Divine Purpose

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Chapter 15

I felt a little out of it and embarrassed about how last night went down. Apparently after drugging me Cal left me to helplessly defend myself so my brothers had to carry me home. To be honest I can’t even remember what happened. It was like a blurry dream. All I knew was that Cal’s bite weakened my muscles and turned my mind to mush. Thinking too hard caused massive headaches to my already throbbing head. This was seriously not my week.

It was even difficult to get out of bed. I was so extremely sore. What did I do, climb Mount Everest? Eventually I gave up and just stared at my ceiling like a total loser. Since when did I become so pathetic? Stupid Cal. Why wasn’t I immuned to his BS? Why couldn’t I fight back? He was much strong than the normal demoms I went up against. Maybe angels were indestructible.

An hour past by til I decided it was time to stop pondering on my own stupid faults and start doing something about my Cal situation. I lifted my head barely and instantly my head began to spin out of control. Dang, what kind of poison did he inject me with? Usually I’d get over something like this in a few hours. I still left incredibly high and besotted.

A knock on my door sounded like the drums of Africa.

“Laken it’s me, your mother. May I come in?”

“Yes,” my voice cracked. My throat was so stinking dry.

My mother opened the door but she wasn’t alone. In came the tall, dark, and terror of my dreams. Cal’s malevolent grin made me cringe back under the covers. What was he doing here? This was supposed to be my safe haven. He can’t be here.

“When Cal found out you weren’t feeling well he rushed over. Isn’t that sweet of him?” My mother was quite the romantic all of a sudden.

My theory was she just wanted to marry me off so I could pop her out some grandkids.

“Get out of my house,” I threatened even using my eyes to get my seriousness across.

It was difficult to do since I was still woozy. I didn’t flinch or blink as I gave Cal my evilest death stare.

My mother was embarrassed for me and quickly tried to compensate for my rudeness. “She’s still a bit delusional from all the medication she’s on. She’s not quite herself at the moment.”

I signed. “I’m fine mother and I meant every word. Get out.”

My mother frowned disappointedly. “Perhaps you should come back later Cal. When she’s more sensible and less barbaric.”

Cal laughed briskly. “I don’t mind her lapse in manners Mrs. Reese. I’d gladly take Laken in any form she may come in.”

My mother’s eyes went all big like that was the most romantic thing she had ever heard. Oh please. This was not a Disney movie.

“I also don’t mind taking care of her.”

Cal came around my bed and bent down. Again I cringed away and his satisfied smirk didn’t go unnoticed. He handed me the glass of water that was on my bedstand, acting as the caring boyfriend. It took every fiber in my body to not smack that glass from him. I don’t need his help. He was the one that put me here to begin with.

“Aww Laken this one’s a keeper.” My mother gushed.

“You mean reaper,” I said under my breath.

“If you don’t mind Mrs. Reese I’d like to stay with her a little longer.”

“Please, call me Donna. And stay as long as you like. I have to do some grocery shopping so Laken would be home alone anyway.” She smiled, took one last glance at me, completely ignoring my ‘help me’ signals, and walked out.

I gulped with my throat still dryer than Africa and boy did it hurt. Cal extended the water closer to my face, torturing me with its mere closeness.

“It’s poisoned isn’t it? You’ve come to finish me off.”

I sunk into my comfy pillows.

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic pumpkin. I was just having a bit of fun. You’ll know when your end is here. Now drink up baby. I know you want it.” He shook the water in front of my face.

My will power disintegrated and I snatched the cool glass from his teasing hands. Oh yeah, the sweet freshening taste revived my burning throat.

“Why are you here?” He wanted something. I could feel it.

“I missed you.” He pulled my desk chair next to my bed and sat down casually.

“You use me as a punching bag. If you want a workout join the gym and leave me in peace.”

His lean muscular legs and combat boots went up onto my bed taking up half my space. Really, dark lord? I’m really about to use the force on you. Of course my weak attempt to push off his gorilla legs didn’t work, not even a smudge.

“Gettt ouuutttt,” I whined this time. I just wanted to rest, alone.

Cal dropped his heavy feet and surprised me by lean his face extremely close to mine. Like we were literally only an inch apart. I could clearly see the specks of silver in his baby blue eyes, that’s how close I was. His raised a hand to my cheek and I flinched. He cupped my face to keep me still.

