Divine Purpose

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Chapter 13

The next day I didn’t even know how to interpret my dream. Was I making all that up in my head? Did I really have a guardian angel or was I using some kind of defense mechanism to calm my nerves? Nothing would surprise me at this point. I was a messed up cannon, ready to blow at any time.

Either way I had to focus on reality and get ready for work. I was a little disappointed when Hannah texted me saying she wasn’t coming in. I felt like I hadn’t seen her in forever. I was so wrapped up in my own apocalyptic world that I hadn’t spent any time with my friends. Unless I count Cal as a friend, imaginary friend possibly. It’s too bad he wanted to kill me.

I was checking up on an elderly patient when flashbacks of my last encounter with an old lady popped into my head. Mrs. Lawrence was like a disturbing memory. I was just hoping no one would try to kill me today.

I was at my last house visit when the sun was setting. Time had gone by so fast because it was already 6 o’ clock. How does that always happen?

“Dear, can you help me to my room? I’m getting a bit tired.”

Mr. Evans was a widow and pride himself on living alone. He had two children but he refused to be a burden or live in a nursing home. He was recovering from a stroke and surprisingly he was doing incredible for a man his age.

“Sure.” I wrapped my arms around his and we gradually waltzed down the hall to his bedroom.

His still lived in the house he shared with his wife. It had a nice antique feminine touch. I was sure he hadn’t changed a thing since she left.

I helped pull up the covers and settle him in. His room felt warm and filled with memories. On his bed stand I found a picture of what I assumed was him and his wife on their wedding day. He was handsomely dressed in a classy suit and his wife was beyond gorgeous. Her vintage lace dress was practically my dream dress.

“Ruby was my soulmate and the most beautiful thing I had ever since in all my 78 years.” His wrinkly smile was pleasing. “You come in close second dear.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Flattery was not something I was used to in this century.

“I seriously take that as a compliment.” I took the picture in my hands and examined it closely.

“I wasn’t looking for love but she snuck up on me. That’s how it is a lot of the time. Men are stubbornly stupid when it comes to feelings. Emotions are a strange thing. We’d rather act like they’re not there.”

“Yeah I could believe that.” Men were just bottled up little girls, hiding away.

Mr. Evans patted my hand. “Have you ever been in love dear?”

I wouldn’t exactly have called it love. “No,” I decided to simplify my answer.

“Just remember, men don’t know they want something till last minute; till it is almost impossible to have.”

I smiled and got up. “I’ll remember that.”

I walked out, with honestly a better understanding of men. They were like women, maybe worse.

“Guy trouble?”

I about had a heart attack at the sound of an eerie voice coming from the dark living room. My hand went over my chest and the rapid beating was insane.

“Excuse me while I crap my pants.” I was not an easy person to scare.

I even liked to pride myself on never been snuck up on. But man was I caught off guard. Maybe Cal literally wanted to scare me to death.

“Well isn’t that a pleasant image running through my head.”

I marched into the living room where I found Cal leisurely collapsed on the couch with his feet propped up on the glass coffee table.

“What are you doing here?”

“I missed you.” He said ever so sweetly it made me want to puke.

I rolled my eyes. “Stop stalking me or else I’ll start thinking you really do have a crush on me.”

“But I do. I never deny my undying love for you.” His evil grin was mocking me.

I turned to walk out but Cal grabbed my wrist and yanked me down on the couch with him. He wrapped himself around me like a cocoon. I was completely trapped with his massive body weight pressing down on me. I groaned trying desperately to push him off or wiggle out of his death trap. I was just stuck.

“Get off me you huge ogre.” I gritted through my teeth.

Cal’s laughter thundered throughout the room. “No girl ever complains about my size.”

Why did he have to be perverted? Wasn’t it bad enough he wanted to kill me? What? Did he really want to sleep with me or was he messing with my head? Either way I didn’t like it.

“Probably not to your face.” I was on a mission to wound his ego and something told me that was going to be incredibly hard to do.

“You know lying is a sin.” Cal was shifting his weight making it harder for me to breathe. “No matter how small it is.”

I shook my head. He has to be kidding me. Then randomly I felt his lips placing tiny kisses around the base of my throat. What the heck?

“What are you doing?” My stupid breathing was coming out in pants. Why was he torturing me this way?

“You’re lying sweetheart. You like me.” His trail of kisses ran up my neck. “I just want you to admit it.”

The ridiculous spine crushing chills were disgusting me to my core. Why was I enjoying this? Why did his soft lips caressing my skin have to feel so good? Why was I going numb all over my body by the simple flesh to flesh contact with him? Was I really that weak and hormonal?

“Get off me!” The heat from his body was making me claustrophobic.

“Say it,” he practically growled at me.

“You make me sick.” I dug my fingers into his hair and yanked his head up. I had to stop his affectionate caresses. “What’s the point? What would it prove?”

