the treacherous fires.

“This little boy is you?”

Matthias nodded. “Yes. My older brother pulled Callias and I out of the fires. He died saving our lives. My mother didn’t make it either.”

Matthias took my hand and lead me further down the dreary road. A gust of fog came down and surrounded us. I couldn’t see anything and this freaked me out because my dumb imagination always liked to believe Godzilla would pop out or something. I held on tighter to his hand and huddled closer to his side. Man, I could feel the warmth radiate off his body like the sweetest temptation he was. Oh goodness, I was semi-lusting over an angel. Was that allowed? Could he hear my thoughts? Oh I hope not.

If he did, he never gave me the impression he could. Once the fog cleared my eyes adjusted to the new vertex world. This time we were standing smack dab in the middle of a war zone. The stench of blood and rotten flesh were results of the battle. Men in iron suits were clashing into each other, drawing their swords. The dramatic metal sounds screeched into my ears like screams of terror. Why were we here?

“Our sister raised us,” suddenly everything was zoned out and all I could hear was Matthias. “She was a kind and gentle soul. She taught us many things and never let us forget our mother. My father, he was the inquisitor of our religious beliefs. When Callias and I were old enough my father’s instilled Christian practice had forced us to join the fight of the crusades.”

“The Crusades?” I had to study the history of the Crusades in school, so I knew a little about it.

Matthias nodded, pulling me further into the unknown territory. “We were followers of Christ. Our mission was not just for territory of the holy land. It was the sense of faith and the chance to actually fight for what we believed in.”

So Cal was an actual believer of Christ at one point. I guess that made sense. I mean after all he did seem to know a lot about Christianity for the evil little creature he was.

“We fought so hard for what we believed in. Christ was our saviour, our deliverer and we ultimately gave him our lives.”

“You died in the crusades?” This was sad.

Matthias again nodded. “We swear our lives for the mission of salvation. And I guess that is why the Lord had mercy on us and made us guardian angels. So that we too can protect others that shared our same passion of Christianity.”

My mind was blown. “Cal, the Cal who wants to kill me, was once a guardian angel?” This was blasphemous. Cal seemed more like the spawn of the devil.

Matthias stopped me in my tracks and forced me to look up at him. “My brother was once the purest of souls. He sacrificed his life for the lives of millions.”

I bit my lip and asked, “What happened then?”

I just didn’t get how someone with the purest of soul could all of a sudden kill in cold blood. I had no doubt Cal would rip my heart out and feed it to his bloody sucking crows.

Matthias’ green eyes were the saddest shade of pain. It hurt me even looking at him. “Callias was a great protector and defender. He loved so dearly. He had a way of connecting to their broken souls more deeply than anyone I know.”

I could only guess it was because he had once felt that broken as well.

“And that was his downfall. Callias couldn’t understand why God would let so much catastrophe and suffering happen to the ones God claimed to love. Why let a child, who had barely opened his eyes, die? Why let an innocent daughter of Christ fall victim to rape?”

“He started questioning God’s intentions.” It made sense. I think everyone comes up with doubts to God’s demise at one point.

“It started eating him up from the inside. He couldn’t see reason in any explanation. Eventually he was cast out.”

“Cast out...from heaven?” Was that even possible? Wait the devil was an angel that was cast out.

“Again God showed his mercy and instead of sending him to hell to live a tortuous life in chains burning for eternity, Callias was forced to live on Earth.”

The wheels on my hamster brain began running on overload. “Callias is a fallen angel.”

“Yes. I had kept an eye on him for some time but somehow he slipped from my grasp. He had disappeared from sight for over a hundred years.”

“It just doesn’t make sense. What does he want with me?” What does a fallen angel want with me?

“I don’t see how your death could benefit him. I used to think I knew my brother better than I knew myself. But this,” Matthias sighed, “that man following you is a stranger to me.”

I could tell it torturing him. Perhaps Matthias blamed himself for his brother’s downfall.

“Well I guess it’s a good thing I’ve fought things scarier looking than him.” It was true. I’ve obliterated demons three times his size and more lethal at that.

“Don’t underestimate him. Callias has seen things and knews far more of the unknown than any of us could comprehend.”

I took a deep needed breath. Cal was more of a troubled soul than I thought but at least I knew what he was now. Maybe he was still that angel; that angel that cared so deeply and passionately. Maybe, just maybe he could be what he once was. I wanted to believe he was just lost, a lost soul that needed to find his path.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. “Why is this happening to me?”

I felt Matthias place his hands on my shoulders in a comforting matter. He probably pitied me. In honesty, I pitied myself.

“You are strong Laken. God has chosen you to help protect his flock. This earth is corrupt but yet God still sees the beauty in our souls. We can’t give up. We are the blessed. We are his children and we all have a divine purpose.”

My spiritual speedometer was spinning out of control. My whole life I was raised to love and cherish others but above all to obey the Lord. He had my life in the palms of his hands. I was to trust what path he had set out for me. He knows what is to come before any of us do. So that means he knew Cal would enter my life. What was God’s plan for me?

“So you’ll be watching over me?” I guess I felt better knowing I had an angel on my side.

Matthias gave me a heart breaking smile that would melt any girl’s heart. “Yes. I won’t let you out of my sight.”

He had such an honest glow about him. It was like the complete opposite of Cal’s persona. Matthias has blond hair, green eyes, and such a calm kindness. Cal on the other hand had scary penetrating blue eyes, black hair, and a rough cruelness. It was night and day basically.

“I don’t want to wake up.” I whined.

Matthias’ musical laugh was quite refreshing. “You can’t hide forever.”

“Did something happen to Cal? I mean...was he ever broken?” I needed to figure out his weakness.

Matthias hesitated and something told me he wasn’t going to tell me. Then again he was an angel; he can’t lie to me. Can he? Noooo.

“He’s had his moments like everyone else.”

Well that was extremely vague. I sighed and wondered if Cal was ever in love. I shook my head ridding my mind of all those thoughts. What did it matter anyway? I doubt I’d ever get the answer.

“Will I ever see you again?” I really wished I would. I felt protected in his mists.

“Not in the flesh. I can’t technically reveal myself to you. I’m kind of bending the rules here.”

I smiled graciously. “Thank you.”

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