“Shhhh, breathe princess. Breathe.”

I don’t know if it was the trance in his eyes or the intoxication of his manly smell but whatever it was I was quickly calming down. Our gazes were locked onto each other and slowly, very slowly we began to lean inward. It was like this strange gravitational pull sucking us towards each other.

“You smell like the wilderness and...and cotton candy.” I confessed.

“And you smell worse than a trash can.”

Ok, that ruined the moment. I pushed his face away with much satisfaction and got out of bed. I had a second of dizziness but I figured it was because I practically jumped out. Talk about whiplash.

“You’re a jerk.” I headed towards my bathroom.

“This is nothing new.”

I needed a shower. It felt so good to have the water splashing on my sore, hot body. I even self consciencely brushed my teeth, twice. I walked back into my room not even sparing him a glance. I had to also keep in mind I was only wearing a towel and I knew if I looked his way my face would turn into a tomato. I entered my closet on a quest. I wanted to find the most proactive thing I owned, which ended up being fishnets over a short skirt and a silk top.

Ok, why was I doing this again? Oh yeah, revenge. Honestly I wasn’t that badly dressed. I’ve seen worse on girls half my age. There was no modesty in the world now a days. I evened my breathing and kicked myself in the butt to actually get out of my closet. My nerves were everywhere and I needed courage.

Cal was fiddling with my phone when I approached him. I should have been mad but once I saw his jaw clinch and eyes glaze over with lust I didn’t care. This was a nice reaction.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Cal threw my phone on the bed and stood full height.

His massive 7 foot figure towered over me like a skyscraper. I stepped around him to retrieve my phone acting as if I hardly noticed the closeness of his gorgeousness.

“If you’re going to stay then I’m leaving.” I pulled out my wedges from under my bed.

There was no way I was wearing stilettos. Those tiny skinny heels would easily cause my death if I went over a cracked road. Nope not doing that.

Cal’s shadow hovered above me and I could literally feel his eye sockets burn holes in my skin. I wish I could read his mind.

“Anywhere you go, I go.” He crossed his arms over his broad chest in a really stubborn way.

He was serious by the look of it. He wasn’t letting me out of his sight.

“I really don’t need a babysitter.” I reached for by black leather jacket but he beat me to it.

He tucked it under his armpit. “You’re in no condition to go out. The drug hasn’t worn off yet.”

I gripped my jacket and tugged on it. Eventually he freed it. “Who’s fault is it I was drugged in the first place?”

Why did he care anyway? I zipped up my jacket and opened my window. My room was on the second floor but I had snuck out so many times as a child that getting down safely was second nature.

I stuck my head out just to have Cal yank me back in. I sighed, so annoyed.

“Ok Rapunzel, where are you going looking like that?”

I tried pushing myself closer to the window. “Don’t worry about it dad.”

He pulled me right back in. “I’m not. You just look like your about to work the street corner. If you’re low on cash sweetheart I’d be more than happy to pay for your serves if you sit your ass back down.”

I grunted while clawing myself out the window. Why wouldn’t he let go?

“Personally I’d love to watch you give me a lap dance and grind all over me. It would be like a dream come true for you.” He chuckled.

He was such a cocky evil man. I believe his little comment gave me the permission to hurt him, physically. I elbowed him in the ribs and with luck he let me go. I took the advantage and jumped out the window. I climbed down the garden fencing and landed on my two feet, intact. I didn’t even get past the rose bushes when I felt Cal lift me off my feet. I knew it was him. It was like this sick sixth sense I had just for him.

“Where are we going?” Cal asked dragging me to the driveway.

I surrendered and let him carry me to his sleek black Mercedes.

“Nice car. Did you steal it?” Instead of answering me Cal shoved my head into the car like the jerk he was.

I fixed my hair by combing my fingers through it. Man, the car looked and smelled new. Cal got in, slammed the door, and roared the engine to life. No, it was more like a purr. The car purred to life, oh so beautifully.

“I don’t have to steal.” He replied, peeling out of my driveway.