“That you, my little pumpkin,” he tickled the skin underneath my shirt, “are not as innocent as you might like to think.”

Now that just ticked me off. Why was he always trying to prove I was a sinner? I know I’m not a prefect Christian. I used my knee to position it under his hip bone. The only way to surprise him with an attack was to play along. I flirtatiously ran my fingertips under his black shirt and was greeted with abs of steel. Seriously? Maybe this seduction thing was a bad idea.

“Your trembling hand on my stomach makes me believe you’ve never touched another man’s body before.” His beautiful cricked smile only made me want to smack him.

I leaned in with my breath stuck in my throat. Focus Laken, focus. Oh gosh, he smelt so good like a manly musk and soap. I kissed the flesh beneath his ear then bit down on his earlobe. I recall him telling me he liked it rough. My nails had a mind of their own when they clawed into his scalp. I won’t be surprised if I drew blood.

“On the contrary baby.” I whispered venomously into his ear before pushing off his body with my kneels. It was a good thing I was abnormally strong otherwise I wouldn’t of been able to toss him on the floor like a sack of potatoes.

His massive body slammed on the ground making a really loud clashing sound. I hope that would leave a mark.

“I’ve touched plenty of men when I’m bashing their heads in.”

His eyes quickly turned to glare in my direction. They were dark and somewhat soulless looking. It was beyond scary and reminded me of the initial reaction an animal would have. Maybe he was part animal. The crazy look in his eyes forced my body to shiver and back away.

“I’m guessing you like it rough too,” he snared.

Cal grabbed my ankle and jerked me to the floor to join him. My adrenaline kicked in and I was freaking out a bit. He seemed pissed and I wasn’t sure how far he would go.

“Actually I like sweet things.” I struggled to get out of his grip but he held me tight like a guerilla protecting it’s young. “Like sugar plums and fairies and...”

“Babies,” he spoke rather softly.

I was still pinned in his annoying death grip. Suddenly I felt his hands on every inch of my body, violating my personal space. The heat radiating off of him was all of a sudden choking me.

“Sure,” I nodded nervously.

He chuckled mischievously. “Then how about we make one?”

Ok, that snapped me back to reality and out of my steamy fantasy.

“Why? Why are you doing this? We both know you don’t want to be a father. You’d probably be a horrible one too.”

He gripped a huge chuck of my hair and tilted my head back giving him a prefect view of my neck. My throat was exposed and for a second I considered he might possibly have a vampire fetish. Instead of biting out of my neck vigorously like I thought he would Cal again started to shower me with kisses. Oh gosh, what was going on? What did he want? I was just confused.

I hate to admit it but I started to pant, like I was on the verge of death. It was lose deep sensual pants formulated through lust. He was making me lose all my senses. This needed to stop. Now. I tried shoving him off me but that only provoked him. Perfect, just perfect.

“Do you know why virgins are rare this day of age?” I stayed silent and he continued. “Because the flesh is the sweetest sin of all. It is so easy to give in to it.”

“Guess I’m the lucky one. I have very good self control.” I really needed to get him off of me.

“You’re the only one.” His hot breath was hitting me like fire. “And I may not make the ideal father but at least I’d keep him alive.”

“Except for the mother, except for me? You’d kill me right?” This guy was unbelievable. Why the heck were we talking about babies?

“You’re more useful to me dead.”

I forced his head up so I could look into his tortuous driven eyes. “Why?”

His ice blue eyes were clouding over. “I can’t tell you; not yet. But what would your parents think? You pregnant out of wedlock...” He combed his fingers though my hair. The tingles he gave me were mind blowing and indescribable.

I shook my head. I never thought about it because it was never going to happen.

“Would you keep it or would you hide your shame and get rid of the evidence?”

I’m sure my face was the appearance of horror. “I would never kill an innocent child, no matter the circumstance.”

“So let’s say you were raped...”

I panicked and began kicking him. Was that what he was planning on doing? This was sick. He was sick.

“Shhhhh, now, now cupcake calm down. Hypothetically speaking.” I refused to answer him. “It’s sad how one mistake can cost the life of another.”

I was so frustrated and ridiculously annoyed. “What are you talking about? Where are you going with this?”

“An innocent babe will be killed today. An innocent babe you will never met or hold but could have.” His spoke with such ease that it only added to my flame of anger.

As I registered what he had just told me the only person I knew that was pregnant was Miriam, my sister. My throat went dry and my vision went a little blurring. He had to be lying.

“Liar!” I spat out in vengeance.

“How about I make a promise, a promise to never lie to you because I haven’t. And I promise I never will. I will always be 100% honest with you.” His gentle voice was a deceitful tone on its own.

How could I trust him? How could I even begin to believe anything he says? I shook my head, feverishly. No, no, no.

“It may take some time but eventually you’ll believe me.”