I held onto the seat for dear life. Usually I enjoyed a fast car but with my spinning headaches and random upset stomach I didn’t think his crazy driving would help me any. We past the city lights in the speed of sound it felt. I had to admit even thou he drove like a mad lunatic I still felt somewhat safe with him. Crazy,I know. Maybe I was suicidal or something.

The car drive was quiet and I liked it that way. It was better than him threatening to kill me. Maybe this was his plan. He was going to run the car over the bridge and kill me. Ok, now I thought of that possibility. Stop, stop, Laken. You should know better.

My suspicion went away when we pulled up in front of one of the ‘it’ clubs in town. At one point in time the place was a subway station but was abandoned in the 80′s when a clubowner came up with the bright idea to create one of the hottest places in town. It was the prefect club for the rejects and delinquents of the world to disappear into the crowd.

I opened the door and got out like my life depended on it. With some luck I could possibly lose Cal in the parade of faces. My heels were slowing me down but I was pushing threw the blisters. I got plenty of dirty looks as I cut to the front of the long line. The bouncer was four times my size but I made guys his size cry on a daily bases. He dropped his dull eyes and raised a brow in my direction.

I gave him a sweet smile but I was sure he was used to women hitting on him to get inside.

“Let me in and I might let you keep your fingers.” I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

He seemed offended that I’d even think I could hurt him. The bouncer reached out to push me and said, “back of the line girly.”

I gripped his hand and swiftly pulled back his chubby fingers. He grunted in agony. He should have listened.

“Let me go you bitch!” He yelled.

The idiot even had the audacity to try and punch me. His fist came flying my way but I was ready to crush him. My attempt was not needed when Cal blocked the punch for me.

Where did he come from anyway?

Cal’s knuckles turned ghostly white as he crushed every bone in the bouncer’s hand. The man crumbled to the floor.

“That’s no way to treat a lady.” Cal placed his other hand on my lower back and lead me into the club.

“And you would know how to treat a lady?” I asked walking down the shady hallway.

“I would but I prefer not to show it.”

I rolled my eyes and tried to make a split for it once we approached the craziness of the nightlife. Cal snaked his arm around my waist before I even had the chance.

“You’re staying with me tonight.” His hot breath tickled my ear.

“Buy me a drink then.” I wasn’t much of a drinker but suddenly I felt a strange pain. Maybe some liquor would dull it a bit.

“Mixing alcohol with the poison inside your body is not a good idea.”

“Hmmm,” someone sounded morbid. “It’s a good thing you’re not my father.”

I turned to the random stranger on my left and took the drink right from under his nose. The man looked a little baffled but as soon as I batted my eyes at him and thanked him with a seductive smile all was forgiven. I gulped down the bitter liquid and shivered as it burnt my throat.

“You’re going to regret that later.” Cal warned.

“I’m done worrying. I’m done caring. For once tonight is my moment. No more demons, no more threats. Just me, the music, and whatever freedom I have left.” I took hold of Cal’s hand.

If he wasn’t letting me go then I was going to force him to dance. I lead the way through the rough crowd. Sweaty bodies were colliding in the rhythmic motion of the beat. It was easy to get lost. It was easy to forget the past, the present, and future.

I stopped towards the other end of the dance floor where the music wasn’t as loud. Neon lights were flashing from every direction but I could still perfectly envision Cal’s flawless face. He wasn’t distracted by the massive turmoil surrounding us. Instead our eyes locked and weirdly enough he made me feel like everything was in slow motion. Cliche, I know. Maybe it was the booze messing with my head. Either way all that exist in this moment was me and him.

I courageously wrapped my arms around his neck as we both fell into the movement of the crowd. I could feel every fiber of his touch as his hands explored my skin. He was awakening a part of myself I had no idea existed. I knew this was bad. I was letting temptation enter as we challenged ourselves to the evil demise of corruption. I knew better. Why was I letting this happen?

“Why do you have to hate me?” I said more for myself but I knew he heard me, even over the blaring music.

His forehead ceased a bit. “What if I didn’t hate you? What then?”

I shook my head and put more of my weight on him. Suddenly I was feeling sluggish. “I feel like we could do a lot of good things together. If things were different between us.”

“If it was different the things I’d do to you are honestly too graphic to even talk about.” His hand slide underneath my shirt.

“Ahh! You’re such a pig.” I tried pushing off him but he only tightened his hold on me.

“No baby, I’m just a guy.”

I let my mind wander. “Why haven’t you spoken to your brother in so long?”

He pressed my head to his chest so I couldn’t see his face. What was he trying to hide from me?

“He betrayed me.”

“He’s your brother though and an angel for heaven’s sake. He loves you. How could he possibly betray you?” Cal had to be making it all up in his head.

“Some things you just can’t understand.”

This twisted logic only made sense in his own mind. I hated his sick sense of things. He was so lost. Maybe that was his downfall. He was denying his true feelings. Cal was blinded from his real emotions.

I pulled back a bit to see his beautiful face. I rounded up some strength to trace my fingertips across his structured jaw line. I don’t knew if it was because he thought I was drunk and would forget in the morning or what but Cal indulged in my touch.

His plump perfectly crafted lips brushed against my palms and I swear I felt a kiss. Cal, Callias, this beautiful creature that torments my dreams and real life had actually kissed me. Ok not my lips but hey kissing my palm was a lot better than stabbing me with a dagger.

“Why are you hiding?” I seemed to have caught him off guard. “Why do you hide your true feelings?”

His ice blue eyes turned a shade colder. “What do you mean?”

I took his hand and began placing kisses on every one of his knuckles. My hands were shaking from my boldness but I also think he was too. My lips were tingling with intimate sensation when I finally pulled away.

I bit down my cowardness and stared him straight in the face. “You like me.”

The moment lasted a life time as everything froze. Was I wrong? I couldn’t be. Cal had feelings for me or was in the process of developing them. I was sure of it; 100% sure of it.

He dismissed my comment completely. “I think you’ve had too much to drink.”

I shook my head and stood on my tippy toes. “You promised you’d never lie to me Callias.”

At the sound of his name he flexed. Obviously something was going on. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

His warmth left as soon as he released me. I felt cold and alone in the stupidly large crowd.

“You shouldn’t have such high hopes for me darling.” He said before grabbing a girl from behind him and laying one on her.

Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

Their liplock was so in-depth I imaged he was swimming in her throat. My blood boiled to my face. I couldn’t just stand here. I didn’t have to see this.

I stalked off into the sea of bodies. Why was he like that? Why did he have to be such a jerk? I knew guys were scared of emotions but Cal was being a stupid baby about the matter. If he wanted to be with someone else then fine. I’ll give him all the space in the world.

I was close to the exit door in the back when two gorgeous guys forced me to a halt. They looked identical, brothers I suppose. Both of them explored my body like wondering travelers on a voyage. My head was spinning and I was guessing the effects of the alcohol mixed with the poison in my blood was finally turning my brain to a pile of mush. I could hardly concentrate on breathing let alone pushing their eager hands away. I felt violated yet devoured in lustful passion.

This wasn’t me and I didn’t know how to stop it. It was like someone else was possessing my body. I couldn’t control myself.

Then in a blur of seconds I saw Cal tear the men apart from me. Jealous? I couldn’t say. He was too confusing to distinguish. I closed my eyes for what I felt was a minute and the next thing I know we’re outside.

The dark alleyway was empty and the breeze hitting my face was refreshing. I couldn’t feel the floor and that was when I realized Cal was carrying me. My head slumped into his chest and I basked in the warmth of him.

Somehow, I don’t even recall how, we ended up back in my room. He detached me from him and laid me on the bed. Before he pulled away I took hold of his wrist.

“You’re broken. I see that but you’re also oh so beautiful.” I confessed with no self control.

“You must be drunk.”

He tried backing up but I gripped stronger almost giving him a bruise. I needed to get my point across.

“The only reason you kissed that girl-”

He cut me off. “I’m not who you want me to be. I have no feelings for you because I can’t feel anything. Kissing that girl proves it. I don’t care what happens to your useless life. I have only one need for you but beyond that you mean nothing to me.”

I bit down my sorrow. “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. You could have left me there, let those guys take advantage of me. But you didn’t.”

I wanted to believe he wasn’t as bad as he made himself out to be. For some reason I needed to believe there was more to him than a cold exterior.

I finally let him go and shut my eyes. They were heavier than a wrecking ball.

“The only one allowed to take advantage of you is me.”

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