I still couldn’t wrap my mind around his absurd declaration. I couldn’t be true. “Get off me!” I roared, literally roared.

And to my relief he did. I instantly pulled out my phone and called my sister. I was still spiraled on the floor just waiting for the dial to ring. Come on, pick up, pick up.

“Hello?” My sister answered on the other end.

“Hey are you ok? Is the baby ok?” I asked in a rush; I wondered if she even understood me my words were so close together.

Cal sat casually on the coach again just watching me with strange intrigue. It was like he was waiting for the big reveal. Like my reaction was going to be the biggest entertainment.

“Yes I’m fine Laken. We’re both fine. Why?”

I didn’t realize I was holding in my breath till I finally released it at her confirmation. “No reason. I was just thinking about you. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Wait Laken-” I closed the phone on her, regretfully.

I’d explain to her later but for now I needed to get down to business. “You lied to me.”

His brows raised as if he was insulted. “Did I?” He tapped his chin a few times before glowing with mischief.

Then like on freakin cue my phone rang. It was playing ‘I’m bring sexy back’ by Justin Timberlake so it could only be one person. My eyes were glued to Cal’s as I answered.

“Hey Hannah.”

Hannah’s next few words were spoken rapidly fast it was barely audible.

“Hannah what’s going on?” It was bad enough I was on panic mode.

“I need you to pick me up from the...abortion clinic.”

Her voice was so soft that it made me question her request. She can’t be serious. I had to have heard her wrong but when I didn’t reply she asked again and confirmed my worst fear. I shook my head and dropped the phone. That monster was right. Cal was blissfully enjoying my display of shock and horror.

“What did you do?” My shaky voice echoed.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you? To put the blame on me instead of the wrong doing of human kind. I had absolutely nothing to do in the decision your pathetic little friend made. She killed that innocent child all on her own.”

It was like he found some kind of sick joy in telling me this fact.

“Therefore, I did not lie to you. That cruel instinct grows inside of us like an infection. It spreads and makes us forget about morals. Even those who claim to be followers of Christ fall to the lowest of blows. Your friend’s dark sin is just the beginning to the ocean of deception.”

I was standing up and kind of bent over because the air passages to my lungs were clogged. I was suffocating from this vile information. Was this what a heart attack would feel like? Hannah was pregnant. Hannah got rid of her baby. Was this even real? Why would she not tell me? The more I thought about it the bigger my headache got.

Cal got up and stretched out his legs. “I see you have a few too many things on your mind. I’ll leave you to bask in your own rotten demise of regrets.” He walked passed me, shoving me on the way. That stupid linebacker practically knocked the air out of me and I was already having a hard time breathing. “I’ll catch you later girlfriend.”

I closed my eyes. What do I do? What do I do? Wait Hannah was still on the other line. I pressed the phone to my ear and said I’d be there soon. She needed me. I couldn’t let her down even thou I was against the whole thing. How could this have happened? She was waiting for me outside of the clinic doors. She looked like a wreck as she stumbled into the passenger seat.

The still quiet atmosphere between us was foreign and somewhat unnerving. I wanted to talk but no words were coming out of my mouth.

“I wanted to tell you,” she whispered.

I turned to face her. “How did this happen?”

She was crumbling before me. “I was stupid, so so stupid. There was this cute guy and I don’t know. I guess I got tired of guys leaving me because I wouldn’t give them what they really wanted. I was tired of the rejection.”

Cute guys always lead to bad things. “So you had sex with him? You gave him what he wanted.”

She nodded defeated. “You don’t understand how hard it is to keep your virginity.”

Ummm. Hello, I was still a virgin. What was she insinuating?

“I know you still are but you have other things to occupy yourself with. You’re too busy to have a real relationship. I don’t have to save the world from the darkness like you. I’m normal. I...I...”

I could see where she was coming from. I hardly had time to date. I guess that was how I ended up with a pretend boyfriend/stalker/killer.

“You didn’t have to do this thou. You had other options.” I didn’t mean to sound disappointed.

She laughed, one of those hysterical laughs you know have no humor in them. “I couldn’t go home pregnant. You know my parents, you know how hardcore Christian they are, how we are supposed to be. I couldn’t disgrace them. I couldn’t...” her voice broke. “I couldn’t bare my mistake, my sin around for the world to condemn me.”

I wanted to cry with her. The world had altered so much. It wasn’t abnormal for a woman to get pregnant without a husband or boyfriend. But our world, our Christian world was strict and based on faithful structures. She would have been looked down upon if she did keep the baby.

“Don’t Laken, don’t judge me or give me a guilt trip. It’s done and it’s my sin to deal with. You’re the one I called because I trust you to keep my secret.”

Why did this have to happen? Cal was right. It was easier to just blame him for my bad misfortune that face the reality. I swallowed my reaction of the fact and decided to act like it never happened. I tossed it to the side of my mind to forever forget about it.

“I won’t tell anyone.”

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